The Kybalion (Ch 13)


— Feb 12, 2019

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Exercise #34 – Gender 2.0


Welcome, congratulations, we’re excited to have you here, this is the Monday night curriculum call for the wealth creation mastermind and just to set the stage. Couple of you are brand new and for the 1st time and what we do– look, you’re company at the very tail end of the 3rd book that we study, and what we do is we go through a curriculum starting with Wallace Wattles; The Science of Getting Rich, which lays out a credo on what’s going on and then we have– we go from the credo into Napoleon Hill 13 principles of success, that he really lays out beautifully. The credo is Napoleon Hill or is Wallace Wattles statement about the overall law of attraction.

Napoleon Hill lays out 13 different principles in Think and Grow Rich and then in the Kybalion and 7 universal principles, hermetic principles that sort of codify the entire law of attraction and the workings of it. And for those of you coming in at this point, it might seem just a little bit confusing, because we’ve covered a great deal of material, but rest assured that in 3 short weeks from tonight we dive back into the beginning of the material. We start with– again, Wallace Wattles; The Science of Getting Rich and everything becomes really quite clear when we get into that material.

So, again, congratulations for being here, we are into the 7th and final hermetic principle which is the law principle of gender and gender is– it’s a curious phenomenon, a curious concept, because there’s so much confusion around the word itself, but the thing to know about this principle is that it’s everywhere in everything and as we work through this material today, that would become more and more and more clear how that manifests. But we know that there are many multiple fold plains of existence, more than just the physical, the intellectual and spiritual. There are 7 Great Plains, explained in the principle of correspondence. And within those, just know that this principle of gender permeates everything, and gender is definitely different than sex, all right.

Sex is a distinguishing characteristic on the physical plain, male, female. Gender goes way, way, way, way, beyond that distinction, you see again, if you take a look at the concept of sex, it refers to that identifier of what’s the goods, what’s the gander. But the male and female aspect on the physical plane and has to do with more of an identifier of organic life and it’s really only a very thin sliver of what gender is all about. Now, if you take a look at the Latin root of the word gender, then what it really pertains to is creation, production and generation, begetting and here’s the wild thing about this book; it was written back somewhere– I don’t know, probably close to 100 years ago.

Look, they hadn’t built the Large Hadron supercollider, CERN had opened, we weren’t doing atom smashing, we were really very, very, far evolved into quantum physics and I think the degree that they identified the atom is all the way to the level of electrons and protons. Now, we know below the level of the electrons and protons, the positive and negative charge of the atoms, there’s also quarks and then you also have gluttons and leptons and photons and gravitons and hadrons and I mean it gets even smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller subatomic particles, but the crazy thing is they all have a charge, right? They all have this manifestation of positive and negative, this is manifestation of gender.

So, as we go through this conversation today, just understand that we’re talking about creation and generation and that is what gender truly, truly, truly, pertains to. That’s kind of an oversimplification of this, this hermetic philosophy associates positive polarity with the masculine and nega tive with famine. Now, let’s dig into that, because my question earlier was how does gender tie in with the Law of Attraction. So, think back to Wallace Wattles original statement; that there is a thinking stuff that permeates and penetrates and fills the inner spaces of the universe. Furthermore, a thought that is implanted in this formless substance causes the thing that’s thought about to be created.

So, let’s identify that male and female polarity. So, thought is an impelling force, alright, the creative substance is a creative force. Now, here’s the interesting thing about the impelling force and the creative force; is alone, standing without the other nothing happens, but when the two come together creation takes place. So, what is a thought? A thought is the impelling force, this is the masculine polarity of gender is an impelling force, the creative force and male positive polarity, female the negative receptive, creative polarity, which actually does all of the creative work. However, it needs the impelling force to generate creation.

So, when we talk about the law of attraction without gender, nothing happens. You’ve got to have– you’ve got to implant a thought into formless substance and by supporting, believing and having no doubt, no cancellation, no neutralization of that impelling force, the thought implanted in formless substance, you cause the thing that you think about to be created. So, gender is wildly important to attraction, now, the term negative, let’s get rid of any connotation about positive, you think of as good, negative as bad and boy in this– as it pertains to the Hermetic concept, principle of gender, that could not be further from the truth, because you see indeed the negative pole is the mother pole– the creative pole, the infinite sustenance, the substance that penetrates, permeates and fills the inner forces of the universe, that is where the creation takes place.

So, in relationship to gender, hermatists don’t use, they eliminate the term negative and they substitute it with feminine. So, you think of this feminine energy, the feminine particle– actually, what is going on all the way at the subatomic level, actually becomes detached from the positive, male polarity and that actually is where all new substance, all new force, all new energy starts to come into creation, because what happens by nature is negative and positive, there is an attractor, there’s an attraction and so what takes place is this negative polarity, this feminine particle, actually begins to see union with the masculine particle and that is the natural impulse that creates all new forms of matter or energy.

Now, isn’t it interesting that everything in the universe is made from matter and anti-matter, right? You can’t have one without the other and as you get into these smaller and smaller particles– here’s one of the things that absolutely just blows me away, is that when this book was written there was no quantum physics, they have no idea that these photons and leptons in hadrons, actually have a combination of negative and positive. Male and female– masculine and feminine energy and yet, at this quantum level and what the Hermatists say is that in everything is both the masculine and the famine energy. So, the wild thing is at this quantum level, you start identifying these particles that have both the masculine and feminine polarity together.

It’s just– the wisdom of the Hermatists is absolutely out of this world. So, the result of this combination of part masculine and feminine particles is the result of– not only a new atom, but new energy, new force and something completely separate. So, these electrons or particles are the absolute most dynamic, most active workers in all of nature’s field, so, arising from this union manifest all of the very phenomena of light and heat and electricity and oh, by the way, the theory of the electrical, theory of the universe– oh my gosh! just Google that if you want to go on a rip, because you start realizing this whole concept of gender on the cosmic scale is responsible for the creation of solar systems, and universes beyond imagination.

So, this concept of gender is where– everything arises from it. So, you take the impelling force, the masculine and what’s going on with that masculine part of gender is; that has an inherent energy that is directed at the feminine energy, right? That is an impelling force, right, the feminine is the receptive force and again, one without the other, nothing happens. So, the feminine principle, however, is where all of the active, creative work takes place and that’s not just on the physical plane, it’s on the physical, the intellectual, that’s a key.

Next week is an exciting, exciting, chapter, because oh boy! that truly explain how to put this Law of Attraction, at work, in process, for us to receive everything that we want to allow it to come to us. And everything in the organic world and so, the beauty of studying the physical world– remember the 2nd principle in Hermatists correspondence says; above, so below, below so above. So, by looking at the physical plane, you can understand how to utilize something on the intellectual and how to influence on the spiritual, the creative plane. So, each principle, masculine or feminine is incapable of operation on its own. It’s dependent and this principle is in constant operation everywhere, at all times.

So, one of the things to know is– remember Principle Number 2 in Think and Grow Rich is faith, now, the reason for faith, once you have a seed idea, that you say this is what– this is my vision, this is my desire. Where does it start, desire, thought, so, you have a thought, a desire and then you don’t neutralize that thought with fear, with doubt, with disbelief, right, you stay, you utilize your willpower, you focus the mental faculty of will to staying at the polarity of belief that you had when you– when the impelling idea was implanted in that formless substance. And so, this principle is operating in the field of inorganic matter, energy, as well as force. what is thought?

Thought is the most powerful force– perhaps more powerful than electricity itself and all things, on all levels are manifestations of this principle of gender, even in gravitation, the force by which all of the particles in the bodies, in the matter and the universe can twirl each other is just another manifestation of this great principle of gender and it’s– by nature, the masculine energy is always, always, always, always attracted to and attracting feminine energy. And the beautiful thing about studying the physical world is that all physical phenomena– you can find this and discern this principle of gender at work. Now, as I mentioned oh boy! Now, we’re going to pass onto a consideration of the operation of this principle on the mental plane and remember what the Hermatists say; is that transmutation is mental.

Mentalism, the 1st principle is absolutely where it all begins and again, when Wallace Wattles talk about; I can form things in my thoughts and by implanting my thoughts into formless substance, I can cause the thing I think about to be created. Law of attraction, so, really a phenomenal chapter awaiting us and this is why next week we get into Chapter 14. Sang the last chapter and in the Kybalion and this is a chapter on mental gender. Now, folks, I think by now you’ve pretty come pretty clear that the reason that we study and contemplate and go over this material is to truly master it, to truly own it. So, that we have no question of our ability to be co-creators on the physical plane and cause the things that we think about to be created. So, it’s vitally important to have your affirmation and I really, really, just strongly recommend that in addition to thinking in a certain way, knowledge by itself and there’s a lot of use that the Hermatists talk about.

That knowledge by itself is ill spent, it must be acted upon, must be put into activity and that’s what we do on our Monday night, this is the curriculum where we study the creative method of thought. On the Tuesday night, that is our lifestyle and financial freedom call, where we talk about a certain way of acting, to receive– it’s by thought we create what we want, by action we receive it. So, join us same time, same link tomorrow night, I want to really commend and appreciate each of you for being with us, for being part of this together. We’re going to cause a shift, we’re going to attract a million others and together we’re going to lead people around the world in lives with freedom and meaning and prosperity filled with physical intellectual and spiritual abundance by following and applying the creative method of thought. I want to thank you and commend you.

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