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My name’s John Rogers. I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. I earned the prestigious Blue Diamond rank with Univera, the highest rank that the health- and wellness-focused network marketing company offered. Until Univera switched to a direct-sales model, my team represented 60% of Univera’s annual sales in North America.  I was recognized as the Univera Associate of the Year in 2015.

The Wealth Creation Mastermind runs 2 free trainings per week. I will personally help you overcome obstacles, build your downline, and create your dream life. You’ll still have to do the work, but I’ll help you work smarter and grow your downline more effectively.

Works With Any Network Marketing Vehicle

The strategies and tactics I’ll teach you are vehicle-agnostic. If you already have a network marketing company, the Wealth Creation Mastermind can show you how to reach the next level with that company. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, I also recommend two carefully-vetted companies based on my years of experience in the industry.

Create Abundance With the Creative Method

One of the strategies that we’ll teach you to blow the roof off your network marketing business is the Creative Method. Boiled down, it’s the idea that thoughts become things. By leveraging the power of your mind, you can create real success and attract whatever you want…whether that’s $10,000/month in passive income or a 2,000-person downline.

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John Rogers

From our founder, John Rogers

“I went from 250k in debt to the top 1% through the creative method, applied consistently. Anyone can tell you how to be successful, but the Wealth Creation Mastermind is the most effective network of entrepreneurs who will help you execute that plan, day after day.”

Wealth Creation Mastermind

The Wealth Creation Difference

The Wealth Creation Mastermind leverages the combined expertise of successful entrepreneurs alongside proven methods of success to create an exponential shift from poverty to prosperity.

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