Who Are We?


The founding members of the WCM include doctors, public servants, portfolio managers, corporate executive officers, spiritual teachers, yogis, educators, and entrepreneurs.  We know the Truth: that we are living in a vast sea of Infinite energy that rapidly responds to our predominant thought and feeling.  

Most of us are seasoned with more than two or three decades of life.  We’ve seen and experienced enough to know what we want to attract into our lives and what we have no use for.  We are partially motivated by a higher purpose, and understand intuitively that the only way to increase our own abundance is by giving everyone we interact with more of what they want.

Many of us are accomplished professionals who have experienced the rhythmic swings of personal fortune and understand the power of positive thinking and feeling.


Our Mission


Wallace D Wattles states that “the economic salvation and financial success of the masses can only be accomplished by getting a large number of people to practice the scientific method of Creative Thought  set down in The Science of Getting Rich.”

Our intention is to build a team of one million leaders who earn every month what most people earn in a year, by employing and practicing the Creative Method.  

Our purpose is to teach millions of others around the world to duplicate our methods in order to live lives of freedom, meaning, and prosperity, filled with physical, intellectual, and spiritual abundance.

We are replacing poverty consciousness with the mentality of unlimited abundance.

We know that our highest purpose is to become abundant with the Creative Method, and to spread the knowledge to everyone ready to receive it.


Wealth Creation Mastermind Core Team Wealth Creation Mastermind Core Team

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