Network Marketing Tip: How to Build Your Downline (Without Being That Guy/Woman)

Network Marketing

— Aug 12, 2020

It’s one of the biggest problems we face as network marketers. You need to grow your downline. But, how do you do it without becoming That Guy (or That Girl)? The one who:

  • Posts a call to join his downline on his Facebook news feed every other day
  • Hounds all her old friends about an exciting opportunity for them to make more money, until they block her
  • Hosts “tupperware parties” that just end up irritating all their friends who showed up not expecting to be sold something

Every company I know teaches you to lead with the product or the business opportunity.  In other words, you are calling your contacts and asking them to do something for you.  Learn about your amazing, life changing product that will guarantee a longer, happier live.  Then find out about your incredible business opportunity that will help them live the life of their dreams.

Instead of what can you do for me, the better question is, what can I do for you?

My name’s John Rogers. I’m a Blue Diamond associate with Univera, and I was named Univera’s Sales Associate of the Year in 2015. Today I’ll give you an essential network marketing tip: an easy, quick way to build your downline without irritating your friends and family.

Network Marketing Tip: Make It About Them, Not About You

Everyone privately has the desire for more.  More money, free time, recognition, security, satisfaction, love, friendship, comfort, relaxation, fun, recreation, appreciation.  You name it.  What if you could be the person that made that all possible for them?  To be clear, I’m not talking about pitching your product or opportunity to them.

Offer them a way to master the ancient secret of the Law of Attraction.  Make one simple change to your presentation.  Instead of asking your friends and associates to check out your company, offer them a way to improve their lives.  Physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  Offer them wisdom.

Here’s exactly how to do that:

First Step: Every Day, Send 5 Texts. Start Today.

If you’re like most network marketers, you have a list of prospects that you want to reach out to. Here’s the first step for this network marketing tip: pick the first 5 people on your list and send them a quick text. 

Word-for-word script you can use: “I’ve got a real quick question for you, it’ll take 2-3 minutes. Are you free?”

When they say yes, pick up the phone and give them a call. You’re going to have a very easy, painless-on-both-sides call to see if they’re open to learn more about improving their lives. If they say they’d like to learn more, great. If they say no, let them go.

Remember: This Is a Sorting Business

Here’s the bottom line: people think network marketing is a convincing business. It’s not. It’s a sorting business. You are sorting through a large list of people in an attempt to identify those who already have a predisposition towards what you are offering. Your job is to build relationships with the willing and let the rest go. 

Now, if they say yes, what do you say on that phone call? Just follow this simple 8-step process and you’ll know in a few minutes whether or not they’re open to what you’re offering.

Network Marketing Tip: 8 easy steps (10 minutes total) to qualify a prospect

  1. Be in a hurry
  2. Pay them a genuine personal compliment

This is essential. You want to work with them, and there’s a reason. Maybe you admire their hustle, or their creativity, or their integrity. Whatever it is, pay them a genuine compliment.

Ask them if you sent a short information video to them, would they watch it?

Your network marketing company probably has a very quick video sales pitch they want you to send to prospects. Don’t do it!  You are being just like everyone else.  Leading with the product/opportunity.  You are asking them to do something for you.

Separate yourself from the crowd.  

Add more to their life by giving something valuable away for free. (Wisdom)

At the Wealth Creation Mastermind, we created a 67-second video that you can use to show prospects what our FREE program is all about.  This is what is meant by offering them the way to master the Law of Attraction.

Word-for-word script you can use:  “If I sent you a 1-minute video, would you watch it?”

If they say they’d watch it, great! Move on to step 5. If they say they wouldn’t watch it, sincerely thank them for their time, hang up, and cross them off your list. That’s another network marketing tip: to save time and save friendships, learn to let prospects go if they’re not interested.

  • Get a time commitment

Ask them, “If I send the video right now, how soon will you watch it?” You’re going to send them a 1-minute video, so you’re not asking for anything big here. You’re just giving them the respect of treating them like an adult: they said they’d watch it, so you’re following up on that statement.

Word-for-word script you can use: “If I send the video right now, how soon will you watch it?”

  • Confirm the time

After they give you a time, ask if you can call them back at that point to chat more. For instance, if they say they’ll watch it in the next 5 minutes, you can say, “Great! If I call you back in 15 minutes, you’ll have time to talk more?”

If they say yes, proceed to step #7. If they say no, be flexible around their schedule. Remember, your goal is to help them.

  • Set up a follow up call.

Whatever time you agree on in step 6, just confirm it. 

Word-for-word script you can use: “Great! I’ll call you back at X time.”

  • Get off the phone

Thank them for their time, say you look forward to speaking to them more, and hang up. You want to respect their time.

Bonus Network Marketing Tip: How to Handle the Follow-Up Call

After they’ve watched the video, just ask them if they’re open to learning more. 

You can ask them two questions:

  1. “What was your favorite part of the video?”
  2. “Based on what you saw in the video, would you be open to learning more?”

If they say yes, you’ve got a potential business partner! If not, that’s not a problem. You offered someone an opportunity, they said no, and you can respect their preferences and move on. No hard feelings and no burnt bridges.

The whole process only takes 10 minutes per prospect. You can talk to all 5 of your prospects for the day in less than 1 hour and it’ll be a good day’s work.

Taking Your Network Marketing to the Next Level

The Wealth Creation Mastermind is essentially a network marketing support community and mastermind. We study and practice the Creative Method of Thought to cause the things we think about to manifest. 

We use specific tools (like a virtual business card with videos pre-loaded to it that you can give to prospects) and will work with you on weekly calls to refine your process and help you build your downline. I personally offer many network marketing tips and strategies on our weekly calls. Best of all, the community is free to join.

Joining the Wealth Creation Mastermind is free, but I won’t lie—network marketing is still hard work. We can give you industry-leading support but we can’t do the work for you, and you’ll still need to hustle to succeed. But there’s no ceiling. If you could put in 1.5x as much work as most people are willing to, and get 10x the results, would you do it?

If you’re interested in earning more passive income and growing your downline, I highly recommend that you fill out the form on this page and become a member of the WCM for free.

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3 years ago

As with every worthwhile endeavor, this is simple, but it is not easy. What effort you put into this is really about serving others. Leadership by service to others. Rather than selling, this is enrolling others into a better life.

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