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Wealth Creation Mastermind — Jul 19, 2018

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Exercise #6 – Summary of The Science of Getting Rich


And I do want to welcome you and commend you, I think that you’re a very special group of people. Those of you who are committed to getting this material and applying it, mastering it, are a very thin sliver of society. As Wallace D Wattles says, “the only way for the masses to get out of poverty and into prosperity is with the scientific creative method of thought” and we’ll be talking about that. This is our final concluding two chapters in the book and two of the most powerful impactful chapters that we study as Chris mentioned if all you did was review these final two chapters every day for the next 30 days it would make a tremendous impact on your life, so welcome and congratulations for being here.

A word of caution – chapter 16 and some final concluding observations. You know, when you start getting into this material, there’s no question that, you tell people, “hey look I’m studying a creative scientific method for getting wealthy, for creating abundance on the physical, intellectual and spiritual plane of my life” and the fact of the matter is, you’re going to have naysayers, you’re going to have those that say “oh no, wealth is the result of hard work and stepping on other people and getting into a competitive mindset and being better than others” and the fact is that nothing at all can keep people from having the abundance that they desire in their wealth– in their life by being advancing– in the advancing mind, thinking and acting in a certain way. Having faith and belief and gratitude and taking and applying the material that we are gaining knowledge around.

So, the job – if you want to describe it as that; for us is to be guides for others, to show them the way, to open up the gate. I hope that one of the services that I provide is people look at me and say if that guy who was really not that special, can take this material and apply it and achieve the results that he has achieved, then indeed anybody can do it and that’s the truth. That’s the beauty of the scientific creative method. Wallace Wattles just really comes back and revisits this concept that the only– the economic salvation of the masses can only be accomplished, it’s only going to be achieved by getting a large number of people to practice this scientific creative method of thought and action to become rich.

Now what we do is we inspire them. They look at us, they say that’s the kind of lifestyle that I want right and this is just, everybody wants more of the real life, more of the intellectual stimulation, more love, more freedom, more autonomy, more ability to have purpose and impact and lift up others. When we enter into this creative plane of thought, what happens is that we rise above the competitive system of industry, you know you take a look at the system of commerce in the United States and capitalism for all of its praises also can be a fairly demanding place for many people.

So by entering into this creative method of thought, we completely put aside the competitive and we become citizens of another kingdom and we begin to inspire people. The thing that we’re doing, first and foremost, is we’re gaining knowledge, we are gaining and applying knowledge. The knowledge of the three books that we study, to master, learn and master this creative method of thought, this chapter– these two chapters in The Science of Getting Rich are cornerstone content by mastering the creed and remembering it and applying it. Then what it enables us to do is hold our thoughts always on the creative plane because we’ve gained the knowledge, we understand it and we know that we can never for an instant go back into believing that there’s limited supply. Thinking according to appearance, instead of thinking truth. Knowing that there is a unlimited supply of abundance and we never allow ourselves to slip back into that moral level of competition.

Fact of the matter is; we’ve studied the Cabal yet as well in the master mind. We know that there’s a logarithm, you know polarity will swing back and forth. So the consequence of that is, we know occasionally we will forget we will stumble and we just want to do like this stick figure does is you know, do a roll and just jump right back up; instantly say “oh! I’m consciously aware that I’m in a negative mindset and I choose to switch back to the creative mind and leave the competitive mind behind” and the reason for that is the moment we slip into that competitive mind, we’ve closed that door, we’ve dropped that iron barrier between us and the mind of the whole, the infinite intelligence. So we never have anxious thoughts, we never plan for catastrophe, we deal with it if it arises.

However, because; we are in the creative mind, what happens is if you see something coming you usually are going to have the solution come to you so that you can let it go by you – just allow it to just pass right by without touching it and holding on to it. So we do guard our thoughts and our actions, our speech. One of the things that we learn is to never speak in terms of anything that’s discouraging or just depressing or in any way diminishes the creative aspect of who we are, where we’re going. So we don’t talk of the hard times that we’ve had over the past, the hard times we may be going through. We see and believe and act as though the vision that we have for our life is in our possession now, when we act grateful for us.

This is the power of training ourselves to think and look upon the world as something that is constantly becoming– constantly spiraling higher and higher which is growing, that we are becoming more greater, more fulfilled, more complete, more able and opening constantly to the creative method of thought. Never allowing ourselves to feel disappointment, because you know, what happens is by going on in a certain way and knowing that we’re going to receive something so much greater, one of the real keys is being able to see a temporary failure as actually a great success. By knowing well, if something that I was expecting did not come to me in the time that I thought I was going to receive it; by holding your faith, by keeping your purpose and maintaining that deep abiding state of gratitude and knowing that you’re doing everything that you can do every day in a successful manner.

Well, then what actually is going on when a perceived failure does indeed take place, you can know with confidence and joy and excitement and gratitude that because what you haven’t received is simply because you haven’t seen a big enough vision, remember there’s an infinite intelligence of mind that sees all and knows that greater things are coming to you, so just seek a larger thing and know that it is coming to you with certainty.
Now the encouragement of this chapter and the clarion is to study the book constantly, is to become a student and apply yourself to gaining the knowledge in such a way that you are able to talk about the creed sentence-by-sentence completely, you know, not just an abstract basis but on an applied basis. So, make this this book your constant companion until you have gained a deep understanding and application of the creative method of thought and action. So spend your leisure time contemplating your vision, contemplating– cultivating gratitude and reading The Science of Getting Rich.

The final chapter of this book is really the creed. Once you remember it, once you internalize it and repeat it to yourself on a daily basis, you have established in your mind the knowledge a working knowledge of what the creative method of thought is. It’s a comprehensive statement that there is a thinking stuff, from which all things are made and which in its original state it does penetrate, permeate and fill the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance actually produces the thing that’s imaged by the thought. What we want to do here is personalize it, rather than saying man can, mankind can, men and women can, you can – internalize that, say I can form things in my thoughts and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance I can cause the thing that I think about to be created.

So, make that, personalize this creed, and in order to do this, what you’ve got to do is pass entirely from the competitive into the creative mind. Check your emotional state; that’s going to be your gauge to know where you are. The reason that you have to be in the creative mind is– it’s the only way that you can be in harmony with formless substance, which is always in the creative and never the competitive spirit. So it’s absolutely paramount. The way you do this is, you come into full harmony with the formless substance by entertaining a lively, sincere, deep and profound gratitude for all of the blessings and when you think about it you have many blessings bestowed upon you. Never think in terms of what you don’t have, always think in terms of the blessings you have and be grateful for them because gratitude unifies your mind with the intelligence of substance.

So, that what happens is your thoughts are received – you’re in communion, you’re communicating with formal symptom intelligence and you remain in this creative plane only by uniting yourself with the formless intelligence through this deep abiding and continuous feeling and attitude of gratitude, paramount. Now you’ve got to have a very clear and definite, specific, mental image of the things that you want to be, do and have; what do you want to become, what do you want to possess and have a crystal clear, not an abstract ‘oh I want to be free’, ‘oh I want…’– what does that look like, how much does it take, where are you going to live, who are you going to be with, what’s the air feel like, what does it smell like, what does it taste and touch like. Alright, then you you’ve got to hold that mental image in your thoughts, while being deeply great to the supreme, that all of your desires are coming to you this moment, they are all being granted to you.

So, memorize this creed statement. What you do is you spend all of your leisure time in contemplation of your vision – this is where things like vision boards and affirmations and gold cards; they all play a vital part of programming your mind. What you do is while you’re contemplating you maintain this earnest thanksgiving, that the reality is being given to you or another you see yourself in possession of it already. We can’t stress enough that you’ve got to be engaged in contemplating your mental image, the feeling of faith and gratitude and belief and the purpose – everything that you do is leading to the acquisition of what you want to be, do and have; and know that the way the creative energy works is through already established channels of national growth and order and commerce, that are already exist in industry and social order.

So, what you want is going to come to you through other people. It’s going to come through trade and commerce, so you never allow your faith to waver and every time you’re having a conversation with somebody you impress upon them mentally the impression of increase; ‘I’m in the creative thought, I am giving you more use value by teaching you this that I’m receiving the cash value, I’m an advancing man or woman in the way of increase and by being in association with me, you too are going to be elevated and get more of what you want.’ In order to receive what you want when it comes, you’ve got to be in activity, you’ve got to be active. So, you’ve got to be engaged with others and this activity can only consist in absolutely more than filling your present place and always, while you are engaged in your activity of commerce, keep in mind the purpose of getting rich through the realization of the mental image with the creative method of thought.

Now, do everything that you can do every day; but don’t feel hurried or rushed, don’t try to multitask — multitasking is doing a lot of things at once poorly. You know do one thing at a time but do it really well and take care to do each act in a successful manner. You’ve got to give everyone more use value than you receive in cash value, so that each transaction makes more life and you hold this advancing thought and you convey that mentally and through your actions, the impression of increase, to everybody that you are in commerce with. Those of us, the men and women who practice this Creed, these instructions, are certainly going to get rich. We’re going to have abundance physically, intellectually and spiritually and remember that the riches that you receive are in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose and the steadfastness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude.

Now, the best thing you can do is get in touch with that quiet inner voice that guides you, contemplate, ask; what is right, what should I be doing now, what’s the next step – if you feel that something is right take that step and remember the only time that you can act is in the eternal now.

I’m excited we’re moving forward, next week we’re into book 2 of the trilogy Napoleon Hill’s great classic, Think and Grow Rich. Let’s all read the preface, as well as– that’s the publishers preface, let’s all read the word from the author. Chapter one, read, study, contemplate daily and apply what you’re learning, work on your affirmation, subscribe, confirm your subscription to Beyond the Monday and the Tuesday call, act in a certain way, get very clear on what you want to be, do and have, what it’s going to take, how you’re going to get there, the plan of action – being on the Tuesday night call, that’s what it’s all about. Again, I really commend you for being a rare human being because you are open to this life-changing creative method of thought. Thank you, have a great week.

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