The Kybalion (Ch 15)


— Feb 26, 2019

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Exercise #36 – Hermetic Axioms 2.0


First, I must commend you. I welcome you, I commend you, and I congratulate you. You are attracted to this intentionally. You bring something to this from just who you are and we are a group that is committed to making a difference on the planet. We are agents of change and that is who and what the Wealth Creation Mastermind is. We go through a curriculum of 3 books starting with Wallace Wattle’s The Science of Getting Rich going then into Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and then completing the trilogy with this book, The Kybalion by Three Initiates and it’s all coming out of the New Thought Movement from the early 20th century and extraordinary line of thinking.

But in this particular book, we study 7 Universal Principles starting with The Law of Mentalism and then going to correspondence, vibration, polarity; and then from polarity, it’s rhythm, cause and effect, gender, and mental gender. 7 axiom, 77 hermetic principles; and what we’re doing in this chapter is just summing it all up, putting up a nice ribbon on it all. And as we begin the entire series, it starts with the credo that there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and its original substance it penetrates and permeates fills the inner spaces of the universe. And then in this book, the 1st principle is Mentalism where we are—the postulate is that everything, the entire universe is a mental matrix. So from that perspective, then we begin to apply all of the other principles of correspondence; as above, so below; vibration, everything vibrates, everything moves. The way we come in harmony with that original intelligence substance is through a vibratory relationship and the law of polarity, the 2 poles of everything, the 2 sides, the black and the white, the light and the dark. And everything has poles and we are able to through our mental faculties polarize ourselves.

And so we’re gaining knowledge all the time, gaining knowledge and learning how to neutralize the rhythmic flow back and forth, that flow of life, polarize ourselves to the positive polarity of what we want to attract and receive into our lives. And then we study this principle of causation, of being able to actually cause the things we want to attract to come into our lives rather than being random, random slaves driven by others. And then we understand that within this principle of gender, that there’s a masculine or feminine principle to everything including our minds. Now again we go back to mentalism, the primary principle, the male “I am” in and the feminine subconscious “Me” created by the aspect of intelligence. And what we’re doing throughout this entire series is we’re gaining knowledge, understanding how to utilize our minds to control our environment and cause the things that we want to be created.

Now there is something called the Law of Use. Possession of knowledge u less accompanied by manifestation and expression in action is like hoarding precious metals. And the other thing about it is that if you don’t engage in the law of usage, if you don’t practice what we’re learning, then you are at opposition with natural forces. But what is the most powerful natural force? It’s the third force and the law of life. What is the law of life? The law of life is growth. It’s constant, fuller expression. It’s more, more expression, more exuberance; and everything is growing. Everything is in a constant state of becoming. So the object of the law of use is to use it for the natural force of life, the expression of everything becoming more.

And so what we do is we have to take action daily, apply these axioms, apply these principles, and apply this knowledge to becoming and having and doing. Be, do, and have more and pay it forward to others. This is a big, big, big part of gaining knowledge is it’s not for the miserly self-containment, but it’s to pay it forward. It’s to lift the race. We are all one and the more that we benefit others, the more that we receive. So make use of these; put it to use. And the thing to remember is it does take patience first of all. Look, this is not an overnight instant way. You’re all of a sudden there and you’ve got it all done and it all happens overnight and you transform from zero to hero in the flash of the blink of an eye. It does not happen. It’s by degree to degree to degree to degree that you pay it forward with patience with persistence and with practice constant and never-ending vigilance and practice and it has to be used now.

To change your mood, now first law of mentalism—the Hermetic Axiom is the transmutation. It has nothing to do with the alchemy of turning lead into gold. It has everything with transmuting the mind. And so the vibrational state that you are in dictates what you’re attracting. If you’re in a dark, black mood, you’re going to be attracting dark, black experiences that hinder you and hold you down. If you’re in a state of upliftment and joy and wonder and hopefulness, just pure exuberance, that’s what you’re going to be attracting experiences in your life. And so to change your mood or your mental state, you change your vibration.

How do we change our vibration? Now here’s the key. One can change their mental vibration by an effort of will. Now we studied mental gender. Will is a masculine aspect of the mind. It is the volitional part of the mind and will is what dictates where our attention goes and attention is what dictates our vibration. So if we are in a state of mind of fear or hopelessness or just despondency, then we say, “What’s the opposite of that?” Obviously it’s fulfillment; it’s abundance; it’s plenty. So we go, “Okay, that’s where I want to go”. But it’s almost impossible to make that leap from despondency to abundance, from lack to plenty in one instant leap. So you just by degree to degree move in the direction of the pole that you want to move towards and just know that you are in 100 percent control.

Now what is the “I Am”? What is the will? What is the part of the mind that directs the attention and thereby changes our vibration? It’s the masculine element. So this image, this masculine element denotes the part of our mind that chooses. And rather than allow ourselves to be influenced by the will of others stronger than us, we build our will; we focus our attention; and we develop our ability to have mindfulness and focus on one area on the polarity of where we want to raise ourselves to. And so you cultivate this art of attention by the means of the will. And by doing so, what you’ve done is you have become the master of your own moods and mental states, therefore your vibration, therefore what you call and attract into your life.

So everything is dual. We know this, polarity. Behind everything good lurks this dark, wicked [10:09 Unclear], the 2 sides. It’s the opposite ends of polarity. And yet what we’re able to do is polarize our mind in the direction. And the way we do that is—we don’t say, “I’m going to kill out the bad; I’m going to kill out the wicked”. You don’t concentrate on how. What you do is you concentrate on the opposite end of the polarity. So if you’re in a state of feeling lack, rather than concentrating on that polarity of lack, then you look into your life and you say, “What do I have abundance of?” Maybe you’ve got an abundance of green grass in your front yard, I don’t care. We’ve all got an abundance of something, something good, something positive. So you say, “What does that feel like?” Maybe you’re blessed with a robust, healthy, strong body. You have an abundance of vitality. You would identify with that and then you relate it to what it is that you want to have, be, and achieve more of.

So to destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, you put into operation the principle of polarity. You concentrate on what it is that you want. And there’s always this duality, this panel play you know; and by mental transmutation any pole may be reversed to the opposite. Now this is good and bad because it cuts both ways. You can attract the good and you can attract the bad just depending on where you’re polarized. Look at this image. What do you see? Do you see white up arrows or do you see black down arrows? Was there one set that you didn’t even see? What was your mind polarized to? And so if you want to polarize yourself to an upward movement, you polarize yourself to seeing the white up arrows. If you want to go down, you polarize yourself to see the black arrows.

And so by changing your polarity, you have the absolute control over your moods. And what this constant, never-ending, willful practice of developing mindfulness does, is it gives you the ability to change your mental state, make your disposition, and build your strength and character. Unless you acquire the art of changing your own polarity, you’ll never be able to affect the environment around you. But the great news here is once I have mastered the art of controlling my polarity, I have the key to affecting my environment. You understand this principle and it enables you to take control. And again this comes through devotion, through time, through care, through study, or through practice. This is the most demanding work. Look what we’re talking about is being able to be, do, and have anything that we desire; in other words, the life of your dreams. So what is it worth? Is it worth dedication? I’d say yes. I mean it’s the rose that you hand yourself.

Now we have we have these mental swings, back and forth, high and low, these moods that wash through us all the time. All of that can be neutralized by this law, the art of polarization. So rather than being back and forth on this mental emotional pendulum, you can polarize yourself to the higher consciousness and that’s precisely what you do. We’re all spiritual beings with an intellect having a physical experience. So what we do is we have acknowledge that and we say, “Okay, I am a higher conscious being. I am a being of pure thought energy in a pure thought universe in the everlasting mind of infinite intelligence”. And so what we do is we polarize ourselves to that knowledge and this causes the swing of the pendulum to manifest. The pendulum is going to swing underneath, but you’re going to hold your attention to the higher consciousness and you’re not going to be affected by that pendulum-like swing on the lower conscious level.

So you polarize yourself to the “I am” and this is the volitional part, the part where you choose the pole where you want to dwell on. And remember that it’s your own Personal Statement of Being and by controlling your awareness of your being, then you are able to control your state of becoming and know that there’s all these planes of conscious awareness. And so what you do is you just choose to climb the stairway to a higher level and observe what’s going on on the lower level; and you understand that this practice of polarization enables you to rise. And what this does—everything there’s a cause and effect uses principle of causation. But by raising to the higher level of awareness and practicing it, you cause the things that you want to come into your life.

Now look, face it, you look around, almost everybody, 99.9 percent of the population is being swept along. They’re obedient to their environment rather than making their environment obedient to them. That’s our God given. That’s our right. That’s who we are. That’s what we’re doing here. That’s why we’re having this physical experience, to learn to do this consciously. So this hermetic wisdom—what we do is we’re always seeking the higher plane of mental action. And by mastering that art, you’re able to dominate not only your mind, your emotional state, and become a player rather than a pawn. But through this principle of cause and effect, you can have great influence on helping to lift others up. It’s the difference between being a log swept down the river in the current of life or being a swimmer and choosing the direction that you want to go. We are all in the current, we’re all in the water; you can’t escape the law, but you can choose to employ it consciously. And that is what we do through this true hermetic transmutation, this mental art, this being fully present 100 percent of the time, being willful, controlling our attention, controlling our vibrational state, and therefore attracting everything that we want.

Look, we’re living in a mental universe. So the only way to effect that mental universe is by mentality. So if the universe being mental in a substantial nature, then it follows that mental transmutation must be the only way to change the phenomena of the universe and that is indeed what we are doing. The all is mind. The universe is mental. We are gifted with a conscious co-creative ability. This puts of blow on the 35 previous weeks of the curriculum we’ve been through and next week, we start right back at the very beginning, Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich, chapters 1 through 3.

Look, put this into practice; think in a certain way; and then take action. Join us tomorrow night, same time, and same link. Learn the action plan to manifest everything that you want on the physical plane.

Congratulations! I commend you and I am so grateful to you because without your being drawn to this material, there’s no way that we can have the uplifting effect on the race, on others, paying it forward that we want. So I commend you and congratulate you and thank you because you are the wealth creation mastermind.

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