What is Infinite Intelligence?

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Dec 12, 2018

Here’s a good definition of Infinite Intelligence, which Napoleon Hill describes in Think and Grow Rich:

Infinite Intelligence is the force that gives order and origin to everything in the entire universe. It is the prime source, the first cause of everything that comes into existence.

Furthermore, you, the individual are a precise expression of this force. As such, you have no limitations except those accepted or deliberately set up in your own mind. Additionally, all that is needed to access this creative power is absolute belief, total applied faith, and unwavering persistence.

Why not God?

Napoleon Hill chose the term Infinite Intelligence because it is a neutral term that applies to all faiths. Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, and practitioners of all world religions have names for this deity. Infinite Intelligence is a designation that can be adopted and understood by all.

If you’re wondering, “What is Infinite Intelligence?” here’s a video of Hill discussing and offering a definition of Infinite Intelligence.

Infinite Intelligence allows you to achieve your Definite Major Purpose

To achieve what you set your mind to requires two things.

First is the acknowledgment that Infinite Intelligence is the prime source, the first cause of everything that comes into existence. This includes you. Without that knowledge you are unable to believe in your own unrestrained capacity for creative thought and action.

Belief matters

If you don’t believe in your inherent connection and oneness with the prime source, why would you believe in an unrestrained co-creative capacity? By contrast, when you do have this belief it becomes impossible to accept constraint of your own abilities. To do so is the same as believing that the omniscient, omnipotent, everlasting being of Infinite Intelligence has its own limitations.

Second is daily self affirmation of your major life purpose.

Infinite Intelligence and the Subconscious Mind

Regular daily affirmations are required because the part of your mind that communicates with and receives guidance from Infinite Intelligence is your subconscious mind. The way you train a dog with repetition is the same way you get your subconscious mind to accept and adopt an idea. Meditate upon your goal every day, and have absolute faith and belief that it is already yours. When you use this technique, you will over time establish a direct connection to Infinite Intelligence via your subconscious mind.

To understand how you can train your subconscious mind to come into communication with Infinite Intelligence, we recommend that you read this article on the WCM site – Power of the Mind.

You and Infinite Intelligence

Thomas Troward, in his book Your Hidden Power, describes the individual’s relationship to Infinite Intelligence. He uses the Egyptian emblem of the sun with rays each terminating in a hand to represent our connection to Infinite Intelligence. The sun itself represents a Divine Being. The Great Source of all Life and of all Illumination. Infinite Intelligence.

You are the hand

The image has a correlative effect. We are all in relation to that Infinite Intelligence. The sun’s rays all end in a hand. These hands are emblems of activity. It’s hard to imagine a better representation of physical animation. We use our hands to do things. Build, construct, and create. In the image there is only one central sun, but many hands. That’s another clue.

All those hands! The sun throws off an innumerable number of rays. Additionally, there is a direct connection from each appendage back to the singular source. Subsequently, because all of those hands have one common origin it is apparent that they’re all connected. Each hand is capable of carrying out individual tasks. However, the guiding force emanates from one cardinal intelligence.

This simple image is a representation of an Infinite Intelligence, permeating the cosmos. Furthermore this unlimited force directly provides strength and skill to the hand.

Infinite Intelligence is the Guiding Force

Now consider your self. Your own body and mind. When you’re engaged in the act of creation it appears that your hands are the inception of whatever is generated. You play a piano with your hands. Painting, writing, sculpting, cooking, and all mechanical engagement is done with your hands.

Despite appearances, we intuitively understand that the mighty five-fingered appendage is not the source of innovation. That distinction is owned by our mental faculties. Imagination, reason, will, memory, and intuition are all part of our finite intelligence.

Will power

Like infinite Intelligence on the cosmic level, it is the function of our individuated mind to guide the performance of the hand. Furthermore, we decide what to accomplish by the use of our will power. This is what determines the action of the hand. In this way mind and hand function as one. When seen from this perspective it’s apparent that the hand is a reflection of the mind at work.

You are an extension

Next, use the analogy of the hand as an instrument of finite intellect to grasp your connection to Infinite Intelligence. Just like your own hand can be seen as a branch of your mind, it’s possible to see yourself as an extension of the Universal Mind.

You know your hand will never reach its apex of productivity until it’s put to use as the instrument of your mind. In the same way, you can deduce that you will not rise to the highest and best personal performance until you understand that you are an extension of Infinite Intelligence.


The Egyptian symbol

Take a good look at the featured image for this post. Think of yourself as being one of the hands. It’s pretty clear where the hand gets its power from. It all comes from the limitless central sun. The sun is both boundless intelligence and energy. Because it is infinite and we are directly connected to it, the implication is that we never need to have any concerns. We will receive everything we need from this infinite source. Regardless of whether our need is for intelligence, a tool, or the strength to use it, doesn’t matter.

The Law of Attraction

Since the sun provides each hand with everything needed to achieve its work, all that is required of the hand is to perceive what is needed for the task. Then expect and believe with full faith and the knowledge that it will be provided.

Moreover, we also determine from the symbol that the central power is universal. In other words, its power is available to all of the hands equally. Every hand can be engaged in doing a separate undertaking, but they all emanate from one source. That wellspring supplies vitality to every hand even though they are all engaged in doing their own business.

This is your job

The job of Infinite intelligence is to supply the power. The job of the hands is to differentiate that power. Every hand has a different disposition. Each with its own talents, drives and desires.

All of us have our existence because of the unlimited mind of Infinite Intelligence. Life is possible because this intelligence dwells within us. We are at one with it. It is one with us. That is the primal truth. As long as we remember that, we are able to see ourselves as unlimited creatures of love; joy; and physical, intellectual, and spiritual abundance.

Infinite Intelligence and Intuition

According to Napoleon Hill, this force is the root cause of intuition. He says that once you tap into it, ideas will “’flash’ into your mind through the sixth sense, in the form of an ‘inspiration’. This inspiration maybe considered a direct ‘telegram’, or message from Infinite Intelligence.” Those flashes of insight that come to you when you meditate upon your goal come directly from the source, and should not be ignored.

Join a Mastermind

Napoleon Hill referred to the mastermind principle as vital for achieving success in your chosen occupation. Furthermore, he claimed that participation in a mastermind alliance will bring you into possession of the master key. This allows you to open the door to the attainment of your definite purpose in life. With the use of this mastermind principle, Napoleon Hill states you can accomplish more in one year than can be accomplished in a lifetime without it.

Through this principle you can draw upon the talent of others. See it as multiple hands coming together to accomplish a goal. As well as cooperation, the mastermind gives you access to the spiritual forces within you. Hill makes it perfectly clear that by employing the mastermind you come into harmony with Infinite Intelligence and receive intuition and guidance directly from this infallible source.

Akin to the Egyptian symbol, the mastermind brings you into alignment with the hands of others. All working in harmony to achieve a common objective. To learn more, you are invited to fill out the form on this page to become a member of the Wealth Creation Mastermind.

Join the Mastermind

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Never thought much about where intuition comes from. Interesting to learn that it comes from Infinite Intelligence!

Paige Holloway
Paige Holloway

I am used to AA groups saying higher power; the group that created AA were of a certain persuasion, but knew many who would come to group had gone through, often terrible spiritual harm. It did not matter if someone chose a rock, a tree, just get a higher power, so “Infinite Intelligence” really works for me, leaving each person to name their personal belief.

I will read this a few more times and I appreciate very much the work this Mastermind group is doing. Thank you all💯

Chris Pilgrim
Chris Pilgrim

We’re all busy. Hopefully that “busy” is moving us forward towards our goals. This blog struck me in so many ways, the analogy of the hands coming from one central source. This shifts my perspective from being “busy” in my daily life to one of gratitude and Faith as a finite extension of Infinite Intelligence. Wow! I feel so much better, energized, excited And to close it out with the Mastermind principle of Napoleon Hill? We are blessed to have this mind and soul shifting extension of Infinite Intelligence we call The Wealth Creation Mastermind! Thank you for this blog,… Read more »

Stever (AKA Stephen Rousseau)

A curiosity… there is infinite intelligence, but no infinite intuition. Perhaps this is because intuition is a link from infinite intelligence to our finite intelligence. Infinite intelligence is, by definition all thought that is. Only finite intelligence needs intuition to tap into mind of THE ALL. This intrigues me… I can picture myself as the hand and the ray as intuition connecting me.

Stephanie Wright
Stephanie Wright

Thank you WCM, I am so grateful to be apart of this shift! I believe your message will change the world if the world will, just imagine, vision, and believe. Thank you WCM for being apart of my life!


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