A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part IV—The Principles of Polarity and Gender


— Mar 4, 2019

What are the Principles of Polarity and Gender? How can learning the Principle of Polarity and the Principle of Gender help you to master The Kybalion and improve your life?

My name is Stephen Rousseau, my friends call me Stever. I am excited to share my thoughts after my initial reading of The Kybalion with the Wealth Creation Mastermind. I was introduced to this writing by the WCM and am grateful I was led to this.

In this series of blog posts, I focus on the seven principles as gleaned from my first read and multiple discussions with the WCM on the Monday Night Curriculum Calls. (Join us!) I share what I’ve discovered on the seven principles by viewing them through the filter of Four Views of I, a book I wrote to present a dynamic introspection of self (as I explained in the first post).

This is the fourth post in a series of five and this one focuses on the Yin/Yang of the universe as expressed in the Principles of Polarity and Gender. Not surprisingly, The Kybalion uses two chapters to explain the Principle of Gender, physical and mental.

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Before publishing the book Four Views of I – Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, and Intention (available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble), it was summed up in a booklet. If you’d like a glimpse of the book you may download a free PDF of the booklet.


The Principles of Polarity and Gender (Intuition – Soul) Principles 4&7

The Kybalion chapters related to this section:

Chapter 10) Polarity (Principle #4, the Principle of Polarity)
Chapter 13) Gender (Principle #7, the Principle of Gender part 1)
Chapter 14) Mental Gender (Principle #7, the Principle of Gender part 2)


What is the Principle of Polarity?

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled. (The Kybalion, Chapter 10, on the Principle of Polarity)


Principle of Polarity Key: the duality of ALL

There is a dual nature to everything, in the macrocosm and in the microcosm of physical substance of the universe. This is visible in many things, and invisible in many more things. The universe is balanced with mankind right in the middle, it is the anthropomorphic principle. To create the universe Ex Nihilo, The ALL created anti-matter to balance out matter. Understanding this dual nature of everything in the universe is essential to understanding the Principle of Polarity.

A few examples can help illustrate the Principle of Polarity.


Example #1 of the Principle of Polarity: polar / ppposite

The earth is a globe (sorry Flat-Earthers) and most maps consider north up and south down. This may seem arbitrary, and perhaps it is. Now, a globe, being spherical, does not have a north and south unless it is rotating on an axis. It is the axis that determines poles. If you were to start anywhere on the earth and walk due north, you would eventually reach the north pole. If you continue in the same direction, you will no longer be traveling due north, you suddenly shift to travelling due south.


Example #2 of the Principle of Polarity: how far is east from west?

The Principle of Polarity states that opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet. Here’s an example of what that means:

This is best illustrated in a globe. Latitude and longitude.

The Kybalion points out the fact that if you walk in any direction around the globe, east/west or north/south, you will eventually return to your starting point. True, and with this thought, you have completed the circuit. The point exactly halfway around the world is the opposite of your starting point.

But, in fact, an arbitrary line called the Prime Meridian had to be chosen to demark an agreed upon starting point. This line goes north and south from Greenwich, England to each pole. It doesn’t even go all around the planet to demark the east and west hemispheres. So, how do you know when you’re in the East? It is all relative.

90 degrees from this line, on the other side of the planet, they had determined a line which demarks the International Date line… where today and tomorrow are next to each other. This line is also completely made up. There is no natural position on the globe for it to be based.

Thus, if you start anywhere on the globe and walk due east, you will continue in an easterly direction forever. The same is true if you walk due west, you will continue to walk westward forever. So, when speaking of poles, we are looking at the symmetry of up and down. When going right and left, the symmetry is side to side, and to help us with that, the Prime Meridian was defined.


Example #3 of the Principle of Polarity: heart symmetry

Here’s the essence of the Principle of Polarity: everything is dual, which means everything is symmetrical. That includes your body.

Have you ever noticed your body has two halves? Right and left. This is polarity manifest in you. Your body has two of everything, right? Two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, etc. Internally you have one brain which is divided right down the middle with each hemisphere working in complete harmony to control and balance the body. Likewise, you only have one heart, which is divided into four chambers. The heart is your center and the four chambers cycle the life-sustaining blood throughout the body.

Chakras are energy centers distributed along the axis of the body. The Heart Chakra is right in the middle of the seven. This central Chakra works in complete harmony to control and balance body, mind, soul, and spirit. It makes sense the heart is divided into four parts, up/down and right/left. The two halves of the heart beat in opposition, yet harmoniously. The Rhythm of the heart produces the flow, in and out. Its frequency shifts according to need.


Example #4 of the Principle of Polarity: perfect symmetry

Take a photo of your face, split it down the middle, top to bottom, and separate the two halves. Now, pick a side, let’s go with the right side. Duplicate it and flip it so you have the mirror image of it. Put these two halves together and see your face in perfect symmetry. Even sophisticated facial recognition software would not recognize it as you.

Why is this? Again, there are too many laws dictating what happens and what the opposites are. In line with the Principle of Polarity, everything is balanced and connected to everything else. If you have a teeter-totter with a weight on one end and a smaller weight on the other, you may move the fulcrum toward the lighter weight to achieve balance. If the fulcrum is off center, you may add weight to the lighter side to achieve balance. Many forces are involved in the complexity of your body, so perfect symmetry is a balance achieved by altering the sides slightly.


The Principle of Polarity: walking the tight-rope

When walking a tight-rope, balance is more easily achieved when using a balance pole. The balance pole is symmetrical with the same weight on each end. The walker achieves balance by minimizing the total weight shift from left to right. The smaller the balance pole, the more effort is needed for the walker to maintain balance.


What is the Principle of Gender?

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes. (The Kybalion, Chapter 8, on the Principle of Gender)

The Principle of Gender is the natural corollary to the Principle of Polarity, because gender is dual and each gender has its opposite.



(There, now this page will be found.) On the physical plane, everything exists because of the Principle of Gender. Sex is the easiest analogy to see in the physical realm, and often the quest for understanding ends there. But, for those willing to “get their minds out of the gutter”, a greater understanding is available, gender is more than procreation. Masculine and Feminine are manifest in both male and female. Let’s move past the fallacy of male roles verses female roles and see if we can grasp a better understanding of Gender. Understanding gender is, unsurprisingly, essential to understanding the Principle of Gender.


An example of the Principle of Gender: plug in

Let’s start with an illustration most will have experience with – the electrical outlet. In the USA the standard 110vac outlet has three holes, or sockets. For this illustration, there is no need to specify which socket does what (ground, neutral, and power) we are looking only at the grand purpose of the outlet; to provide power. An Electromechanical Engineer would define the wall socket as Female, and the plug that is inserted into it as Male. Mechanically, this makes sense, because if three prongs were sticking out of the wall, they would electrocute anyone touching them. So, the wall socket makes sense.

But, if you focus on the purpose of the outlet, providing power, the role of the socket and plug are reversed. The socket is male because it is the power source, and the plug is female because it is the recipient of the power. According to the Principle of Gender, giving is masculine and receiving is feminine.


How can you apply the Principle of Gender?

Some may say this is simply the difference between Logic and Intuition (emotion). Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. The point being, these two apparently opposing views are both within each of us. They can be at war with each other or synergistically working together. Men can get in touch with their feminine side and women can embrace the masculine. Both genders are required for new birth. Understanding this duality is critical for applying the Principle of Gender.

Have you ever wondered why so many people assume God is male? Well, if we define masculine as the source, it is easily seen He is the ultimate source. Everything that is comes from Him. Of course, relative to Him, we are all feminine since He is THE ALL, One Source of The All.


Applying the Principle of Gender: relativity and the Thermostat Wars

What is hot? What is cold? Subjective, eh? Put two people in a home together and it is likely they will argue over where the thermostat should be set. Many people think of the Male/Female interaction as a constant battle. You can’t live with ‘em, but you can’t live without ‘em. “A necessary evil”. This is a limiting view, of course. Gender is all about creation, generation, and re-generation, both mental and spiritual. Understanding that the genders can work together harmoniously—both between people, and within each of us—is an essential application of the Principle of Gender.


Principle of Gender insight: everything is relative

This experiment ties in well with both the Principle of Polarity and the Principle of Gender.

When is something hot? When is it cold? What’s the difference? Often, we think things are opposite when they are simply on different parts of the scale. Here is a quick Principle of Gender and Polarity experiment you should try which is quite effective because you feel it. Get three glasses.

• Fill the first one with hot tap water (make sure it isn’t too hot.)
• Fill another one with room temperature water.
• Fill the last one with ice water.

Now, place them on the table next to each other from hot to cold. Okay, experiment is set up…

• Place your left index finger in the hot water
• Place your right index finger in the ice water.

Leave them in the water for 30 or more seconds. Really notice the difference in temperature. Now, pull your fingers out of the two glasses and place them both into the room temperature glass.

Remember, this water is exactly the same temperature for both fingers… is that what you feel?


The Principle of Gender: it is the same on every plane

Here’s the essence of the Principle of Gender. Masculine Energy is source, Feminine Energy draws-in. This is true on the physical plane, the mental plane, and the spiritual plane. Mentally, an idea or concept is sent out by a teacher and received by the student. So, teacher is masculine, and student is feminine no matter what their physical gender is. The roles interchange during a conversation. There is always a transmitter, and a receiver if communication is effective. Perhaps it is best to use the word transceiver for both parties since they change roles in the exchange.

Some people get hung up on the Principle of Gender because they think it’s all about your biological sex. But gender is simply exchange of something, be it information, power, love, etc. That’s essential to understanding the Principle of Gender.


The Principle of Gender in action: I am Me

An individual can refer to self as I or Me. “I” is masculine and “Me” is feminine, here’s why:

There is always an outflow when using the “I”. It is always followed by an action word. If a person is asked to perform a task, the response is I will, I did, I am, I can, etc. If a person is asked if they want something, the response is me. It seems to me the grammar is reflecting the reality of gender in these pronouns. I acknowledge the grammar works because it is the law. The last two sentences illustrate this well, I think. Who came up with this? Me.


Wrapping up the Principles of Polarity and Gender: symmetry and power

The universe is balanced and abundant in power. Give and receive. Charge up and expend power. All work is advancing the whole, ever increasing complexity and wonder.

The Power of the Mastermind is synergy of thought!

What next?

Become a member of Wealth Creation Mastermind
• Bring your unique perspective to the group, participate
• Advance humanity by advancing yourself synergistically with us

There is no money required to join and participate in WCM. There is an investment though – time and effort. For me it is a wise investment, I am grateful for WCM. I am grateful for the time you have already given in reading this article on the Principle of Polarity and the Principle of Gender. I trust there is value here. Please comment below and share your thoughts on what you’ve read today.

This concludes our third view of the Seven Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion (full list of those principles below):

• Principle of Mentalism
• Principle of Correlation
• Principle of Vibration
• Principle of Polarity
• Principle of Rhythm
• Principle of Cause & Effect
• Principle of Gender

We are done looking at the second side of our tetrahedron for now. The first view displayed the Vibration and Rhythm of everything. Knowing this underlying Body of everything is one integrated facet supports the Mind of everything through correlation and every Cause and Effect provides another facet of understanding and was our second view. This post was our third view, the Soul of everything as displayed in Polarity and Gender of the universe. These three views were pairs of principles tightly connected and fully integrated, body, mind, soul. Our next and final post in the series is the powerful single principle representing Spirit of The All, the heart of The All in THE ALL.

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Peter Bruce
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Thank you sincerely, Stever. A little complicated, but excellent work. I am now looking forward to the final installment to see how it all get together.

4 years ago
Reply to  Peter Bruce

Peter, thank you for reading. I do my best to share as simply as I can. I find the Kybalion quite dense and full of wonder. I hope I didn’t complicate things more… my intention is to give a clarifying view as well as a different perspective. Please do let me know what you think after the series is complete.


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