Multiple Streams of Income

“Knowledge will not attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical PLANS OF ACTION.”
-Napoleon Hill

Is Your Life Everything You Desire?

Are you living life on your terms with all the freedom, meaning, prosperity and purpose you know you’re capable of? If your answer is “no”, you’re not alone. Most people die without realizing their dreams, having failed to create the life of their desires.

But here’s the empowering truth: not everyone is answering “no.” Some people are living lives bursting with wealth,  freedom,  meaning, and  purpose. What do they know that you don’t?

If you want more out of life, we strongly recommend that  you build multiple streams of income as a means of getting the wealth and financial security that you crave … and the free time to enjoy it!

By leveraging the power of a passive income source, you can build financial abundance and stability while still having the free time to enjoy your wealth. Our coaching program walks you through how, and offers you multiple proven vehicles to help you succeed.

Millionaires Create Multiple Streams of Income

The old strategy of having one job, working forty years for an employer, and retiring with a pension is no longer enough.  To achieve financial freedom, you need to discover a secret most millionaires already know.  You have to create income from multiple sources.

According to Inc. Magazine

65% of self made millionaires have three streams of income

45% have four

29% have five or more

One of the best things about Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) is that you can build them in your spare time as long as you know the right strategy.

What if you had a coach who would show you exactly what to do, step by step, to create MSI in cracks of time with little risk and a low cost of entry?  Would you be curious to learn how?  It so, then read on.

Active vs Passive Income: Your Free Time Matters

Having multiple streams of income from numerous sources is a concept most financial freedom trainers like Robert Kiyosaki advocate.  The idea is to free yourself from reliance on only one income.  Some Wealth Creation Coaches like Bob Proctor advocate having three or more streams of income.  We happen to agree with Bob.

Creating MSI is important to your financial security, but no-one wants to work 80 hours per week at 5 different jobs. That’s not freedom, that’s just misery. You want wealth, and plenty of free time to enjoy that wealth.

What if you could do the work once and continue to be paid, over and over, without needing to perform the task again?

Most people trade time for money.  That is called active income and 98% of the working population employ this means of making money.  Whether you’re an Uber driver or a doctor, the only way you get paid is to exchange time for income.

The 2% of the population of the United States who don’t use this method control the majority of all financial assets.

Passive Income Is The Opposite Of Active Income

Passive income is money that comes to you for work that has already been performed.

Examples of passive income are royalties paid to authors, musicians and actors. But there are other ways to generate passive income that don’t require you to create art or literature.  In fact, according to entrepreneur coach Eric Worre, there are more new millionaires created annually from passive income than by any other means.

There are two powerful ways to create passive income: Compounding wealth, and exponential wealth.

Compounding Wealth: The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Do you know what Albert Einstein called man’s greatest invention?  Here’s a clue. If Christopher Columbus had invested $1.00 in 1492 at 6% annual interest and just left the money in the bank, it’d be worth $1,842,679,000 ($1.8 billion) today.  Man’s greatest invention is called compound interest, and it’s an example of creating passive income by putting your money to work.

Anyone can double their money by using what’s called the Einstein’s Rule of 72.  The rule is simple.  Divide the number 72 by the interest rate you are receiving on your money and you can figure out how long it will take to double your money.  Here’s an example.  If you’re getting a 10% rate of return per year, then  it’ll take 7.2 years to double your money.

There’s just one problem with this rule.  It assumes you have money to start with.

Making Money When You Don’t Have Any to Start

Thankfully, putting money to work is only one way to generate passive income. The other is people at work. You can generate exponential growth by leveraging the exertion of  others. There are means that allow you to receive a compound return on the power of people at work, just like there are ways to compound your money at work.

When we analyze passive income, one thing becomes clear.   Most passive income generators require a fairly large investment to capitalize on them. Consider real estate investing. If you own an apartment building, then you can collect rent: passive income. Depending on the size of the mortgage, taxes, upkeep, and number of units available, being a landlord or property manager can be lucrative. But not many people have the credit available or the down payment required for a large real estate holding.

The Real Secret To Wealth: Exponential Growth

Compounding may be powerful, but exponential growth is the real key to freedom. Just do a simple exercise. Take one penny and double it everyday for 31 days and see what it’s worth at the end of the month. The results are astounding.

The WCM uses the power of exponential growth to create wealth.  You can use this principle to achieve virtually any  result you desire.

Exponential Growth In Practice

The example of the penny doubling is a fun way to demonstrate the power of exponential growth but even more exciting is to see precisely how we use this concept in practice. The WCM advocates generating exponential growth by using the following practice:

  • First – personally engage 4 other people to become members of the WCM
  • Second – employ one of the Affiliate Income generators listed below to create monthly sales volume
  • Third – teach every WCM member to duplicate this practice

This table illustrates what can be earned by doing so:

Monthly Earnings Projections

Affiliate Marketing: The Ideal Passive Income Generator

Let’s take a moment and make a list of the ideal criteria of the perfect business to start.

Call it “The Perfect List”

  • Unlimited income potential
  • Passive and ongoing residual income
  • Small initial investment (preferably under $1,000)
  • Small or no ongoing investment required
  • Ability to turn a positive cash flow rapidly
  • Work for yourself with no boss
  • Work when you want full or part time
  • Work only with others you choose to work with
  • No employees
  • No inventory
  • No product development expenses
  • No warehouse or office expenses
  • No borders or territory limits
  • No politics
  • Have the ability to take advantage of the Tax Code to minimize your taxes
  • Low risk
  • High potential reward and return
  • International
  • Recession proof
  • Open to all – male, female, young (or not), no religious or ethnic barriers or advantages
  • Fun
  • (Any criteria you want here)

The Business Of The Future

If you think this sounds like the business of the future, you’re right.  It’s called Affiliate Marketing and it’s now one of the fastest growing industries in the economy, accounting for over $180 billion dollars in annual retail sales. It’s growing rapidly and includes every line of commerce imaginable.

Think of affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing where a company rewards affiliates (you) for each visitor or customer you send the company. The company offers a product, and when you help them sell that product, you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketers essentially own their own businesses, because you can choose what products you offer, how you sell, and what days and times you want to work. But it’s easier than running a business, because you don’t have to develop a new product, and you can piggyback off of the existing company’s brand while also cultivating your own.

Some affiliate programs now offer a multi-tier structure that distributes commission into a referral network of sign-ups and sub-partners. In practice it works by rewarding associates for building and leading large marketing organizations.

It is a category of the Direct Sales Industry.  Learn more about the benefits in this short video overview.

Is This Too Good to Be True?

As we like to say at Wealth Creation Mastermind, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme. It’s a “Work-hard-now-play-hard-later” scheme. You’ll have to do the upfront work to build the framework and earn your first sales. But once your system’s up and running, if you build it right then you can run it almost on autopilot.

The Right Candidates For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. You’ll need to put in the work up-front and build a brand, and like building any business, it’s hard before it becomes easy.

Here’s how you know you’re a good candidate to succeed with affiliate marketing:

  • You’re a hard worker. Building an affiliate program is like building a business. We’ll mentor you and cut the learning curve, but you have to be willing to put in some elbow grease.
  • You love marketing. This doesn’t mean you have to be a marketing whiz: marketing is learnable, and we can teach you. But you should enjoy it, because it’s tough to succeed at something you don’t love.
  • You’re willing to learn the ins and outs of the products. There’s no shortcut here: to sell a product, you have to understand it better than your competitors do.
  • You want to add value to the world. The best affiliates develop thought leadership in the industry by creating value for others. They give away some of their knowledge and expertise for free in order to build brand loyalty. You have to provide value in order to be valued in the market. If you’re just looking for a quick buck, then you’re in the wrong place.

If you think you’re a good candidate for affiliate marketing, then read on.

Picking the Right Product

Although virtually every product or service is marketed through affiliates, products in some industries are easier to market than others.  Industries have a life cycle just like people, and the best industries to get involved in are early in that life cycle and still growing.

Here’s a nifty tool to help you gauge where an innovation, industry, or product is in its life cycle.  It’s called “The S Curve”.

The S Curve

The marketing and forecasting firm Investaura offers an excellent explanation of the S Curve. “When an innovation is introduced into a market, it takes a number of years to ‘diffuse’ and penetrate the market. The adoption typically looks like an S-curve as shown in the following chart. The adoption curve provides a useful way to break down customers in five segments:

  • Innovators
  • Early adopters
  • Early majority
  • Late majority
  • Laggards

There is an abundance of opportunity for men or women who get into the right industries at the right time.

Going Where the Money Is: The Big Three

Where is the tide of opportunity flowing?  In the WCM we concentrate our efforts on industries that, as seen with the S curve, are large and are still growing rapidly.   Mobile Proximity Marketing, Health, and Wealth Creation are the areas of business opportunity where most affiliate marketing business success is found. That’s because this is where consumers concentrate their online spending, and where consumer spending is still growing.  By focusing on these industries, you increase your likelihood of success because you are marketing products most buyers are already looking for.

The first major trend is mobile marketing.

The first huge trend sweeping through the economy is Mobile and Proximity Marketing. The growth of digital commerce is an unquestionable trend that will continue to accelerate for decades.  What kind of smartphone do you own?  How often do you have it with you?  How frequently do you use it to do more than make a phone call or send a text message?  How often do you add a new App?  Can you imagine your life without it?

Do you expect it to grow or diminish in value over the next few years?  Developments in this industry are still in the ‘early majority’ phase of the S Curve of innovation adoption. That means there’s a lot of money in the industry right now, and that’s probably only going to get better in the future.

The second major trend that continues to swell is health.

Advances in biotechnology make anti-aging and cellular renewal closer to reality than ever before. In our affluent society, wellness is pervasive.  We work out, watch what we eat, drink filtered water, avoid red meat and sugar laden sodas. Over half of all adult US citizens consume nutritional supplements daily.  This has transformed the vitamin and mineral supplement (VMS) business into the leader, in terms of sales volume.  This includes anti-aging, skin care, performance, and weight management products.  We are now about  half-way through the S Curve of adoption in the VMS industry and have entered into the ‘late majority stage’ of growth. Growth isn’t as aggressive as in the mobile industry, but this industry is still booming and its future looks bright.

The third mega trend is Wealth Creation.

Money, and the need for it, never go out of style. Having more money than just enough to scrape by makes life infinitely more enjoyable and considerably less stressful. The first rule of money is – get some!  The best way to achieve that is to create a regular flow of residual income that is reliable, predictable and has a high likelihood of increasing. Two primary variables to pay attention to when creating residual income are safety and sustainability. There are plenty of high risk and potentially high return opportunities in the affiliate marketing arena. Those are of no interest to the WCM.  Instead, we focus our energy on proven and sustainable models that assure our members of a long term, low risk and high return on their investment of focus and effort.

The WCM has identified, analyzed, and uses what we consider to be the best vehicles, with the most advantages, in all three arenas, to help you attract abundance.

By affiliating with the right companies in the right industries, and by  leveraging their resources, the WCM provides its members with a clear path to build a substantial and sustainable source of reproductive, residual income.

The Critical Element To Success

Regardless of the method you choose to generate passive income, there is one key you must possess. Without this one critical component, there is no assurance of short-term or lasting success, but with this one ingredient, your efforts will compound continuously with little ongoing effort. This one factor is perhaps the primary benefit of engaging in membership with the WCM.

Within the affiliate marketing industry, the vital feature that provides the formula for success is having a simple system that will assure exponential growth.

How We Assure Your Success

What elevates the WCM above other coaching programs is the simple system we employ to give you the power to achieve the freedom and prosperity you desire.

The system developed by the WCM consists of four simple steps.

  1. Tools that enable you to employ mental faculties to attract success
  2. Personal coaching and support to keep you on track and overcome challenges
  3. Specific product lines experiencing surging public demand to create residual income
  4. Coaching, training, and tools that teach precisely how to market these products to build a large marketing team and successful business

By duplicating this simple system you will experience exponential growth in your marketing team

Live the Life You Want

Are you interested in transforming your life? We recommend that you apply for membership and set up a private conference with one of our WCM members to learn about the processes and systems that we employ.

Only you can take that first step and take control of your life and your future, stop dreaming and start taking action today, we can show you how!

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