The Kybalion (Ch 11)


— Jan 29, 2019

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Exercise #32 – Rhythm 2.0


And I do want to welcome you all to the wealth creation mastermind curriculum– this is the curriculum calls where we really focus in on the thought process, the mental aspect, thinking in a certain way, the lifestyle and financial freedom call that we do on Tuesday nights is not by the way recorded, that’s only for life participants, but that is where we actually get into the aspect of acting in a certain way, the action that we take, the method, the plan, the strategy, the systems, the processes that we employ for creating actual multiple streams of passive income.

Now, the reason that we start within the wealth creation mastermind, the mental game, is because it if you have the right mental game going on then it’s going to require far less action to get the results that you want and the actions that you generate are going to be magnified far greater, because you’re thinking and acting in the right way now. This particular chapter in the Kybalion is on rhythm. Why is rhythm important? Okay, so we know that that the third great hermetic principle is vibration, everything is constantly vibrating, right? We also know that in Napoleon Hills 13 principles in think and Grow Rich, that principle number 12 is the brain, right, which is the transmitting and receiving station for Thought.

And we know also based on the premise of think and grow rich that thoughts are things, we know if you read the wealth creation mastermind blog on Abraham Hicks, as a man thinketh by James Allen or if you’ve read ask and it is given or anything that talks about the law of attraction, you start to understand the importance of having a very, very, fixed vibrational frequency and a concentration of focus on the things that you want as opposed to a feeling of disbelief or a feeling of uncertainty or a feeling of lack or the idea that maybe what you want isn’t going to happen, because what that does is it sets up a counter resonance, it just cancels the frequency that you are sending out.

So, this concept of rhythm is really, really, critically important and I love this image of the symbology of a great sage holding a lantern so that you can navigate through your river of life in an illuminated fashion and that’s indeed to me what the Kybalion represents, is the sage Hermes Trismegistus as the author of these seven principles really disclosed a great deal. So, this is a– you know rhythm is the 5th great hermetic principle and what it in essence is saying is look, everything is constantly moving back and forth. There’s an ebb and flow to everything, everything, everything, has its tides.

There’s rising and falling and there’s a constant manifestation of a pendulum-like swing that’s taking place in everything, obviously, we see it manifest quite clearly on the physical plane. This true to and fro backward and forward pendulum-like motion, but the thing to understand about it is it’s not just the obvious world, the physical world that were– the world of phenomena that we see, it’s also taking place mentally as well as spiritually. So, we don’t have– we know we studied the principle of polarity, right, last week and we know that what you polarize your mind to is– again, going back to that vibrational frequency, what we polarize to the positive aspect and you vibrational come in alignment with that positive polarity.

So, just understand that Abe brothers and sisters– guess what, rhythm is and it’s associated with polarity, but what’s going on is this rhythm is constantly manifesting and you’re drawn one way, back and forth toward both poles. The positive and the negative pole constantly, on all three levels of our being, so, just know that it doesn’t mean that you’re going to go to the absolute negative or to the total positive, but you’re going to be drawn in one direction or the other constantly, all right, and there’s always this action and reaction that’s taking place.

Now, on the cosmic scale– hey! Nothing, even the solar system’s, the sun’s, the planets, the galaxies are in a state of rhythm of creation and destruction and so, we come back to this concept that everything is a manifestation of the all. And what is the all? It is thought. the all is infinite intelligence and so, we are manifestations, creations of the all and we are subject to all of the laws of creation and even with creation. So, first of all there’s an outpouring and then there’s an in drawing and if you if start looking at ancient spiritual writing. The Hinduism or ancient gallisin, there’s this concept that this is not the first universe, right? That even universes come into and out of existence.

So, they’re created, they reach extreme low points of total materiality, then they begin this– again, this constant upward spiral back to spirit. So, this concept of the Kali Yuga instant– the constant creation and destruction. Some spring into being, become dead matter and it’s this way on all levels, on all planes. Now, obviously, that’s a big rhythmic cycle we’re talking about right, huge, but you can see it manifest in everything, you think alright, on a smaller scale, a volcano Springs out of the sea and then really almost instantly begins to self-destruct and it’s the same with great movements, philosophical movements, creeds, fashions, government’s, nations.

Look what’s going on with Venezuela right now, in the act of self-destruction as we watch one of the great Latin-American countries– used to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world due to their natural resources, now, on the verge of destruction. So, it’s this simple law of rhythm, this back and forth death and rebirth that takes place everywhere and it’s ever-present right and it’s evident everywhere we look and again, the nice thing about the physical plane is it so obvious right, we can we can take and then through the law of correspondence, were able to see things on the mental plane or on the physical plane, intellectualize them, understand them mentally and then apply it onward to the spiritual plane which is what we– are which is the original source, which we want to come into harmony with.

So, the benefit of understanding all of these principles is so that we can become conscious, co-creators of whatever that we desire in our lives and pay it forward and lift up the entire race, right, it’s not just about becoming wealthy ourselves, nothing wrong there, do it first, create that wealth yourself. So, that you demonstrate your creative capacity to yourself, you can’t give anybody else what you don’t have yourself, you can’t give them knowledge until you possess it yourself. So, demonstrate it and so just look at night following day, winter following summer, and this physical play that tells us nothing rest, that the pendulum is in constant motion, this principle of rhythm. The better that we understand it, the more we are able to apply it mentally and then spiritually. So, take a look at the material form and then start understanding that all right, from a mental aspect, this rhythmic swing, this pendulum is taking place on our mental plane, our human mental activity is subject to this same rhythmic swing.

And so, it accounts for all these bewildering successions of moods and feelings and emotions that perplex most people, but now here’s where we’re starting to get into the heart of the secret of this principle and that is that we have these two levels of consciousness. We have the volitional mind right, the conscious choosing, higher aspect of consciousness, where we are in awareness and then we have the subconscious, the lower form of consciousness, where we are– just it’s sort of the co-creative process that comes in harmony, but what is going to happen and understand that this rhythmic swing, this back and forth is manifesting on the subconscious, the lower conscious level all right.

So, how do we counteract it, how do we neutralize that, how do we keep from being swept into that bitter state of oh! I just bit on a lemon right. Well, the way you escape that rhythmic swing is with transmutation, emotional transmutation and willful decision– again, what was principle number seven in Think and Grow Rich? Decide, decision, so, what you’re deciding is to polarize your conscious– higher conscious mind to the positive polarity, not allowing yourself to be swept. Recognize it, see it, you can understand it, intellectualize it, but do not allow yourself to be to be swung into the manifestation of negative vibration, right?

So, it’s that transmutation one step at a time, choosing a higher and higher and higher and higher emotional frequency and by doing so, you’re allowing the lower unconscious level to take place, but you’re rising to the higher level, through volition, through will, through decision and that in essence neutralizes the negative swing of the pendulum. So, this law of neutralization is critically important to our attainment and achievement of our creative capacity of what we want to draw into our lives.

So, you raise the ego above the vibration of the– on the unconscious plane of mental activity, allow that negative swing of the pendulum and you neutralize it on the on the conscious level. So, being conscious, being mindful, being willfully aware of what you’re vibrating is absolutely, critically important. So, what we do is we polarize ourselves to the desired pole, if we want abundance, if we want to lift others up, if we want to draw and attract unlimited wealth, if we want abundance on the physical, mental and intellectual and spiritual level. Then, we polarize ourselves to that, with our positive affirmation of belief, it’s not just trying to beat yourself over the head with– I am a millionaire, I’m a millionaire, I’m a millionaire, and it’s going to get you nowhere, right?

So, you have to really use that positive emotion of belief and faith and your affirmation that starts with I am, but powerful I am. So happy and grateful, you come in harmony with infinite intelligence through gratitude. Now, the only thing that we have, I am so happy and grateful now that I am BAM! And then your desire, right. And look, everybody who’s attained any degree of self-mastery, they’ve accomplished this almost without awareness, right, because what they’re doing is they’re refusing to allow their moods and their negative mental states to affect them, but what the Masters do is they become consciously aware of this most looks, look around.

It’s obvious most people are total creatures of moods and feelings and emotions and in those swings, those rhythmic swings, they affect them their entire lives and they never come into conscious awareness of this rhythm and the ability to neutralize it and so you know depression follows, enthusiasm, courage is followed by fear, this tide of feeling rises and falls and most of us are like Ozzy here, is just totally out of control, but the beautiful thing about us, what separates us from apes is our ability to manifest what we want, hold our rhythmic swing to the pole we want through the power of will.

The conscious ability to choose our mental state and here’s another aspect of this law is compensation, the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left. If you’ve been through some hardship guess what, that’s great, because good times are coming and you know that the measure of the swing to the left, is the swing to the right. So, the negative swing is always going to precede the positive swing. Now, the Hermit, the advanced masters are able to neutralize the swing to the negative by that law the process of neutralization.

So, the law of rhythm is vitally important to your peace and harmony, this law of compensation is ever in operation and it’s constantly striving to balance and counterbalance our lives. So, always it succeeds in time and the Hermits believe in life, after life, so, even though this several lives you may not see it today or tomorrow. It’s in constant action and so, this swing of the pendulum to a large degree, we can in fluence through our thought. Next week we’re into the next chapter in the Kybalion which is chapter 12, causation cause-and-effect and what we’re doing on these sessions is really studying the thought process, studying how we think the importance of the creative method of thought.

So, by all means do study and contemplate and apply what we’re reading constantly, on a daily basis and if you’re not meditating and if you’re not doing your affirmation, you’re not programming your subconscious mind with Auto suggestion and by programming your subconscious mind you’re taking conscious control of those two levels of consciousness and utilize the wealth creation mastermind, read the blogs, watch the videos, revisit the site, go through it, internalize the message and here’s the part guys. We’re living on the Material Plane, we’re living on the physical plane.

So, we have– it’s not a matter of being gurus locked in a cave in the Himalayas somewhere, it’s a matter of being conscious co-creators. First, demonstrate your creative capacity by creating abundance in your own life and then pay it forward, pay it forward, pay it forward, lift up others, don’t hold it to yourself. I want to commend you– this is not easy material, thinking is something that 98% of the population would rather die than do, right? Creative thought is the hardest work that you’ll ever do in your life, I want to commend you and I want to give you my deepest gratitude. You are the wealth creation mastermind you are going to make a huge difference, we are creating a team a million strong for the purpose of leading others around the world in the lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity. Congratulations.

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