The Kybalion (Ch 14)


— Feb 19, 2019

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Exercise #35 – Mental Gender 2.0


Welcome on board, I want to congratulate you and commend you, those of you who are coming on for the 1st time tonight, you coming in the very tail end of our 3rd book which is called the Kybalion and let me just sort of decode for those of you that are new. I want to welcome you and give you a little background on what we do, how we do it, with the whole methodology of the wealth creation mastermind is.

1st of all here’s the premise; is that we are– look we’re actually spiritual beings, a spiritual consciousness, or we’re having a human experience, we’re here on the physical plane and as such, we’ve got these amazing abilities and the co-creative ability is one of those abilities and so, how do we use our minds, how do we use our intelligence, how do we use our consciousness. If we are spiritual beings with an intellect and the living on the physical plane, then how do we actually manifest the things that we want. And what we find is that by studying and truly, truly, internalizing the wisdom in 3 books.

The 1st book is Wallace Wattles; The Science of Getting Rich, which really, it postulates, there’s a thinking stuff from which all things are made. It’s an original source and that original source is actually intelligent, right. And that we also, as creatures of creative ability– of creative mental ability, can cause the things that we think about by impressing our thoughts into this formless substance in such a way that we are able to receive it. We’ve all heard of the law of attraction and so, this all ties together. In fact, we call this attraction marketing and then we get into the 2nd book which is Wallace or which is Napoleon Hill great classic, Think and Grow Rich and as we talk through especially this chapter tonight, what’s going to become really clear, is what Napoleon Hill has done for us is, he’s given us– he’s said, here it is boys and girls, this is the workshop manual for how to put your brain, your mind, your consciousness to work, to come into harmony with that divine infinite intelligence, that original source, that Wallace Wattles says permeates, penetrates and fills the inner spaces of the universe.

And to do it in such a way that we manifest– that we are able to create whatever our burning desire, our chief primary aim in life is. So, then after we have gone through those 13 principles in Think and Grow Rich, we get into the 7 Universal hermetic principles, mentalism and correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect and gender and we really begin to understand wow! this all works by law and that there’s no if about it. There is an absolute and so by really getting in, studying the creative method of thought, gain the knowledge and then employing it. A lot of use for it, you better put it to use, once you’ve got it, you own it, you better utilize it, there’s penalties for not and so, what we do is truly own this material in such a way that we can design our lives.

Scientifically, formulaically, and in this chapter, we are at the very tail end of the 7th hermetic principle, which is the principle of the law or the universal law of gender, which states that there is a male and a female aspect to everything and that includes the mental plane. So, in order to really, truly understand something, you’ve got to be able to have a fore knowledge, a knowledge an understanding of it. So, let’s think about the mind, this beautiful little a diagram, I think it was ho– what’s his name, Herman Trek, I can’t remember, but he originally presented this; called the stick figure and the large globe represents our mind and there’s two aspects, the upper conscious and the lower sub conscious and the curious thing about the stick figure is the mind is so much more dominant than the body, the smaller circle and what that denotes is that the mind is not part of the body per say as much as the body is more guided and influenced and directed by the mind.

And so, you form this mental image of the 2 minds, there is the objective and the subjective, the conscious and the subconscious, the voluntary and the involuntary, the active and the passive part of mind and on this plane of the Mental Plane. This principle– think of the masculine principle of mind as– and again, this is the law of gender, there’s masculine and feminine in everything and so, within the mind, that masculine element relates to the objective conscious, volitional voluntary active mind, whereas the sub-conscious, the subjective, the involuntary, the passive, but creative is the feminine aspect. So, you’ve got those two corresponding aspects and the 1st thing that we do is we say well, alright.

We start having this consideration of self and we come to this awareness that okay, I am, there is a me, but there is an I am to me and the I am is actually split, there’s two– they’re kind of like twins in a way, but there are distinct aspects of each that work in harmony together and they’re separate in consciousness, but they’re dependent upon each other and the 1st thing that many people when they begin to think of mind is; well, I am– this is me right, I’m wearing a purple sweater, I’ve got some nice cars in the garage, I’ve got a nice house around me, hey! I like to ski, I like to sail, that must be who I am. Well, then you start digging a little bit deeper and you really come to the conclusion, well, that’s not who I am, that’s not what I am, but everything that I am, everything that I have, everything I do, be and have is a result of how I have thought up until now.

And what I have in the future is a result of how I employ this thinking capacity, this is co-creative male, female aspect of my mind and so, when you start digging the little bit deeper, you go, all right, well, then there is an I and a me and it corresponds to that conscious and subconscious and that’re dependent. Again, the thing to understand is the dependency of one upon the other. The fact that they co-relate, the law of correspondence; as above, so below, they’re dependent upon each other. So, as you get into this material and consider the self and its dual aspect, you say well, All right, well, what are they? How do they relate, what’s the function of each one?

So, thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and other mental states, right, any kind of a mental state and this is where rhythm comes in, because we swing back and forth in all of these mental states, these tides that move us back and forth, but they’re produced, they’re generated, they’re created in the passive, the subconscious, the womb, therefore the feminine aspect of mind. All right, so, just think of the me as the feminine aspect of mind and correspondingly the me is– again, what is the function of the fountain an aspect of nature, it’s the generative, the creative, it is the productive part of mind and so, this is where all of the latent powers of creation, and generation, the ability to produce mental progeny of all sorts.

And the wonderous powers, the enormous creative ability of this part of the mind, especially when we are able to lock it into lock step harmonious, vibratory resonance with infinite intelligence, are we able to have virtually unlimited ability to create. Now, the me is interesting, that creative part of the mind, very interesting, because it has to have like nature, it has to be inseminated, right. there has to be an empowering force that actually gets the creative process going and so, this is where the I, which is the masculine element of mind comes in. It’s this part of the mind that influences and starts the creative powers into motion, the I is able to will, will power. Now, you think of will, all right, there are a number of different mental faculties right and so, imagination, memory– recall, will power, will power is a mental faculty and it’s the male aspect of mind.

But it’s got an interesting aspect, is just– it can stand aside, witness. Once it’s created that impelling force into the creative generative aspect of the feminine aspect of mind, the sub conscious, the conscious volitional willful part of the mind can just step back and just observe and it doesn’t participate. This image is so beautifully– kind of to me represents the masculine, the feminine, there’s that kind of that logic driven guy sitting on the couch, that thing that okay, well, here’s a list of– a to do list, right, this is boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and then there’s the feminine aspect, that lies beneath, that does all of the creation and it’s sort of the hidden part of mind, but indeed if you compare the two, which is the more prominent, which is the more powerful, which is the more– the one with the greater– the more infinite capacity for production. So, that I represents the aspect of being, right, but the me is the aspect of becoming, whoa! So, this whole principle of correspondence is in operation and think of that.

The universe, the cosmos, this greater multi-verse that we’re living in, is a reflection of– when you get into this and understand it, all the way from the subatomic to the cosmic, everything is a result of this same generative and inseminating kind of principle, the male and the– masculine and feminine principles and so, the thing to know is that on the cosmic scale, it’s going on in a very similar way as we are creating our thoughts and our world, but it’s just vastly different in degree. Now, let’s start putting this together, so, we’ve got the I and the me, considered together, that’s the master key for mental manifestation, this principle of gender is really the truth underlying this this whole field of mental phenomena and mental influence.

So, you think okay, what are the 13 principles in Think and Grow Rich, the 1st Starts with desire, what is desire? That’s that willfulness, that’s the male aspect and then it goes to faith. Well, what is faith? Faith is clearly– it’s a feeling, it’s what’s going on, it’s I have faith, I believe, that’s feminine. So, right away the desires inseminating and creating faith and then you go to auto suggestion, well, there is the willful part of the mind, again, sending a message to the sub conscious, programming and allowing the sub conscious to begin taking birth. So, the auto suggestion, willful, impelling force into the feminine and then you say okay, what’s specialized knowledge? Clearly, that’s the logic part of the mind, right? that’s the male aspect, these are the plans, this is what we’re going to do right?

And then, from there you’ve got imagination. What is imagination? We’re taking these plans and then we’re allowing the feminine aspect to take those plans and give them birth, then life and animation, right. Isn’t this interesting, how Napoleon Hill going back and forth then, the masculine or the feminine, masculine or feminine, all with the use of the mind. And then all right, then he’s into organized planning. Right, so, you bring these plans together, the masculine and then obviously, decision, willful, persistence, these three dominant masculine elements back to back, and then, we go right into one of the most powerful, which is the concept– the principle of the Master Mind. This guy’s, this cause– this is group consciousness, right.

And if that’s not feminine man there’s nothing, sub conscious mind feminine, the brain, transmitting and receiving, combination of both the 6th Sense– total famine, creative aspect. Now, we can harness all this, is like harnessing the wind, but the key is the will, the will is the key to the harnessing this ability and you consider this mental influence, the tendency the famine principle is always in the direction of receiving impressions, while the tendency of the masculine is always in the direction of giving or expression and the feminine principle is much more varied field of operation, it conducts the work of generation, new thoughts, concepts, including the work of imagination.

Now, this is such a great– you’ve got that the marionette and the puppet master. So, which is which, boy! The hand, the puppet master is the masculine element, the marionette is just following this direction, going where the puppet master leads. Yet, without the masculine principle, feminine principles out to rest content on images, generated by impressions, received from others. Now, this is getting really, really, important, this is critical. Constant attention, now, what is Napoleon Hill’s 8 principle? Persistence, this is where you have to learn to focus your mind, continued detention and thought on a subject actively employing both principals, get very clear on what your desire is, what you want and then program that feminine principle through the use of the masculine will, because most people are running around, where do I go, I don’t know, I’m following blindly and the reason for that is that the majority of people almost never employ their own masculine principle.

They’re content to let others instill the me, so, this mental influence, the masculine vibratory energy of one person is projected to the feminine principle of another and this is the way you can influence others, this is the way you can get done what you want to have done, this is the way you can create and have influence. The normal method is for the masculine and the feminine and the mind to co-create, coordinate and act in conjunction, but unfortunately, in the mass of people, almost everyone, the masculine element, the masculine principle of the average version is too lazy, most people never, ever, ever, discipline their mind to use their will constantly to direct, but you take a look at the people– and again, you don’t have to be a man or a woman, we have both masculine and feminine principles in all of us.

But you take a look at the people who have captured this masculine element and used it for the creation of an idea and it’s all of the magnetic personalities that we know. Use this masculine principle in the way of impressing their ideas upon others and this the secret to personal influence. Look, in all creative manifestations on all of the planes, of the spiritual, the metal and the physical, there’s always this principle of gender in operation and this manifestation of the masculine and feminine principles is the key to unlocking what you want. Next week, we are into the final chapter of this book, the Hermetic principles, read it, study it, meditate, contemplate, get clear on all of this, take advantage, this is learning to think in a certain way on Monday nights, Tuesday night, acting in a certain way.

Join us tomorrow night, learn and we do and by all means employ this powerful principle of mental gender. Guys I want to congratulate you, I want to commend you and really give you my heart felt gratitude, you’re the wealth creation mastermind. Congratulations!

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