The Kybalion (Ch 12)


— Feb 5, 2019

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Exercise #33 – Causation 2.0


Hello and welcome on board, to those of you that are new, I will give you just a little bit of background on what we do in the wealth mastermind and I do want to welcome you congratulate you for being on board with me. The concept is definitely wealth creation, but what does that mean? Well, we’re trying beings, we’re spiritual beings with an intellect living in having– physical experience. So, abundance, this law of attraction and we do call this attraction marketing right and why do we call it attraction marketing, because there is a definite law of attraction, Interestingly, that is a subsidiary Law.

The Law of Attraction is dependent on all of the other working laws and what we do in the wealth creation mastermind is 1st of all you’ve got– if you want to be abundant, if you want to have financial freedom, if you want to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams. Hey! You better have a very clear strategy for doing that, you’ve got to have a process for attainment and you might as well have systems that make it easy on you and so, what we do is 1st of all a part of our strategy is learning to think in what is called the creative method of thought. Creative method of thought simply says that thoughts are things, that there is actually a universal thinking substance.

A very tenuous, substance in ether that conveys thoughts from the mind of the infinite intelligence where we’re able to come in contact with our finite intelligence and by causing our thoughts to come in harmony with the thought of infinite intelligence, we’re able to cause the things that we think about to be attracted to us, right? Law of attraction. So, what we do is we study 3 books, 1st is Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich and there is 2nd is the great classic by Napoleon Hill which everybody has heard of and probably read at least once, the science or Think and Grow Rich, which covers 13 very, very, specific principles. Sort of like a workshop manual for the mind and how to come in connection with that infinite intelligence. Then this 3rd book that we’re into now and we’re into the 12th chapter, there’s only 15 chapters in this book.

And so, we’re coming into the end and this is called causation, the law of cause and effect. And there are 6 principles, the 1st is mentalism, and there again, that goes back to what is the premise of the further the 2nd book, think and grow rich is that thoughts are things. What’s part of the credo of the Science of Getting Rich, is that there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which I am a– as a thinking being, can cause things to be created in my mind and by implanting those things in that cosmic intelligence can cause them to be created. So, causation, cause and effect. Now, look, let’s be really clear on what this is.

The 1st principle of thing can grow rich is desire. Well, what desire? Desire is the sea of causation, right, everything else cascades from that, what you’re doing is– you see, desire is the impelling force of causation. So, why do you study 3 books, why do we go over them again and again and again, why do we endlessly study this material, because it becomes more and more and more clear and look, until you are manifesting everything you want, then it’s– we’re all still a working progress, regardless of how many years we get on the planet, it’s not enough.

This picture guys, is a major, major, major, clue to everything that we’re doing here, this great hermetic principle of causation and you think about it, okay, you knock over one domino and just like okay, this is life, I’m a just a domino in a series of falling dominoes, right, but then what happens? You can cause that chain of events to be altered by willfully taking an action. By willfully chaining– changing, the causation, the chain of causation and the absolute fact– and this is such exciting good news, is that every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause, everything happens according to law. There’s no such thing as chance, all right. That just a term we use for law that’s not understood.

So, let’s dive into this material, nothing happens by chance and what– again, we go back to Principle Number 2 in the 2nd book, Think and Grow Rich. what is it think? You see, one of the great activators of the Law of Attraction is faith, absolute belief, no doubt. Why? You see, if you have absolute belief, what you’re doing is you’re vibrating and again, what’s vibration? Vibration is the 3rd principle, the 3rd great hermetic principle. It also ties into the way we use auto suggestion to programmer subconscious mind which is again– you see how all these principles weave to gather. So, when we have faith, what’s going on is we are controlling the outcome, it’s not it’s not possibilities, aren’t happening by chance, they’re happening because of faith, because we’re vibrating in a residence of belief.

Everything comes from the original source, we come from the original source, what is the 1st principle or one of the principles of mentalism, is the all. The all in all, I am in all, so, the all is in me, vibration, right? Nothing happens by chance. So, what this [unintelligible 00:06:30] back to is the importance of faith, now, you think well, you know that there’s this agent called Chance, right? there’s this modality of the unknown. Well, okay, well, hey, you walk off a building, is there a chance you’re not going to go down? I’m not going to take that chance, Why? Because there’s laws and gravity, law of attraction, attracting bodies, girth. The more girth, the more gravity, earth’s got more girth, right? So, you’re going to go down, why?

That’s not a chance that’s a law, so everything is– if there was such a thing as chance, it would actually override law. Well, nothing can override law right and nothing is superior to causation, so, you can imagine nothing at all outside of the all, right, everything, everything, everything, everything, everywhere, on every plane. On all planes of existence, it exists within this mental matrix of the all and the existence of something outside of law would render all natural laws inactive, ineffective and it would plunge the universe into chaos. We do not live in a chaotic universe, we live in an extremely orderly universe. Just look at our solar system, you’ve got Mercury and Venus and Earth and Mars the 4 inner planets in perfect balance with the moon.

And here we are living on this Goldilocks planet called earth, do you think that’s chance? Or is that by cosmic designing, right and then you’ve got the balance taking place by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So, it’s this cosmic dance. And then you say well, what about asteroids, what about being hit by these bodies, a flaming comet? Well, hey, somewhere out in space, something caused one asteroid to bump into another, sending it off the gravitational pull of the earth, sucks that comet into our gravitational field and is just like to throw the die. It’s all operating by law.

Now, okay, Sure, maybe we can’t understand the law, but this is where imagination, which is the 5th Principle, the 5th of 13 principles in Think and Grow Rich is so important. If you can imagine an outcome and then tie it back in with Principle Number 2, faith, right, then what you’re doing is you’re coming in harmony with the 3rd hermetic principle of vibration and vibration is probably the closest thing to explaining the law of attraction that we get to. So, why do we then subscribe to and follow the 3rd principle in Think and Grow Rich auto suggestion, is because what we’re doing, is we’re taking a desire, principle number 1, we’re planting it into our sub conscious mind. The sub conscious mind is Principle Number 11, we’re using the brain, Principle Number 12 to broadcast that vibration and what we’re doing is we’re overcoming chance, right?

So, remember the hand in the Domino? That’s what we’re doing, if you could actually learn to throw that die with absolute precision and full knowledge of all of the laws that affect it, you would come up with the exact same number that you desire, because you are causing it, right. So, back of all the scene causes there are chains of unseen proceeding causes. So, get that concept of proceeding chain, because nothing happens without chains of causes, there’s always a cause and a because to every event and cause and effect are always the result of an event. In other words, something doesn’t cause another thing, chains of events are what cause the next chain. So, no event ever creates an event by itself all right, every event is a link, in the chapter they do a great job of saying well, I’ve got 2 parents and 4 grandparents and you know 8 grandparents and on and on and on and 16 and 32, often and this is the way and this is what ultimately caused each of us to be here in physical form at this moment.

So, all of these events are series and so, if you think about what is it that you want to create in the continuity of your life, knowing that all of vents are President and consequent and subsequent. So, you begin, we talk about okay, have a strategy, follow a process and then combine it with a system, so, a strategy and a process and a system. A strategy a process and a system and you follow that, you follow that, you follow that and all of a sudden, you’re causing the things that you’re thinking about to be created, because you are also being persistent. What’s persistence? It’s Principle Number 8 in Think and Grow Rich.

Do you see how all of this fall in explains each other, so, there’s a relationship between everything that’s gone before and that’s coming, that’s following. So, what are the results, so, you pick the results that you want to generate, you see it in your imagination, you plant it in your subconscious mind, you vibrate that with belief and gratitude and you come in harmony with that original source, that infinite intelligence and all of a sudden you begin to cause the things you think about to be created. Now, what are we doing here in the wealth creation mastermind? We are building a team, 1,000,000 strong. Now, get your head wrapped around this, what’s it going to mean to you, you, to be a part of a team that is a 1,000,000 strong, that’s all thinking with the creative method of thought and thinking abundance instead of lack or poverty and personal abundance as well as universal abundance, abundance for all, right?

So how do we do that? We cause– it begins with one who causes for to join, right, so, look at that, the very center of this– all these concentric circles, that’s you. Next circle out is your four, next circle out is there four, 16, the next circle out is there four, 64, the next circle out is there four, 256, the next circle out is there four, 1,024, the next circle out is there’s 4096, the next circle is 16,000, 65,000, 262,000, what happens at the 10th Circle, 1,048,576 people joining. How did that happen? You caused it, you caused it by binding four, by helping them find four. You see, this is why you have to have a strategy, you have to have a process for finding your four, you have to have systems for finding your four, but as you get more and more clarity and more ownership of the strategy, the system, the process in the system.

By law, you create what you envision, by law, you cause the things you think about by causation, by the law of cause and effect and the fact that there is no chance, you cause the things you think about to be created, by following and employing the creative method of thought and action and this is why guys, we studied this trilogy. And you think about it, it was written as the result of causation, the wealth creation mastermind is come into being as a result of the trilogy. So, you ask yourself well, what are we causing, what are the ramifications, what are the effects, the effects, the effects, this chain of the series of events. So, you stop and think and every thought we think, every act we perform, has its direct and indirect results, which fit into this great chain of cause and effect.

And the sad part about our brothers and sisters is very, very, very, few people are manifesting the degree of freedom that we’re capable of, most people are swayed by the opinions, the customs, the thoughts of the outside world, as well as their emotions, feelings, moods and the will. The will of others mind stronger, almost everybody out there is thinking inductively the thoughts that have been induced to them by others, almost known as thinking deductively. We are, we realize the creative method of thought and most people are carried along like falling stones are obedient to the environment outside influences, moods, desires, not to speak of the desires and wills of those stronger themselves. So, here it is, bottom line, you can be a pawn or a player, it is your choice. You know the rules of the game, you rise above the plane of the material life, you employ this creative method of thought and you place yourself and get yourself in touch with the higher powers of your nature, you dominate your moods, right, you take control, you jerk will power and you form a strong character and the qualities that you have dictate which poll you are drawn to, which environment you create around yourself and thereby you become a mover as opposed to a pawn that’s simply following the law of cause and effect.

And these laws are constant, this is the great mood, the great news is that the masters, they don’t escape causation on the higher plane, but what they do is they follow it, they fall in with these higher laws and therefore they master the circumstances on the lower plane. Everything is governed by these universal laws, infinite number of laws exist, but they all are manifestations of the one great law, the law which is the all, right. And we can use these laws, the law to overcome the sub laws, the higher law against the lower law and the higher will always prevail against the lower. Be in this material, take it seriously, study it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. We are all becoming, next week or into gender. I got to tell you, mental gender, week after next is powerful stuff.

So, prepare yourself get a hold of the concept, think in a certain way, read, study, meditate, contemplate, get your mind in a state of strength, meditate, contemplate, read and study. Do your affirmation, take it seriously, emotionalize it, design your life, be excited about it, right. this is a resource– that’s with the wealth creation mastermind, the website, the seminars, the webinars, the newsletter. This is a resource, that’s who we are to each other, we’re helping each other vibrate on a higher level and now, we’re taking action, right, we’re being persistent, we have organized plans, we have absolute knowledge of how to get what we want and more importantly, to pay it forward to others.

So, get very clear on what you want to be, do, and have, determine exactly what that’s going to take and then show up tomorrow night, because we’re going to show you exactly how to do it. This has been causation, 5th great principle, next week we’re others and cause and effect, the 6th principle and next week we’re into gender, and again, I want to thank, commend you, recognize and really congratulate you for being the wealth creation mastermind, together we’re going to change the world. Thank you!

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8 months ago

“this is a resource– that’s with the wealth creation mastermind, the website, the seminars, the webinars, the newsletter. This is a resource” (…) “and more importantly, to pay it forward to others. So, get very clear on what you want to be, do, and have, determine exactly what that’s going to take and then show up tomorrow night, because we’re going to show you exactly how to do it. This has been causation, 5th great principle, next week we’re others and cause and effect, the 6th principle and next week we’re into gender, and again, I want to thank, commend… Read more »

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