The Kybalion (Ch 6)


— Dec 18, 2018

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Exercise #27 – The Divine Paradox 2.0


I do want to welcome you all on board. We’re into exercise number 27 of The Wealth Creation Mastermind Curriculum. And, I know that we’ve got a number of new people on the call. I want to really congratulate you, commend you, and welcome you on board.

First of all, we see this attraction marketing. Why do we do that? Are we’re really mastering the law of attraction. There’s a number of elements in the law of attraction and it’s ever, it’s pervasive. It affects everything in our lives and what we’re doing in the Wealth Creation Mastermind is studying a very specific curriculum, have three books that take us through and give us mastery of not only the understanding but the application of the Law of Attraction, so that once we have gone through this nine-month curriculum, you know, about, I think 36 exercises, we have gained an intellectual understanding through studying weekly, different chapters in three books.

The first is Wallace Wattles “Think And Grow Rich.” Where we learned that there is indeed a pervasive thinking substance that permeates and penetrates all the spaces of the universe. And that this intelligent thinking stuff is receptive to the vibration of thought. And then we can learn to think in a certain way.

And then we got into the second book, which is Napoleon Hill’s “13 Principles Laid Out In Think And Grow Rich.” And those 13 principles are kind of the workshop or the workshop manual of the human mind, if you will. Learning how to use our thought process to come in contact and communication with this intelligent thinking substance.

And then, the third and final book is the book that we’re into now, which is “The Kybalion” written by A Three Initiates. All of these three books come out of the new thought movement and what they are based on is indeed the seven core universal principles that apply to all created matter and in the universe that are described here in this book.

And the first principle is Mentalism, all right. And we learned last week, we’re living in a mental universe. Now this week, what we’re talking about is, is The Divine Paradox. So, what is that Divine Paradox, even though we’re living in this mental construct of this infinite intelligence, call it whatever you will. Every religion has a different name for it, so it’s labeled infinite intelligence. It’s abroad all-encompassing term, and it applies to the all. Now, this universe that we’re living in is a construct of this all. So, on the one hand, you go with “If we’re just living in this mental construct, it’s sort of like being a character in a novel. I’m just, you know an actor in a movie, right. Or it just, cellulose or you know, digital imagery. Well, not so fast there Buckaroo, you know, and this is where the paradox comes into play.

And so this the topic of this particular chapter – and I love this image because what indeed has taken place on this terrest hillside is they’ve taken up a mountainside where you couldn’t grow any kind of crops on and because of the process of physical transmutation, it’s become a very productive farm, right where you can grow all kinds of things, probably you know, a rice paddies or what have you, but it’s these tiers of levels that have been transmuted or transformed into productivity. Now, if you think about that, how did that transpire? First of all, something that was already in existence, a physical, something you can see and feel and touch was looked at and thought about and transmuted in someone’s mind and then physical labor, action was combined with the thought and transmutation took place. That’s a real quick down and dirty.

Now, what is this Paradox that we’re dealing with in this chapter? Well, this is another image. You know, it sort of looks like a schematic, if you will, of a, you know, of a system of circling bodies of planets circling this large solar mass. And it’s clearly a diagram, right? And what that diagram is, is a representation of a physical imagery, and that’s indeed the Paradox, because in the absolute spectrum, the mind of the all than what you have is it is only a, you know, an image, it’s just an idea. However, for those of us that are dealing on the relative plane, on the finite plane, we look out into this universe and we used to not a diagram, but we see what we perceive as reality. So from the absolute point of view, the universe is in the nature of an illusion in the mind of the all itself.

However, to us on our, from our vantage point, from the finite mind of humankind, well we see this construct is very real, it’s very solid, it’s very tangible, there’s nothing illusory about it, right. So, that’s the Paradox.
Now this, law of this Paradox is that it is the first real evidence of the Law of Polarity, which is the fourth law in The Kybalion. And what the Law of Polarity states is okay, “There are opposite poles to everything including what we perceive as reality.” So, on the one pole of the absolute, it’s non substantial. On the pole, the opposite spectrum of perception is finite, where we see it as substantial. Intellectually we know it’s not, and so it’s sort of like, you know, this evolution of earth and universe as it’s all attached. It’s all part of the same spectrum.

Now we’re able to intellectually grasp the absolute truth that, all right, I can mentally conceive of an infinite intelligence that were from an absolute point of view, things are existent in the mind that we have our existence in this infinite living mind. Right, we are able to kind of wrestle with that concept. But remember that, that’s not who we are. You know, we’re not the absolute because of the fact that we are relative, we are finite beings, we have to approach this from a different point of view and this is a great way of getting our heads wrapped around this.

Even though, all right, let’s take this for example, it looks like a solid piece of metal, this Pan, right. If you’re not close with it and goes, “Hey, that’s pretty solid. I could hurt myself with that.” Right, however, if we take you know, electron microscope and we look at this thing at the atomic level, what we see is we go smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, look deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. And what we see is, oh, there’s atoms and those atoms are composed of circling electrons and neutrons. And then we look inside the electrons and we see you know, oh, we see quarks. And we look inside the quarks and we see this is all really just open space in a very, very, very, very small, small, small, small amount of matter, rotating at such a rapid speed. And now we look inside that what we perceive as a waiver, a string or a particular. And we see it’s really none of the above. It’s actually acting like an intangible because it is flashing in and out of existence.

So, on the one hand we say, “Well, there’s nothing here.” Right, however, we can’t live our lives on the intellectual plane of perceiving it as nothing. We have to understand, hey, if I hit myself in the head with this, like if you kick a stone with your toe, even though your toe is also just this vibrating mass of energy, you’re still going to stub your toe.

So the Divine Paradox tells us that, you know, we’ve got to recognize the real nature of the universe. Now we are in this constant spiral and what we’re doing here in the Wealth Creation Mastermind is we are, studying these universal principles. Why? What do we? Is this just an intellectual exercise? No, because of the fact that we are spiritual beings with intellect, having a physical sensation, a physical experience.

So, because of that, we can take all of these laws and apply them to this physical plane so we can use these, these laws that apply on the higher plane, on a spiritual plane, take them with our intellect and apply them on the physical. So we seek to understand the mental laws and we endeavor to use them to the best effect in this upward progress through life. What is life? Living. The act of engagement, the act of more. You see, life is all about fuller expression. That’s life as the definition of life. So, having, being and doing more is the objective.

Now, alright, we’re on this relative plane, right, of this material plane, but everything works by law. How do we send men to Mars? How do we send spaceships out, you know to circle, the outer planets, to explore the solar system? It’s because we know that there are absolute laws that can be countered on. Like mathematics and physics.

So, while we’re on this plane, this physical plane of matter, we just have to recognize the phenomena and then we can begin to apply that to attracting what we want. Now, just because we know these laws doesn’t mean, “Poof” we can magically escaped their effect. But, and here is the exciting part about what we do together in the Mastermind is we can’t escape them, but because we understand that we can take the law is on the lower plane, the physical manifestation.

All right, let’s say that you take a look in your wallet and there’s no money there. You are hurt that there’s no money there, that is not the truth, right. Because we know that by The Law of Attraction, by understanding the abundant nature and how to program our mind and think in a certain way that we can actually open our wallet and it can be an attractor for security, for safety, for abundance, and for plenty. And by changing the way we think, what that does is it creates a resonance that allows our frequency to come in harmony with the things that we want and when we are in harmony with the frequency of the things that we want, we open up a channel to receive it, all right.

So, this is exceedingly exciting to start understanding we are in full control of our lives. So, what we do is we start beginning to learn to apply the laws that you know we’re understanding on the spiritual level intellectually on this material plane. “The higher to the lower, as above so below.” And you know, this principle, this first principle of her medic philosophy is mentalism. This is what The Law of Attraction is all premised on, is the understanding of the power of thought, all right. Because of the fact that we’re living, we are thinking beings living in a sea of vibrating thought energy.

Well, that is a fabulous indication that we can come into a paired frequency with whatever it is. We just have to learn how to do it. That’s why we’re studying these principles. I know this book, we get into The Kybalion and it’s like, “Man, I’m deep in the weeds here. You know, nobody warned me that I’m taking an advanced physics class.” Sometimes that’s how it feels when you’re reading these chapters. But you know, while this material, while The Principal of Mentalism explains to the true nature of the universe, that know everything is indeed mental, it doesn’t change the scientific fact that, that we are living in a universe of matter where life or evolution is at play. Now again, come back to that word life that implies action, that implies participation. So on the one hand you’ve got this infinite sea of living energy, all right. That is abundant and eternal and ever present and existing at all times in all space equally. And we can tap into that, all right.

So, everything comes from this sea of energy and this energy emanates from this infinite living mind. And now even though we’re living in this relative universe, this transitory universe of time, space and change where nothing ever lasts, everything is transitory, right. And so, here is you know, the absolute and the relative, the polarity again, however, knowing that there’s this polarity, it’s just a matter of degrees, the difference, it’s all the same thing. It’s just a matter of changing degrees. So we’re able to take this sea of energy and apply it to the creation of the things that we want. Even though those things that we want, we’re just renting them, we never owned anything. So, understanding this principle, what happens under mentalism is mental power thought becomes the greatest natural force in the universe, all right. That because of the fact that we are thought beams in ables us to harness the most powerful, natural force known in the universe. I mean, if this isn’t stunning, I don’t know what is?

So, this realization revolutionizes life, and those who understand this principle and the resulting laws and how to practice it can change, be, do and have. So what we do is we simply follow the example of the wise, we use the laws, you know higher laws against the lower plane and we use this art of Al Chemical, Mental Transmutation to start eliminating the undesirable and attracting the worthy and through doing that we triumph and we avoid this half truth, which ignores the, you know, The Divine Paradox. We understand that we’re spiritual bodies with a mind and a spiritual beings with a mind in a physical body.

And in mastery doesn’t consist of, you know, unnatural living or phantasmagorical thoughts or ignoring these principles. But what it does is it tells us the vibrational state that we have to be in his harmony with what we want. So what our business in the universe is not to deny its existence, but believe, using these laws and then to rise from the lower to the higher living, fully, doing the best that we can, being the best version of ourselves possible on a daily basis, under every circumstance, getting up every day, living as far as possible to the highest ideals and ideas that we can comprehend.

So you know, “We’ll never make any mistakes by living up to the best of what is in us so far as possible, and just simply realize that this universal tendency, this upward tendency is always in the same direction despite of, you know, what you may see on the news, in spite of what you know, apparent differences to the contrary.”

So, we are grasping the most exciting concepts that we could possibly be exposed to ever in our entire lives. That’s why it’s so important to study this material, to grasp it fully, to really contemplate it. So next week, chapter 70, all in all.

Now, what we’re doing in The Wealth Creation Mastermind is we’re learning to use our mental faculties to think in a certain way so that we can have a vibrational state of mind that comes into resonance with what we want to attract into our lives. So by all means, take the study of this material seriously. Apply it conscientiously, daily, meditate, contemplate, read, study, be in the material. If you’re not working consciously with your intentional affirmations, you’re missing the point. We must, we must, we must be programming our subconscious mind with intention and belief and faith and excitement and passion.

So, this is what the whole Wealth Creation Mastermind is all about. Take advantage of the websites, subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Watch the videos, the replace. If you’re just watching this, once you’re getting, you’re picking up 7%. You Watch it once, you’re getting 7%. You read the book once you’re getting 7%. You can’t read the book and think you’ve gained the knowledge. You have to study it, internalize it, and you have to practice. You have to move your feet. If you got nothing from else from The Divine Paradox, because the law of life is the law of taking action. You cannot just think. The paradox is you cannot just think. You must combine thought with action on the physical plane. That’s what Tuesday night is all about, acting in a certain way, and boy, do we act in an exciting manner.

This has been Exercise 27, The Divine Paradox, very exciting chapter. Now, bottom line. I want to commend and thank you because you are The Wealth Creation Mastermind. You are the ones that are causing a shift in thought because the more of our minds that come together, the more people we’re attracting, more people, we’re affecting, the more people we’re going to lead into lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity filled with physical and intellectual and spiritual abundance by applying this, the creative method of thought. Thank you!

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