The Kybalion (Ch 7)


— Jan 3, 2019

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Exercise #28 – “THE ALL” In All 2.0


Simply welcome each and every one of you to The Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum call. We’re into a new year and new years are always new beginnings, one thing ends something new begins. And we certainly are on a continuum and a spiral, of never-ending evolution. And I think that one of the things that are most compelling and exciting about what we do in the wealth creation mastermind is, we really do take it to heart and realize, understand and agree with the fact that there is a Law of Attraction all right. And the Law of Attraction is a result of all of these other compelling laws, principles that guide all created matter.

So you know, first of all, the reason that we call what we do, attraction marketing is because we are learning to further our lives by mastery of this Law of Attraction, of allowing things to come through us, through the thoughts and actions that we are taking in a very conscious way. And you know, what you see here is that we are into Exercise 28. Now we do this, in other words, we’re in the 28th week of a nine month curriculum, so we only have, you know, another two months left before we complete this rotation. So you’re, coming into the third book that we studied called The Kybalion and it is a very, very challenging and thought-provoking and in some ways can be a confusing book to start with.

We’re laying a foundation of how to think in a very, very specific way called The Creative Method of Thought and it’s the absolute antithesis of the way we’ve actually been led to think. Most of those thinking was called a competitive mind, which means that there is a certain finite quantity of anything available as opposed to an unlimited surplus of abundance. And, we learn in the first book, that there is a thinking substance that penetrates, permeates, fills all of the inner spaces of the universe, and that we as thinking beings can implant our thoughts into this foremost thinking substance and begin to cause the things that we think about to be created.

Now, this chapter heading is “The, All In All.” The “All” refers to the read, that original thinking stuff that, that original source that permeates and penetrates the universe. Now, we will utilize this image, to kind of explain The Kybalion. You have a, you know, this image of sort of the sage being with a staff holding up a lantern, and above a ship on a river, so sort of lit that river represent your life. You are the ship, you are the boat on that river of life. The sage is Hermes, trust, Majesty’s, a thought and in Egyptian mythology, Hermes in Greek. So, you know, you see different images, one of the human form with the Ivus head or the winged feet and the catechist. So there’s different forms of mythology, but it was one of the original great teachers, one of the original great sages, in humanity. And the light that he is holding represents the seven universal principles, hermetic principles that guide us.

And those are mentalism. Now, the first principle, the first law is The Principle of Mentalism, which simply states, again, there is that thinking stuff, but what we learn is that we are actually living within a mental construct. Think of it as a matrix within the mind of this all powerful, infinite intelligence called The All. And what this chapter goes into – and by the way, I find it very interesting that out of the seven hermetic principles, this one principle, mentalism covers five chapters. All the others have one chapter except for gender, which has two. And the second chapter of gender is mental, gender and extension of mentalism. So, you could really say that other, you know, the – I think 15 chapters in the book that we have six that are dedicated to mental law, the mental principal. Next week we get into the law of correspondence. But what this principal tells us is that The All is actually it is in All, it does permeate everything, right. From the very smallest form of matter to the largest galactic, spinning universe that you can imagine. And the thing is, is that it’s also true, again, when Chris mentioned the paradoxical nature of, of this information is not only is The All In All, you know, but all is in everything.

So, we start thinking, well, okay, that means by essence, I am an individuated, an individualized spark of this spirit, this all. So the all is imminent. It’s within, it dwells in its entirety of all of its creation. And there’s not a single particle, not ammonia, not an atom, not a cork, nothing anywhere, regardless of how small within this entire vast multiverse you, there’s eight dimensional universe that we’re living in that does not have this intelligence within it.

Now we know that the Law of Vibration is one of the seven principles, right. And it’s the third of the seven. And so, if this intelligence dwells within everything and everything vibrates, there’s a way of coming into harmonious communication with that, regardless of what it is that we’re trying to come in harmony with. Now think of, and we’re going to use some illusions here. Think of the fact, if you form a mental image, right, you’re pouring your creative aspect, you are creating that imagery and you, you bring it from your mind and you create it on paper, on celluloid, on digital, whatever and the thing to understand that the analogy is that you are within your creation, you are within whatever you’re envisioning.

So you say, okay, let’s think about a movie and let’s take Star Wars for example. So the image of the character, the image of the entire universe, the entire creation that you’re thinking about exists within the mind. In this case, we know it’s George Lucas, right, that created Star Wars, or if you think of the series, the HBO series, Game of Thrones, that’s George LL Martin, right? And, or you think of Harry Potter. So these are all creations, right, of the author of the visionary that thought up, dreamt up, but the entire virtue of the character, their life, their spirit that is imbued, their reality is imbued, their imagery is derived from the imminent mind of the thinker that created them, right.

So, that has repercussions, ramifications, and informs us that we have within us this eminence of the All. Now, okay, take it a step further than you are. So the characters, these Star Wars characters, Han Solo or Princess Leia or Obi Wan Kenobi, whoever it is, they obviously they exist in Lucas’s mind, right. But George Lucas also exists within each of the character because he’s the one that’s giving them life, Spirit, right and animation. Then you ask yourself, okay, so is that all there is? Does, does Darth Vader, one of his characters have his own spirit or is he exclusively the representation of the mental work of the creator, of his Creator George Lucas?

Well, here’s where we again, get into this paradox because as soon as, as Vader exists outside of Lucas’s, mind takes on animation, soon as he takes on animation that Spurs thought and the more people thinking that gives Vader more reality. It is the power, you know, we talk about the mastermind now going back to Think And Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill’s great classic. We know that the power of the mastermind is his ninth of 13 principles and one of the things that we learned is the more of us that are thinking about something simultaneously, the more power we bring it. So that is why we consciously inconsistently postulate that the mission of the wealth creation mastermind is to create a team, a mastermind team, 1 million strong by 2020 for the purpose of leading others around the world into lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity filled with physical, intellectual, spiritual abundance. Why? Because the more of us thinking that thought, the more power it has, the more a vibrational resonance and the greater the attractive force. So this paradox is real and we have to understand it.

Now again, the Law of The Paradox, the mental paradox that we studied last week. Now George Lucas’s Spirit is in all of his characters, right. We know that, so let’s just pick one character Obi Wan Kenobi. Now, can it be said that Obi Wan is George Lucas? No. See, the character is not the creator, character has its own essence. Character also is representative of the spiritual essence of the creator. But man, you and I, man, woman being we just like Kenobi, you know, Kenobi can say, well, the spirit of my creator is inherent within me and yet I am not the creator.

So, sort of like, you know, the all it – let’s take it down to the earthworm level, right. Yes, is the all within, is that creative essence within the earthworm? Absolutely. But does the earthworm believe for a moment that it is representational of and capable of the exact same thing that the all is? So sort of like, you know, you never hear the Jedi Night saying, “I am George Lucas.” So, it’s just now all of these illustrations are imperfect. Why? Well, it’s because what we’re doing here is we’re comparing these things that are the given life and birth from a finite mind to what’s given birth and life and action and animation from an infinite mind. Now we also know about the, you know this Law of Polarity. So what we’re talking about, the illustration is perfect, but it’s separated by millions of degrees of vibrational separation. So, it’s used as an illustration, not as an exact explanation. Again, you have to understand polarity.

And so, one of the great takeaways from this chapter is, is that spiritual development is the recognition, realization and manifestation of spirit within. Let me give you a kind of tell you a personal story and if any of you have ever experienced this yourself, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That if you’ve ever been in the immediate physical presence of another person who has passed from life, who’s died, who is transition from life to death, and especially if you have a deep spiritual or emotional connection with that person and you’re aware of their essential being. What happens at the moment, the instant of death is that their spirit departs. They are no longer, they are a husk. They are no longer that person. They are no longer animated by that spirit. So this is what we come to realize is that I am animated. You are animated, and we are all imbued with life by this spiritual essence, from the all of the all. We are all part of the same essence, that spirit, that life, that energy, whatever you call it. And so in a degree that humankind realizes, acknowledges, embraces, and comprehends the existence of this indwelling spirit being imminent within our being, we began to rise on the spiritual scale of life.

Why is that important? Okay, we are trying beings. We are spiritual beings. Obviously that’s the nature that abuse us, but we have intellectual. We can comprehend, we can understand the law as above, so below, as below, so above. So we can start using our rational deductive reasoning capacity to start unraveling things like how does attraction work through thought? How can I manifest on the physical plane, the things that I am desiring to create? What do I want to be? One are the things I want to do? What is the, who’s the person I want to become? What are the things that I want to have in my life? What do I want to experience? Right, so it is the spiritual that once we understand and can unravel the above, we can apply it to the below. That is what we’re doing in The Wealth Creation Mastermind, where we’ve got to really truly embrace the fact that there’s just infinite planes of being sub planes of life and all kinds of degrees of existence in the universe and it all depends on advancement. Going back to Wallace Wattles, “Be an advancing man or woman in the way of increased. Provide others with a means of increased.” And there again, this is what we do by offering people this wisdom. You see everything is upward and onward and you know, take it back to the beginning. What are we doing here? How did it all began? Well, it’s the process was the all in the process of becoming the all projects it’s will towards this aspect and all of a sudden creation begins.

Now that’s a matter of degrees, of vibrational separation. So, what took place, the way that is initiated, this is the vibration of spiritual vibration of the all is you know, is lowered to the physical form and this process of involution where the all involves, becomes wrapped up in and kind of imbues that spiritual essence. And it’s this involutional stage is an outpouring of this divine energy all right from the wall. And again using the analogy of the finite mind is sort of like the way an artist or a sculpture becomes wrapped in his mental creation, her mental creation, and gets wrapped up in that creation.

Now this is a vital piece of information. This is a constant evolutionary spiral that we are all on and the more conscious we become of our evolutionary advancement, the more we can pull others in the race. See, we are all connected. We are all – think of yourself as a drop water. Michael and I were talking about this. You’re a drop of water. What happens when you fall into the ocean? Are you still that raindrop or do you merge into the greater whole? So think of yourself and all of humanity as that water. So the more that we become consciously aware and be able to manifest through creative thought and action, we actually have the ability to lift and affect the evolutionary advance because vibrations are constantly becoming higher. I know that sometimes you look and you know, Cable News and you go “We are an upward vibrationary is viral.” You know, it’s not possible, but we actually are. If you take a look over a thousand years, you know, 10,000 years, it’s clear that life is improving. And so this entire process of evolution, all spaces began and proceeds and established as a result of this in drawing. It’s the most natural thing. And you know then we go, “Why, does the all create?” Unknowable, lips are sealed, you know, there is no – there is only speculation. So that’s one of those things that you can sort of drive yourself crazy trying to figure out. But this law, this principle of mentalism, just know that why are the all is indeed in all. It is absolutely true that the all is in all.

So when you really get your head wrapped around these principles, you start understanding that you can indeed create your life. Continue to study. and I do mean study. Don’t read the chapter once, read it over three, four, five, six times. Take notes. Contemplate it, planes of correspondence. That’s the, second hermetic principles. Now we’re learning to think in a certain way. That’s what Monday night is all about. So take it seriously. Write out your own personal affirmation. What do you want to be doing and have, right? And get into, I’d say chapter on desire in Think And Grow Rich and really find out the six steps for transmuting, a desire into gold and base your affirmation on what you write.

Utilize the website as a resource that’s there for you. And then understand that we are on the physical plane, we have to think creatively, but we must act creatively as well. Get very serious. Write down who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? What’s it going to take? I mean, you know, no one’s going to come up to you and say, “Hey, here’s a gold brick for you to realize all of your aspirations with.” You actually have to create your reality. It does take on this physical plane, the monetary equivalent.

So what we do on Tuesday night, we really talk in terms of how to transmute thought into action. So I want to really commend you for being into this vital material for being part of – for actually being The Wealth Creation Mastermind. Because you are the ones that will lift up others and give them more of what they want in their lives. Congratulations.

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I AM Michael Frederick

When your activated thoughts are general and not very focused, those early vibrations are still very small and do not yet have much attraction power or pulling power, so to speak. And so, in these early stages, you would not likely see any manifested evidence of your attention to the subject. But even though you do not yet see the evidence, the attraction of other thoughts that are a vibrational match to these is occurring. love it ….

I AM Michael Frederick

The way you feel is a clear and accurate indication of your alignment, or misalignment, with your Source Energy.(The ALL) In other words, your emotions let you know if you are allowing, or if you are in a current state of resistance to, your connection with Source.


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binance Norāde
6 months ago

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

5 months ago

Reading your article has greatly helped me, and I agree with you. But I still have some questions. Can you help me? I will pay attention to your answer. thank you.