Think and Grow Rich (Ch 3)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Aug 7, 2018

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Exercise #9 – Faith


The first thing that I want to do is welcome you all and commend you for being with us for this weeks version of the Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum. I do just want to set the stage a little bit. Look, we’re all here by intention, and the intention is for us to become successful, to be able to live the lifestyle of our dreams – but also have the free time to enjoy that time and money. So instead of trading your life away for the money to just exist, you’re actually learning how on this call, on this broadcast, learning how to think in a very specific way because you understand, you know, you hear about the 1% and the 99%. The 1%, almost all of the resources, all of the investments, you know, like 81% is 80% of all of the wealth. Now, how does that happen? The one thing that the 1% has learned to do that the other 99% has not learn, is to think in a very specific way. You see it’s thinking in a certain way that enables you to accumulate the wealth. Now we also in the wealth creation mastermind, take you to the very next step, which is giving you wealth creation vehicles, that’s tomorrow night.

So, right now, we are into the chapter on faith, chapter three in Napoleon Hill’s great classic, Think and Grow Rich. Look, in the preface, in a word from the author, Napoleon Hill tells you outright, there is a secret that once you discover, you’ll literally be swept on to success, unparalleled in previous experience. Look, what we’re dealing with this week in faith and next week in autosuggestion – it’s the key. This is these two chapters must be studied, must be internalized and must be applied, this is the secret. And in this chapter, chapter three, we’re talking about the key that unlocks the ability of the subconscious mind to communicate with the creative power of infinite intelligence because what’s going on is by learning to have faith, and there are steps to develop this ability. What takes place is you capture the capacity to visualize and then have total belief and conviction, full faith that what you want in your life is going to manifest and that is the step that enables attainment of your desire. And here calls this the second step toward riches.

The first is a burning desire for achievement. Now you see this image, this frequency, like a radio wave, and that is indeed what is going on with faith because what happens is when you blend this faith, this belief in your achievement, your attainment of your desire, and you mix that belief and that gratitude with the thought of your plan, of your affirmation, of where you’re going and what takes place is the creative aspect of the feminine polarity of the mind, the subconscious mind actually translates that message, that signal of thought and faith, and it puts it into a vibrational form that then comes into communion with infinite intelligence, right? And you get a hold of that. These are big concepts we’re dealing with here. It was like, wait a minute, I’ve got the capacity to commune with infinite intelligence. Well, that’s exactly what’s going on with faith.

Now, so how do you activate that power of faith? If you are just, you know, repeating your affirmation, your autosuggestion, trying to program, your subconscious mind, you know, I believe that I’m someday going to have all the happiness and achievement that I want my life, I’m really looking forward to that. Brothers and sisters isn’t going to happen. You got to emotional and it’s got to be a positive, powerful emotion. You’ve got to combine – your emotions are like the dashboard on your car. They’re telling you how fast you’re going. If you’ve got an emotional state of blah, of disbelief, of disheartenment, of disappointment, you’re not going forward, you’re going in reverse. You got that soccer and diversion. You got your pedal on the gas, you’re going backwards. The only way to go forward is to combine these three most powerful human emotions are faith, love and sex; reproductive rights. I mean, man, we are programmed, you know by these emotions. So you tap into them, you own them and you convert them and transmute them and couple them with the power of your thought of your plan. And so you take these powerful, positive emotions and what happens is you begin to program this state of faith in your mind, and you know, it is a mental state that you’re dealing with, and then this is then induced into the subconscious and you do this by doing it over and over and over and over and over again.

You know what I mean? What’s the gestation period of an idea? No one knows. We know the gestation period of a human child is 9 months, right? Gestational period for an elephant, something like 18 months, but we don’t know what the gestation period for an idea is. Depends on how powerful the idea, how much it’s mixed with faith and belief, how far along you are? So what you’ve got to do is continue to plant that seed over and over again. This is the importance of using repetition. Now, any impulsive thought that’s repeatedly passed onto the subconscious mind is finally acted upon. It goes before – that has to happen before it’s translated into the impulse that causes it to transmute it into its physical equivalent. So repetition is creative. But again, plain unemotionalilze repetition will get you nowhere. These feelings of thoughts, these positive emotions are what give the thought, impulse, vitality life and action. So what you do is all three combined are far more powerful than any one of faith, love and sex alone. You combine the emotional state of all three with your thought process, and know that the way this power works. By programming your subconscious mind, it can destroy your enemy or it can cut your arm off or your head, you can literally decapitate yourself with your own thoughts.

And what’s going on here is you see you’ve got to understand that we talk about the law of attraction and we are indeed attracting what we are by graciously transmitting into the infinite. And there is an infinite intelligence that we have to come in contact with and that incident intelligence is going to deliver to us what we’re broadcasting, what our frequency is. So, the impulsive thought has got to be coupled with a positive emotions and understand and know that the subconscious mind is going to translate into it’s a physical equivalent, a thought impulse of a negative or destructive nature just as readily as it’s going to act on a positive impulse. And so your state of mind is highly critical, you’ve got to be monitoring it. And a lot of people go, well, Jesus, it sounds like a lot of work. I mean, do I have to do that all the time? Yeah, that’s the price. You know, it’s unrelenting, right? This is why so few people do it because it’s work, right? You can’t just sit around going, oh, I hope I wish Gosh, wouldn’t it be nice? No, you’ve got to take personal responsibility for what’s going on in five inches between your own two ears.

So your faith, your belief is the element which determines the action of your subconscious mind. So you got to maintain that belief and expectancy. You’ve got to actually believe that you are indeed going to transmute your desire into its physical equivalent and you need a bridge. You cannot get from where you are to communion with infinite intelligence without a bridge, right, and this is the bridge, this is what we’re talking about, that’s what faith and autosuggestion is. It’s the bridge that enables you to come in contact and so that is why this concept of faith is the starting point of the accumulation of all riches, so without faith and belief in yourself. Faith means that means that the subconscious mind is you’re going to transmute what you want into its physical equivalent. And what’s happening is you’re actually utilizing your mind as a vibrational sending or broadcasting station. You’re broadcasting the spiritual equivalent of your desire into the mind of infinite intelligence.

Now, faith is like any other state of mind. It can be induced by autosuggestion. So what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to have total belief in yourself and in infinite intelligence and the power to convert thought into its physical equivalent. So, you just have to know that faith is the eternal lecture that gives life power and action to the impulsive thought. Take it seriously. Remember when you were a kid, you know that “can”, you can talk to your friends though a string. What if the on the other end of that can was the original source and substance of everything the creative power that could deliver to you everything and anything that you desired? Well, that is precisely the power of programming the subconscious with faith and belief is that’s what puts you into communication with that original thinking source. And in our first book which we start our study with the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles, we share there’s a thinking stuff from which all things are made in its original state permeates, penetrates and it fills the inner spaces of the universe. And we as creative centers can form thoughts in our minds and by coming in communion with infinite intelligence can cause the things we think about to be created.

This faith, honestly ingestion, positive belief, this is how you caused the things you think about to be created. Okay, so self-suggestion is the key. Napoleon Hill talks about a secret. Guys, this is the secret. So the power of self-suggestion is the power that enables you to have that little can talking directly to infinite intelligence. So you’ve got to understand that who we are, everything that you have possess is a result of the predominant thoughts that you’ve held in your mind up until this point. And the great news is you can change that and by changing it, take control, you can begin to direct the cruise ship of your life. So just know that you’ve got to be introspective all the time what occupies your mind. I can tell you so many stories about how things have been attracted, but the thoughts that are mixed with the feelings and the emotions, they are actually magnetic. They’re magnetic forces that begin to attract other similar or related thoughts.

So, it’s an entire chain of causation that you’re setting off with your thoughts and repetition of that thought with emotion over and over, planting that seed from the conscious volitional to the subconscious action oriented creative aspect of mind is how you take control. Any sought idea plan, plan for yourself, plan for achievement, plan for accomplishment or purpose that you have, which you hold in your mind attracts a host of its relatives. It’s not just itself alone. It just starts attracting others and then it grows and grows and grows until it becomes the dominating motivating master of the individual in whose mind is house.

So look, you got to do an introspection because; the first place it starts and be honest, most of us don’t like. Do you have the self-confidence to become a multimillionaire? Most of us go and I really don’t. Well, this is where you got to start and Napoleon Hill gives a beautiful formula for resolving that and you’ve got to resolve it. You just throw off the influences, anything that’s happened up until this point, irrelevant, let it go, don’t hold onto it, right? Take inventory of your metal assets, liabilities, and you know, you’ve probably going to discover that you need this formula first. This is what you do. You actually write this out and you read it and you memorize it. I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life, therefore, I demand of myself persistent continuous action towards its attainment and I hear and now promise to render such action. Second is I realized that dominating thoughts in my mind will eventually reproduce themselves, our physical actions and gradually transform themselves into physical reality.

Now, I’m going to concentrate my thoughts to 30 minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become. I’m going to see it, believe it and picture it, and thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of who I am being doing and having. And third, I know the principle of autosuggestion, the secret, any desire that I persistently hold my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object behind. Now, therefore, I’m going to go ahead and devote 10 minutes, 10 minutes every single day, demanding of myself the development of the self-confidence site. This is critical. You must, you must, you must have a clearly written down description of your definite chief aim in life and you will never stop. Winners never quit, quitters never win, until I’ve developed sufficient self-confidence for it attainment.

Fifth, I fully realized that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice. Therefore, I’m going to engage in no transaction which doesn’t benefit everybody who’s involved. That’s the creative thought. Okay, and hopefully you’ve picked it up in this chapter. You’re going to succeed by attracting to yourself the forces that you wish to use and cooperation of other people, therefore you’re going to develop love for all humanity because I know that a negative attitude towards others is never going to bring me success and I’m going to read this statement aloud daily until I committed to memory.

Now look, negative thinking is going to take you down, positive thinking is going to take you up, and it’s your choice. You’re the only one that can program your subconscious mind and that that part of your mind makes no distinction between the constructive and destructive. You know you can either cause yourself to spiral up or spiral down because everything law polarity has two sides, every coin has two faces. And the subconscious mind is going to translate into reality whichever face. You concentrate on the fact, the truth power is that somewhere within your makeup wise sleeping, the seed of achievement which is aroused and put into action, is going to carry you to the heights such as you have never hope to attain.

Guys, time flies, you know, don’t waste it. I mean, life is fleeting and it’s a flash, even if you get 100 years, it’s a flash. So programmed your mind, say in this material, next week we’re into chapter four, second part of the secret autosuggestion. Look, you’ve got to learn to think in a certain way. That’s what we do on these Monday nights, and then on Tuesday nights, we learned to act in a certain way. You’ve got to have a very clear picture of how you want to live, what your lifestyle is going to be, how you’re going to achieve, with the vehicles for its achievement. We will help you with that. Be here tomorrow night, same time, same link.

Again, I really want to commend and congratulate you for being in this material, for having the desire to change your life, to pay it forward, to change the lives of others. We as a wealth creation mastermind are going to have a team a million strong by January of 2020, and together what we’re going to do is we’re going to lead others around the world in the lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity filled with physical, intellectual and spiritual abundance. We’re going to build multiple streams of passive income to be financially free and we are going to pay it forward around the world.

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