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Wealth Creation Mastermind — Jul 23, 2018

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Exercise #2 – There is a Thinking Stuff


I do want to welcome you all to this presentation of the wealth creation mastermind and I want to acknowledge all of you for being here. You’re clearly students of the creative method, we are attracting others to join us who are thinking along similar lines and want to be, do, and have more. We study a curriculum of three books. The first is what we’re into right now: Wallace Wattles The Science of Getting Rich published in 1907, extraordinary material.

And today we are into chapter number four, five, and six and the real takeaway from this presentation is there truly is a thinking stuff, a thinking substance from which everything proceeds, all things are made. Now in chapter four, the very first principle that we dive into within this material is that there is truly a science of getting rich. The message in chapter four is that thought is actually the only power which produces tangible (in other words) material riches from this formless substance, that we will be talking a little bit more about and understanding more comprehensively. This stuff, this mysterious stuff from which all things are made, is actually a substance. And it thinks, it’s intelligence and it has conscience and a thought that is impressed in this substance actually produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.

Now picture this is sort of this fabric that sort of stretches throughout the universe and this fabric is intelligence, it is a thought world, indeed we’re living in a thought universe, this thought of the all, the creator, of the original substance, the infinite intelligence, is an intelligent stuff. And this thinking stuff takes on the form of whatever is thought about and then it moves in accordance with that thought. So this is why it’s actually—we hear of the Law of Attraction, we think well I’m only attracting the good things in my life, there you are you pushing this rock up the hill, baby it’s your rock, right so watch what you’re thinking about.

It’s like I have a friend that sells catastrophic health policies right and it’s amazing this guy is always dealing with catastrophic health issues. It’s like why, what is going on, so like what are you thinking about most right. So if you’re thinking problems or if you’re thinking headache and heartache and problems, that’s actually what you’re attracting into your life. So be clear about how this process actually works, so just know that no thought of form can be impressed into this formless original substance without actually causing the creation of the thing that is being thought about now. Here’s the interesting thing about creation, say that you’re creating—I’m thinking about creating a mastermind team a million strong by January of 2020 for the purpose of leading others around the world in the lives of freedom, meaning, and prosperity; filled with physical, spiritual, intellectual abundance by following and applying this creative method of thought. Boom will that million person team magically mystically appear out of the ether? No, it will take place along and through forms and channels of business and commerce that have already been created. So understand, it’s like just because infinite intelligence thinks about an oak tree, that oak tree doesn’t pop into material existence boom… out of the particles floating in thin air but out of the air ACORN, there’s no oak in an acorn but it attracts all of the particles of energy to make it so. Now how do you actually create something?

You see this is the power that we have as creative thinking centres, is we have the ability to co-create, to act as the creator, to work with the creator, to produce things from formless substance by communicating your thoughts into that formless intelligence. Now how does this actually work? OK first understand you are a thinking centre, you have mental faculties one of which is imagination, one of which is the ability to form creative thoughts in your own mind, we think in picture, see what you want and then what happens is you actually began to impress this thought upon the one original formless substance from which all things are made. How do you do that, through repetition. So the first principle to know is that there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and in its original state, it permeates it penetrates and fills the inner spaces of the universe, it is everywhere there is no lack of it.

Principle Number Two is: a thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.

You can have no doubt, you can have no lack of faith, you can not waver in your conviction, you cannot doubt, forward conviction, forward believe. Absolutely call it, just like you’re calling a dog, you know that dog’s going to come to you but that dog has been trained.

Third principle is: you can form things in your thoughts.

Or say it this way, I can form things in my thoughts and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance can cause a thing I think about to be created. Think about:

Have you ever heard of the actor Archibald Leach? Archibald Leach was one of the most famous leading men in the last century. Oh that’s right everybody knows him as Cary Grant. Cary Grant was born in poverty, he was beaten and abused or misused by his parents. His mother was a seamstress, his father ironed clothes in a factory, he had nothing. But what he did have, he had an image in his mind of this dashing, leading man that was a chick magnet right and what happened? He thought of Cary Grant for so long and so deeply that he created and became Cary Grant. Archibald Leach was nowhere to be found, that is truth, he thought truth. So it’s easy to think according to appearance right, oh my pocket’s empty, my wallet’s empty and I must be broke, there’s no such thing as broke, you seek truth, think truth regardless of appearance.

Now it’s true that to do that demands more power than any other work that any of us have ever called on. Because it’s easy to think according to appearance, right, but if you can grasp the truth, what happens is you can become a mastermind, see he who acquires this power becomes a mastermind. You have full control of your conscious senses, of your mind, of your procreative of the male and female aspect, of the creative aspect of mind. Now once you think truth, what is truth, it’s about what you see and believe, if you can see it, if you can believe it, conceive it, see it, believe it. You can have it and if you can think that truth then you can conquer fate, you can be doing whatever you want, it doesn’t happen in an instant, it’s a life time process but you get better and better and better and higher and go stronger and become more and more and more adept at doing this.

Now chapter five is called “increasing life” and this is a key concept in the creative method of thought. This is something that has to be learned and internalized and remembered constantly. You see, intelligence substance is all and in all, now every living thing has got to continually seek for enlargement, more fuller expression of life. So this intelligence is under the same necessity for continuous increase, for ever becoming more. Now the question is the all just in you or is the all in everybody else on the planet as well? You see the concept here is increasing life for all. Key concept: now Bret and I were talking about the Barrier Reef the other day, this proliferation explosion of undersea life and that’s a vivid graphic example but that is life. You see we’re all subject to the urge of life steeping expression and in order to do, be, and have more, you got to have more right, more money, more abundance right and that is what enables you and that is the most natural driving instinct in life.

Now here’s the key, we’ve got to harmonize with the purpose of the all. Well what is the purpose of this all and this is one thing that Chris, my founding partner, was mentioning in the Kybalion and when we get into that third book, you’re really getting a much fuller deeper comprehension of the all and the all in all. You really live only when you perform every function fully, physically, mentally, intellectually, that you’re capable of. Doing so without access, you see what life truly is if you boil it down to one definition; life is the performance of function. So what you want to do is you want to live fully. Now the creative method of thought enables you to see what you want to create. I talked about creating a team a million strong. How does that happen?

I reach out to Chris, Chris reaches out to Chris Rogers and I reach out to Brian, Brian reaches to Eric, I reach to Chris, Chris reaches to Brett, on and on and on, it’s like paying it forward, passing the baton from one person to the next, getting them into this meme of abundance and this meme that we are all in the creative method of thought and then we attract John, who sees it and knows it and is a creative thinker and wants to be around other like-minded people, he will take that baton pay it forward, pass it to another and we become creators not competitors and we’re all going to get what we want in a way that everyone gets more of what they want rising entirely out of the competitive method of thought because there is never a limit to the supply. The original substance is infinite, so you always look at the limitless riches in the formless substance and absolutely know undoubted with no question that it’s coming to you. So the moment that you drop into that competitive mind, what you’re doing…

You’re dropping a barrier, dropping that concrete wall, stopping the creative flow of abundance from coming to you. You arrest this power of creation, so the way riches come to you is by giving everyone more than you take. It’s an interesting concept, how can you do that, how can you give more than you take, well it’s a simple concept, it’s called use value. If you give something to someone that they can benefit from, something that will enrich their lives, something that will enable them to have a fuller expression like knowledge of the creative scientific method of thought, you’ve added value to your life. So when you provide someone with an idea or knowledge that allows them to create abundance, what you’ve done is you’ve provided great used value. That is why you share this material, these three books, this wealth creation mastermind, the website, everything we do, the community because this is what enables us to rise entirely out of the competitive into that creative plane where we see what we want, we envision it, we have full faith that we’re calling it and so any time you provide anything and we’re all in commerce, we all do business, just make sure you’re giving more in use value than you’re exchanging in monetary value and this formless substance it influences all, it’s everywhere. So just hold that mental image of the thing that you want with the most positive certainty that it’s being made, that it’s on its way to you and always think and speak of it as though it is sure to have arrived already. You see what you do is if you’re dreaming of a house, live there in your mind, take possession of it, you own the key. If you dream of a boat, sail the boat; if you dream of a car, drive that car; if you dream of a relationship see yourself already in that relationship and have full faith and never ever forget that this is a temporal experience, we are spiritual beings in a physical body.

And we have an intellect but we’re not here for a very long period of time. Now remember these three things, there is this thinking stuff from which all things are made and when it’s an original substance in its original state, it permeates, penetrates and fills all of the inner spaces of the universe and a thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought. I can form things in my thoughts and by impressing my thoughts upon formless substance can cause the things I think about to be created. This is the beginning of the creed, it is paramount that you read this over and over and over, meditate contemplate, wake up thinking about it, go to sleep thinking about it, memorize it, so that throughout your day, you’re letting this permeate your consciousness, so you have no doubt and this is how you form fearlessness.

So next week we’re still in The Science of Getting Rich, we’re in the chapter seven gratitude and thinking in a certain way. How do you act in a certain way? You learn to think in a certain way and then use of one of the most powerful mental faculties, the use of the will. Now it’s all about thinking in a certain way to do that read. Take this material seriously, don’t just read it once and put it down, contemplated study it, actually apply it daily and then start working on your affirmation. I know that that we really get a lot of help in book two Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, turning desire into gold but still we strongly encourage you, start your affirmation. I’m so happy and grateful now that I am able to be, do, have whatever it is that you want write it down, internalize it, repeat it, do it with emotion, see it, believe it, feel it, take advantage of the website, it’s a resource that’s there for you, subscribe.

Congratulations to all of you for being here and get on by all means, I mean this is not just about thinking in a certain way, it’s also about acting in a certain way, that is why the Tuesday lifestyle and financial freedom call is absolutely paramount, you have to get more to be, do and accomplish more. That’s what we achieve on the Tuesday night, we unlock the creative process. Show you how to give more to everybody, more in use value and get what you want by paying it forward. Decide exactly what you want your life, what do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? Determine very clearly in your mind the amount of money that’s going to take, don’t fool yourself, be honest, identify the streams of income that you can develop and have a very clear plan of action and take advantage of the daily strategy that we lay out, execute the plan.

Join us tomorrow night, same time, same link and I really want to commend you for being with us, you are indeed the wealth creation mastermind and you are the seed that will grow to a team a million strong and we will change the planet together. Thanks for being here.

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