Univera’s Change (This Is Why We Created the Wealth Creation Mastermind)


— Sep 21, 2020

A few weeks ago, one of the top health and wellness network marketing companies in the world abruptly changed its business model.

Univera was a network marketing company since its founding in 1998, but earlier this year they changed their business model to sell directly to consumers.

I worked with Univera for decades, and I know some of their top executives. There was no malice in this move–these were good men and women who needed to make a change to stay afloat. But the fact remains that tens of thousands of hard-working Univera distributors were suddenly out of work.

Univera is no longer a network marketing company.

If you’re a network marketing distributor, you’re probably already familiar with this risk in the industry. The company that you sign up with can be investigated by the FTC, or switch to selling direct to consumers for financial reasons, or abruptly go belly-up, or can simply change how its payouts work. Any of those changes can have a huge and sudden impact on your finances.

This risk is a huge part of why we founded the Wealth Creation Mastermind. The Wealth Creation Mastermind, which you can join for FREE, alleviates this risk in 2 ways:

  1. We teach proven network marketing strategies and tactics, which you can use regardless of which company you’re a distributor for. At the WCM we teach you how to master the Creative Method of Thought so that you can be, do, and have whatever you desire. By mastering your mind, you can unleash your potential. The principles of the Creative Method of Thought are timeless and have been helping people to become rich for millennia. These principles can help you regardless of what network marketing company you choose to invest in.

If you’ve invested in a network marketing company and suddenly they fold or move to sell direct-to-consumer, you’ll need to find a new company to work with. But thanks to the WCM you don’t have to start over from scratch. You can apply all of the strategies and tactics that we’ve taught you to your new company.

We do offer two highly-vetted network marketing vehicles, because we know that one of the big challenges in this industry is picking the right company and we want to lend our expertise as you make that decision. But even if you don’t use one of our vehicles, you can still use the Creative Method of Thought to transform your network marketing career.

  • I have 20 years of experience in this industry, and I was a Blue Diamond associate with Univera. What this means is that when one of our vehicles changes its business model, I can leverage my connections and experience to rapidly find a new vehicle.

This isn’t just theory. When Univera changed to a direct-to-consumer model, I had to rapidly look for a new company that I felt comfortable recommending to our team members. I did intensive research, and leveraged my Blue Diamond status to talk to senior executives at other companies. Within weeks, I had identified a few dozen companies in the health and wellness space that I wasn’t willing to recommend–along with one that I was.

I was able to use my expertise and connections to help us rapidly pivot, ensuring that the Wealth Creation Mastermind members who had previously drawn a paycheck from Univera weren’t left high and dry for long.

Take Your Network Marketing Business to the Next Level

I founded the Wealth Creation Mastermind to help network marketers to take their business to the next level while alleviating the risks of joining a network marketing company.

The Wealth Creation Mastermind is essentially a network marketing support community and mastermind. We study and practice the Creative Method of Thought to cause the things we think about to manifest. 

We use specific tools (like a virtual business card with videos pre-loaded to it that you can give to prospects) and will work with you on weekly calls to refine your process and help you build your downline. I personally offer many network marketing tips and strategies on our weekly calls. Best of all, the community is free to join.

If you’re interested in earning more passive income and growing your downline, I highly recommend that you fill out the form on this page and become a member of the WCM for free.

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1 year ago

2020 is the year of the PIVOT for so many countries, states, communities, industries, companies, and individuals, it boggles the mind. Chaos, it is true. In times of chaotic change, shift definitely happens. We can have that shift crash on us like a massive wave, or we can paddle and get invfront of it, surfing the power of the shift.

The principles taught at WCM make up your board… wax it up and let’s go surfing! Surf is DEFINITELY UP!

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes!

5 months ago

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