Think and Grow Rich (Preface, Word from Author, Ch 1)

Think and Grow Rich

— Jul 24, 2018

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Exercise #7 – Thoughts are Things


So, welcome on board and congratulations for being with us. This is exercise number seven, in other words we’ve already done the first book in our trilogy which is “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles and to set the stage just so that you know what we do is; we study a very specific three books curriculum a trilogy of books. I encourage you all that go to the blog on and look for the blog titled “Wealth Creation Books”. That sets the stage, tells you the importance and lays it out because; what we’re doing together is, where we’re learning and applying and mastering the creative method of thought so that we can personally be, do and have everything that we want in our lives and then pay it forward to others around the world.

And tonight as Chris mentioned, we began book two of the trilogy which is Napoleon Hill’s great classic life changing material. I think it’s been called the number one selling self-help book of all time I don’t know how many millions and millions and millions of copies have been sold all over the world. We’ve actually had people in Pakistan, in England in the Philippines. We’ve got members from all over the world finding us on the basis of the blogs written about the three wealth creation books that we master.

And what we’re really getting into tonight is the very beginning we’re not even into the first principle we’re just setting the stage and the key takeaway, the key message from this session right now is truly that thoughts are things. We all want more in our lives every single one of us wants to be, do and have more. And it’s you know, Napoleon Hill never mentioned the Buddha, okay never once anywhere in “Think and Grow Rich” and yet the Buddha said it all that pertains to this book and he did say, “That mind is everything. What you think, you do become.” And in the words of Napoleon Hill, “What the mind of men and women can think and believe we can achieve.”

And so, we’ve got a preface to the book an introduction and a publisher’s introduction and some thoughts by W. Clement Stone before we get going and what is disclosed there is the origin of the book begin with a conversation that happened with one of America’s wealthiest industrialists and his name was Andrew Carnegie. The interesting thing about Carnegie was that he ended up giving away all of his wealth which was I mean today it would have rivaled the you know the fortune of a Bill Gates but he ended up giving it all away kind of inspired what other billionaires are doing today and he also maybe more importantly than just the philanthropic work inspired countless, thousands of others to become philanthropic millionaires and billionaires as well. And what he did was; he disclosed his principles of success to a young aspiring new thought writer and author by the name of Napoleon Hill just a green behind the years writer and he inspired him and he charged him with a life mission to take this codify set of principles that he had employed to create his success in his physical life, his intellectual life, in a spiritual life and take it to the world and that is precisely what Napoleon Hill did.

And what this book is more than anything else in the first book that we read, “The Science of Getting Rich.” There is the thinking stuff from which all things are made and its original state permeates, penetrates it does fill the inner space of the universe and a thought in this substance produces the thing yet as image by the thought. We as creative thinking centers can form things in our thoughts and we can impress our thoughts upon this formless substance and cause the things we think about to be created. That’s, we learn a creed, a way of thinking and then this book, book two of the trilogy is actually an operator’s manual, it’s a how to and what to do manual, it’s like your workshop manual for the human brain and it gives you–its beautiful, it decodes it step by step these are 13 practical and timeless principles that–and here’s the key. In our third book “The Cabal Unit” starts off by telling you that, “The lips of wisdom are sealed except to the ears of understanding”

And our first book, Wallace Wattles makes it a point of letting people know you’re only going to discover this material if you’re ready for it and here it said again that these principles are denied to all except those who are ready to employ them. So, I just really want to commend each of you, you have been drawn and attracted here because of what you’re putting out your thoughts, your vibrational frequency attracts, thoughts and vibrations of the similar frequency so you are here by intention that being said strap in Buttercup – because you’re in for a heck of a ride.

I mean this is like three two one blast off. You get this material in your life you start applying it and whoa the ride gets intense. You know because; this is the key to life. What is life? It’s more, it’s fuller expression, it’s more juice, it’s more of everything that everyone aspires to and that is what we have here at The Wealth Creation Mastermind. And our mission, vision and purpose is; to spread this to others around the world, perfect it, apply it ourselves. You begin to apply this philosophy in this book put it into action and your life is going to change all right. Incrementally, look nothing comes for nothing, there’s no such thing as sitting on a cushion and poof you know your life changes. You got to move your feet but it starts with the accumulation of material and the intellectual and spiritual abundance. And we talk about this material being able to cause miracles in your life.

Now I took a little bit of artistic liberty here, creative liberty with Michelangelo’s, this is from the Sistine Chapel and this is a part of a picture of the creation of Adam where you know God reaches out and touches Adam on the finger and poof Adam has life. Well look at that, what is that image? That’s a brain. You recognize that as a brain? Michelangelo knew the power of creative thought and there’s is the almighty, the all and I don’t care what your religious belief is but there is a thinking stuff in the universe from which all things are made and we’re all part of that and that thinking stuff is in within each one of us and we are our creative thinking center.

So, what is a miracle? It’s the achievement by an individual or group, like a mastermind, of persons and it’s the achievement of what others have perceived to be an impossible goal, fools mission. ‘Through thought, motivation and action. What are we doing together? Brothers and sisters we’re building a team a million strong by January 2020 to change the world together and this is the miracle in creative thinking. You see what you do is you make it a habit to recall your Chief Major Definite Purpose call it your big horrendous audacious goal. The purpose that you have of changing the world and lifting yourself and others up and do it first thing on awakening, last thing at night before you go to bed throughout the day, you keep it foremost in your mind you monitor your thoughts, you know our brains, they are a computer, right, and it’s you program that mind through repetition, repetition, repetition.

Now here’s what Napoleon Hill said, this image should be a giveaway for you. What is an iceberg, what do you see in an iceberg? You see just the tip of the ice at the top. What’s going on? It’s all below the surface, right? That’s what’s going on with our brains. We’ve got this conscious brain right it’s the logic part, the volitional subjective, you know, objectivity part of the mind part, chooses you know takes action, initiates. But there’s the massive subconscious, that’s the part of the brain, the creative part of the brain that does all the work right. It’s like an iceberg and in every chapter throughout this book and I’m trying to give you a hint here, I’m not going to come right out and give it away but there’s a money making secret it’s been laid out and fortunes countless fortunes have been made over time by exceedingly wealthy individuals by discovering this secret. So, you can either go through your life with a question mark (?) not knowing you know what to do next in order to manifest what you want your life or you can have that exclamation (!) point of, “Aha, I got it oh my gosh!”

And when this secret was to disclose to Napoleon Hill, he didn’t just come out and you know he just sort of slid it in. Without it men and women go through their lives as failures but with it you can change the course and become whatever you want. So, the secret is throughout the book, it’s everywhere and here’s the thing this secret goes back to the very, very, very beginnings ancient antiquity you find references to this secret inscribed in stone in Egyptian hieroglyphs. So, this is ancient material that has been applied throughout the eons of time. In this one book it’s mentioned over one hundred times never just named outright but those who acquire use it literally swept on a success. But I just want to say there’s no such thing as something for nothing, there’s a price for the promise, it’s worth paying, it is your dedication and effort time and commitment to discover, learn and apply it.

Now, say I want to just say that secret comes in two parts, all right. First part, you got to have an idea. If you’ve got an idea that’s the first part and by the way we’re going to share all kinds of ideas with you at the Wealth Creation Mastermind, so if you haven’t got the original idea already we will share ours with you. But the other part–this image is a clue, you got the tree of a man, you’ve got a man and woman and what do they have? They have physical form, they have bodies. What do we do with bodies? We move our feet, we take action. That’s a clue, okay. So, thought and action. Hill’s clue, all achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea. If you’re ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it, therefore you will recognize the moment the other half reaches your mind.

Chapter one: Thoughts Are Things: This little placard, again it drills it in, “Thoughts takes on power providing it’s combined with definiteness of purpose.” You’ve got that idea back it up with a plan and then you do take action.

Look we’ve got monkey minds that is the truth until you know until we learn to harness that, discipline it and guide it and make our minds a tool – we are monkeys jumping from our brains one thought, next thought, “Oh there’s a pretty thought, that’s an attractive thought, bump and bam bam.” We’re jumping all over. Karen and I were down in you know at this really cool beach resort in Costa Rica, we look up in the trees and there’s these capuchin monkeys, like you’re the organ grinder monkeys jumping tree to tree to tree and that’s a monkey mind right. So, what you’ve got to do, is stand in your definite major purpose, don’t abandon it at the first sign of obstacle and you translate that with burning desire and persistence and never ever, ever stop.

You know this is the number one cause of failure, people get three feet from gold and they stop, they stop you know pursuing their vision, their mission, their purpose, they let it go – and lo and behold they never reach their objective. And it’s the one most overriding thing, it’s the book it’s the most common thing in the world to do. So, look we’re all going to hit temporary defeat. I look at stuff that happened in my life and go, “Baby this, ain’t temporary this feels like a life ending a hurdle here.” You know but it is funny, every time I hit what I consider to be the brick wall and my pot of gold is almost always right on the other side of that damn wall.

So don’t stop, make it a commitment, be determined, have persistence, single minded focus, nothing’s going to stop you. You’re going to make a difference, you can lift others up. and look when defeat overtakes don’t be like a four year old right, don’t go into your zone, “Oh, no.” You know, we all got this little four year old boy or girl inside us, every one of us and you know it’s so easy to go back and go, “Oh no,” you know “I need my thumb right.” And you know that’s the easiest most logical thing to do is to quit right? And this little kid guy here, he’s frustrated you know it’s what most people do and fact of the matter is before success comes along in any of our lives is you’re going to meet with these episodes that make you feel like this little character here. You’ve got to overcome hurdles.

But here’s the truth and here’s the key is everything riches and we talk about riches be very clear there are material riches, you got to, look if you want to travel, you got to have money. If you want to experience life, you’ve got to have money. You want to go to Italy you’ve got to have money. If you want to go you know do anything, you want to have a music studio you’ve got to have money, right. Whatever you want to do, so let’s just get money done but there’s intellectual abundance and their spiritual abundance. You’ve got to have a lot of love in your life. So, our brains become magnetize with the cheap, the dominating thoughts that we hold in our minds may become like magnets. You’ve heard of the law of attraction right, this is all the state of the mind and what happens is that it starts coordinating forces and people and circumstances and all of these different events that starts harmonizing with the nature that’s why you’re here tonight.

You are here because; you’re in harmony with this material, with the creative method of thought you have decided you’re going to master this material, you just manifest to this group to help you do it. So, “Success comes to those who have success consciousness.” You see, it is a choice and don’t bargain small with life because if you bargain small you’re going to get small. You can have, do, be whatever, have a magnificent obsession something that is going to change not only your life but the life of the race, the whole planet, everybody on it. You’re going to make an impact and you’re going to dream big and you’re going to make it happen and if you don’t what happens failure comes to those who allow themselves to have failure consciousness.

It’s a choice you see, what separates us from a pig, a goat or a fish – they can’t choose their thoughts, they have no volition we do. We do, we’re amazing beings, we have this creative capacity to think. And when are you done? When do you get to hang it up and say, “I’m done?” Well, where’s the take in life? When you’re no longer breathing, when your heart’s no longer pumping. If you’re breathing and your heart is pumping, you’re still in the race. Run through that tape, give it everything you’ve got, you know commit to a lifetime of excellence because the truth of the matter is: “Whatever the mind of man,” now this is written a 100 years ago, “man, woman, male, female whatever our minds can conceive and believe we can achieve.” That is a powerful statement.

So, for next week if look, you’re just jumping on board – catch backup go through Book One “The Science of Getting Rich.” But for next week, get into principle number one which is chapter two desires the starting point of all achievement. And here’s the key of what we do together, is we learn to think in a certain way and is we do that by studying, reading contemplating, working together and applying what we learn daily and we have support group for each other but we’re also very clear. We had value to others lives. We increase others lives. We’ve got the program. We’ve done it. We’re going to take you along with us so make sure that you are subscribed and confirmed. If you’ve just filled out the application but you haven’t gone in and clicked on the confirmation e-mail you’re not going to get any of the material. So, make sure you go in and click on the confirmation e-mail, some of you did today congratulations others haven’t yet. Make sure you go back, check your junk, your trash folder could be hiding there, Google has a funny way of doing that or Gmail. Make sure you’re getting the weekly newsletter the curriculum webcast.

By all means, be on tomorrow’s call because tomorrow we talk about “Acting in a certain way.” Look you’ve got to decide exactly what you want to be do and have. You are going to have clear, clear mental image and term exactly how much money that’s going to take to live the lifestyle that you want. And we’re going to help you identify streams of passive income and develop a clear plan. But be on the call tomorrow night it’s the key to acting in a certain way. “Thoughts are Things,” powerful material, I commend you for creating this in your life and having the vibrational frequency to be a part of the Wealth Creation Mastermind. Congratulations.

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