The Mind Money Connection

“If you do not see riches in your imagination you will never see them in your bank balance”
– Napoleon Hill

Attract What You Want

When you think and feel positive, you unlock a secret power deep within your mind.  This power lets you reach new levels of achievement and manifest your full potential.

But, if you put out consistent negative energy, then no matter how hard you work, you’ll never be as successful as you could be.

There is nothing mystical about it.  In fact it’s a system that works by law and as soon as you master its principles  and put them into practice you begin to turn everything you touch into an asset! When you put out positive energy, and believe that good things will come to you, you can start to manifest the wonderful life that you want.

Unlock Your Mind

You have probably heard of “The Law of Attraction”; the mind- money connection is about using the power of your thoughts to attract the things you desire into your life.

Success coaches like Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Wallace D Wattles and Tony Robbins promote systems that teach you to unlock the power of your mind to get the things you want. The promise is that following the system will allow you to become wealthy, successful, happy and abundant.

Does It Really Work?

But what if you’ve tried this system, and it hasn’t worked for you? Or what if you’ve worked hard at it and only seen a few small results.

The fact is that only a relative handful of students have been able to realize the enormous success that the Law of Attraction promises.

Why?  It’s not because the success coaches are wrong or the systems don’t work.  They work wonders–when you use them correctly.

Yes, There Is A Secret

These systems are like a mathematical equation.  If any part of the equation is missing, altered, or reversed, it changes the equation.

It’s easy to think you have the equation right. However, if you’re not getting the results you desire, the reason is almost always an error in applying the equation.  Generally, the error is just something subtle, something small. And once our students fix these errors, they go on to realize enormous success.

Here’s The Good Part

The beauty of the Law of Attraction, also called the Creative Thought Method is that it is an exact science, and success comes through accurate application of the  equation.  If you put the right inputs in, the right way, you’ll see amazing results.

That’s what we specialize in. At The Wealth Creation Mastermind, we offer coaching with experts who have already used the equation to achieve the level of success that you desire.   That coaching cuts the learning curve and helps you manifest results faster, because you’re learning from a master instead of muddling through on your own.

Achieve Financial Success Through The Creative Thought Method

The first step with the mind-money connection is to understand the full meaning of “mind”.  From childhood, we’ve been taught that the brain is our mind.  That’s only partially true.  Our brains are the connecting link between our own finite intelligence and the mind of Infinite Intelligence.  Think of your brain like a cell phone that can transmit and receive a Wi-Fi signal.  It’s a tool, but it’s not the source of the message being sent or received.  That comes from the intelligence sending the message.  And that’s the intelligence that you need to tap into to manifest results with the Creative Thought Method / Law of Attraction.

You’ll need to embrace three fundamental propositions in order to use Creative Thought to get the things you desire.

The Three Propositions

First – Imagine an invisible grid, like a sheet of graph paper, that stretches out into space from where you are. Now imagine that instead of the grid being flat, that it has three dimensions, like a cube instead of a piece of paper. Next, see that three dimensional grid projecting up, out and around you into infinity. It goes on and on.

Now imagine this matrix as living, intelligent fabric, sort of like the brain, with neurons firing everywhere that one grid line intersects another.

The first proposition requires you to believe that there is a thinking stuff, an intelligent, formless substance, like an invisible matrix and that this matrix is the original substance from which all things, all matter and energy and everything that exists is made from.  The other thing to believe is that this original intelligent substance is evenly distributed throughout all space. It permeates, penetrates and fills all of the cosmos.

If you would like to explore this proposition further, there is a wonderful movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” The full movie is two and a half hours long, but the trailer is only a minute and 20 seconds and will give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Here’s the link

Second – When you visualize what you desire, that desire is impressed upon the Infinite Intelligence, and what you visualize manifests in the real world.  Have you heard the expression “thoughts are things”?  This is the central tenant of Creative Thought.  One of the greatest proponents of Creative Thought was Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich.” The primary idea he conveys is that an intangible thought can be transmuted into material reward. Thoughts can become things by applying the Creative Method.

Third – Here is a Key Concept: we humans, as thinking beings, can form things in our thoughts, and by impressing our thoughts into the formless substance, can cause the thing to be created, but it doesn’t work unless you couple the thoughts you are visualizing with powerful, positive emotions, like love, faith, hope and belief!

Consider This

If these three propositions are true, then you can manifest whatever you want–health, wealth, a loving relationship, an impact on the world. And you can do it with your thoughts. The most successful people in the world, from Oprah to Jim Carrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, Will Smith, and many others  have long realized this and have used the law of attraction and the creative method to achieve incredible success.

So here’s the question

What could possibly be more vital to your wealth, health and happiness than learning and mastering this technique called the Creative Thought Method?

That’s what we specialize in teaching you.

Now let’s break it down into a series of simple action steps

Step one: Decide what you want

Concentrate clearly on exactly what it is that you desire. The key here is to form a crystal clear picture on the screen of your imagination of precisely what it is that you want.

Step two: Visualize

Hold that image in your mind with the fixed purpose to get the thing you desire and mix that image with 100% faith and belief that the thing you want is coming to you, never feeling any doubt that it’s on it’s way to you.

Step three: Believe It!

Napoleon Hill said that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  You actually have to act and feel the joy, enthusiasm and excitement of having the thing you desire as if it is already in your possession.

Step four: Act

Begin acting, right away, and continue to take actions daily that will allow the desire you have to come to you.

Look at the process this way. Imagine that you have decided to build an addition to your house. You need a vision of what the finished addition will look like. Maybe you want a larger master bedroom, a fitness studio, a larger theater room and a guest suite. Before you start to build, you need a blueprint with detailed drawings that provides the builder with an image on paper that represents what the addition will look like when it’s finished.

Step five: Have faith

The other component that’s needed is faith. Like the example of building an addition, you need to have faith in the architect, the builder and the crafts people doing the work that it will be completed as you envisioned it. That is precisely what your attitude about your vision for your life must be as well. One of complete faith and expectancy.

Step Away From The Edge

We’re working with a law as powerful as gravity here. If you step off a building, you will fall; you can have faith in that. Conversely, if you follow these steps, you will see results.

The work needs to commence and continue until the job is complete.

Just like the example of an addition to your home, turning your desire for what you want to be, do or have into reality requires combining the idea with action. There is a difference between fantasizing about it and actually building it, however once you firmly decide to make the addition a reality, you proceed with 100% conviction that the job will be done and in time you will be able to enjoy the result.

Our Objective is Two Fold

First is to empower you to become physically, spiritually and intellectually abundant by following and applying the Creative Thought Method.

Additionally our aim is to help you pay it forward to others in an ever enlarging spiral of abundance.

It’s an Exclusive Club

The majority of the population never unlock the full potential of their minds. Some estimates are that only about 2% have begin to utilize most of their mental faculties. Call it the 2% Club.

As a thinking being you are an amazing creation with unlimited gifts and resources at your disposal. You were born with the ability to cause the things you think about to be created. You only need to know how to do it. It’s demanding and exacting, but it’s the one clear path ever discovered to assure that you are able to become and do and poses what you desire.

The Creative Method

Each of us has the mental faculties that enable any among us to gain entry to the club. It  takes learning to think and act in a certain way. It’s called The Creative Method. The secret key to the  method is the power of thought. By using your cognitive ability of perception you can choose to form pictures of the things you want in the conscious part of your mind. When you mix that thought with positive emotions like faith, belief and love, then through regular repetition and an affirmation that describes the thing you desire, you can plant that thought in your fertile, creative subconscious; causing the thing to be attracted into your life.

It sounds easy doesn’t it? Pick a picture, imagine it as real, mix in some positive emotion and mystically see the things you desire begin to materialize in your life. Well, you guessed it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and that is certainly the case with The Creative Method.

How To Guarantee Your Results

Just like with anything, you get out what you put in. If you use a little wood, you’ll get a little fire. If you put in a little bit of positive energy and visualization, you’ll get small results back. If you visualize earning an additional $10,000, but only think about it a couple of times a week, and don’t really get excited about it, maybe you’ll get $100. Not bad, but not what you wanted.

The only way to assure that you receive what you really want is to make its attainment a burning desire, like an unquenchable thirst that drives you forward.

Put No Limits on Abundance

You also have to navigate the negative emotions, the loss of faith, that we all go through as part of being human. And you have to learn to visualize what you want with enough specific detail to tell the universe exactly what to bring you, but not so much detail that you lock out unexpected gifts. You have to be committed, but a little bit flexible.

This is why adhering to the principles that make up the Creative Method becomes a lifelong practice. The better you become at it, the higher your level of achievement.  This is one of the great benefits of surrounding yourself with a Mastermind of like minded men and women dedicated to supporting one another in this common quest.

We have decades of experience navigating the Creative Method and using it to manifest real results. And we’re ready to help you cut the learning curve and start attracting the life that you want.

Here’s What We Recommend

If you want to be, do, and have more …

If you posses a strong desire to be in the 2% Club …

We highly recommend you apply for membership and set up a private conference with one of our Wealth Creation Mastermind members to learn more about the processes and systems that we employ.

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