The Kyablion (Ch 8)


— Jan 8, 2019

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Exercise #29 – Correspondence 2.0


Welcome on board, this is our Monday night curriculum call and we are into our 3rd book that we study, and you know for– I think Tom I’m not sure but I believe you maybe brand new on the call and just to set the stage. What we do is we’re committed to mastering and applying something called New Thought– the creative method of thought for the purpose of being able to master what is commonly, popularly, known as The Law of Attraction. Okay, the ability to actually cause the things that we think about to manifest, and so we know that the power of thought is preeminent and what we also understand that thought alone– we create the world that we live in by thought, but we have to take action.

We are living on the physical plane and so, as this lesson that we’re into, this chapter 8 of book 3, the Kyabalion does such a beautiful job of explaining if we can master the laws, master all of these principles of creation. On this, the physical plane, because of this 2nd hermetic principle of correspondence as above, so below. What that means is we’re able to take what we’re learning, how were manifesting and as we advance in this scale of life, we can take these laws of creation and apply them on all of the many manifest planes of creation. And so, this is just critical, this picture, I love this imagery of Hermes, Trismegistus holding the light of wisdom to help us navigate through our river of life and illuminating our path for us through understanding of natural law.

Now this 2nd hermetic principle simply opens up the fact that we know that we are living in a universe of thought power, we know that we are capable of creative thought, we know that we are vibrational entities living in a vibrational realm. And so, when we start to take this particular principle and apply it, unravel it and understand it. What we’re doing is unlocking a very, very, important key to the knowledge of how to apply this wisdom, because of the fact that everything in existence emanates from the same source– the all. That means that these same laws, all of these principles and the characteristics of them apply to every single unit of activity regardless of how minute or how cosmic.

All right, so, this ability that we have to take the power of thought, of intellect that we are gifted with and unravel the meaning of this hermetic principle really, truly, gives us the key to the application of the next principle which is the principle of vibration, which will get into next week. Now, to simplify this and the reason the hermits break this down this way is just so that we have a frame of reference, an ability to discuss it, because as we will see, these planes kind of bland together. But for the purpose of understanding, of using that mental faculty to unlock that chest of wisdom. Think of these 3 great planes as the physical plane, the mental plane and then the spiritual plane.

Now, the interesting thing is that they all do blend together like a rainbow, if you look closely at the light coming from a prism, there’s no firm dividing line, there’s these kinds of subtle demarcations that blend into each other, and that is indeed the way all of the Great Plains are. So, they shade and blend, there are actually no hard and fast separations between all of these different phenomena and yet we can raise through that vibrational scale all the way from the lowest level, on the grossest matter on the physical plane, up through the higher and higher levels. And as we know, there are 7 major or minor distinctions and then with each one of those another 7 of each of these 3 planes. 7 times 3, 21 times 7, 147 and for the purpose of understanding the concept of a plane.

We know that that every plane has 4 dimensions, so, in addition to length, height and breath, there’s something else that’s being measured and that is being measured and defined with how it’s vibrating, at what frequency it’s vibrating. So, this 4th dimension is actually a vibrational dimension and again, you know we’ve mentioned the Law of Attraction, look, the Law of Attraction is a secondary law made possible by what we are vibrating, what we are transmitting, what we are receiving and the law of vibration is one of 7 principles unchanging, universal laws that apply to all created matter. So, Law of Attraction is not even just a result of vibration, all though vibration is how we do it.

So, what we’re doing in the wealth creation mastermind is developing an understanding through the study of these 3 books. Are we going to get it all by reading the book one time, I was mentioning to Caren that I’ve been reading the Kybalion for– oh my gosh! I don’t know, 25 or 30 years, and I read it frequently. And as I was going through the chapter today for the 2nd time, I can to a section that I had never understood before and it unlocked a piece like sliding a wooden shade aside and seeing something sitting on a shelf that I’ve never seen before. So, this is information that the more you study it, the more you understand it, the more you’re able to grasp it and apply it. So, this these vibrational frequencies determine the plane of existence and why is that important, because we know that these planes are arbitrary terms, but once you understand the vibrational frequency of an atom as a unit of force, then what happens is you know how to bring the vibrational frequency of your mind and affect matter and affect creation.

And as we spiral up through the physical, the mental and the spiritual, we learned that by mastering the creative process here on the physical plane, we open up our evolutionary force. So, it’s an exciting thing to do and we know that these hermits for the purpose of discussion and understanding have given us– is like– picture a piano keyboard with both the white notes and the black notes– keys I mean and with 3 major areas divided into 7 separate each, with their own number of black and white keys and each one creates a harmony and melody, with the ability to create a vibrational frequency, and we know that the bass notes are completely different from the trouble notes.

So, everyone has its own frequency and these divisions all shade into each other and what we are able to do is go from this this vibrational frequency of matter and understand that matter is indeed energy and energy– what is thought? Okay, thought is a form of energy and so, by applying thought to any of these different areas, these different frequencies, what we’re able to do is to come into resonance, into harmony and that is important. Remember in the very 1st book, The Credo. What is the credo? And Wallace Wattles thinking we’re rich– excuse me, the Science of Getting Rich. There is, what’s the 1st line? There is a thinking substance from which all things are made.

Now, this thinking substance permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe, what indeed is this thinking substance? Well, the way the Hermits describe it in the chapter on correspondence, is as a layer of matter showing up as energy that is ethereal, it’s an ethereal substance with extreme tenuity, almost impossible to sense, but this tenuous substance, this ethereal substance does indeed pervade all of universal space. So, it’s in complete harmony with what Wallace Wattles is teaching us, and it’s a medium for the transmission of waves of energy, thought, all right, everything starts with thought.

And it’s the connecting link between matter and energy, this is a huge clue, this is a massive, massive– hello, get a hold of this and truly understand that none of this is arbitrary. Now, switching from the physical to– or the material, to the mental. There are also 7 minor mental planes, now, here’s the interesting thing, Homo erectus, we’re homo sapiens, we’ve been around about 200,000, 300,000 years. Homo erectus has been around– look the oldest found fossil of homo erectus: 1.8 million years. We’ve been on this path, this spiral already for millions of years and we are only the average– those of us– most of us are on the 4th level of this minor mental plane coverage.

We’re not even at the 5th 6th or 7th and imagine what happens as we– think about the very, very, very, beginning. Think about the thought process of homo erectus, 2 million years ago, you think it was evolved? Look at the technological advances of just the last decade alone. Think of the advent of where we are now and then you start thinking about a creative genius like an Elan Musk or a scientific physics genius like a Stephen Hawking. Maybe there are on the 5th plane, can you imagine this: the 5th division, we’re not even talking about the 6th or 7th, so, what are we going to be capable of, natural or reaching for, that’s where we’re going, that’s what we’re evolving into, that’s why it’s important to understand and apply these 7 laws of Creation, these principles here, on the state that we’re in to master the ability to cause the things that we think about to be created.

Now, the plane of the human mind has these 7 subdivisions, it’s taken us millions of years to reach this stage and yet we are moving ever higher because we are all evolving all the time. Now, what comes next, what can we say about– we talked about the little bit about the physical, the mental– we can’t even begin, we can hope to unravel the spiritual realm, the spiritual plane. Because it’s sort of like the difference between our form of mental energy in comparison to an earthworm, would be the difference between where we are and those on the higher spiritual planes.

These are extraordinary beings and they do exist, and if you’re curious of their resources, of material, all kinds of information that you can get ahold on and read, that gives you glimpses into those forms of life and some of them are even hinted at in this chapter if you’re paying attention. But even the highest of these advanced beings, they also are subject to all of these universal laws, because they also emanate from the same source. So, what we’re saying, what we’re talking about is so incredibly exciting, we are– you, me, all of us, we’re all spiritual beings, but we have an intellect and we’re actually living with having a physical experience. So, that gives us the ability to take and apply this knowledge, to thinking and acting in such a way that we have the ability to manifest whatever it is that we desire.

We are extraordinary beings, now, when you go over to Rome in the 16 Chapel and you look, the whole ceiling is covered by these frescoes, but right in the middle is the fresco of God in viewing the life energy to Adam and to man. Now, there’s a real, real, interesting thing, Michelangelo clearly, was aware of this material. Look at the shape a round God, what is that shape? it’s a brain, the mind and so this represents– God is a– this painting is a representation of an infinite intelligence imbuing life. Now, if we have been imbued by the most– by the infinite energy, by the infinite intelligence, by the all. Then, what does that say of us? Okay, It means we have that energy, that life force within us, that indicates by simply the duct of logic, that the limits that we perceive are self-imposed.

So, if the all is within us– each of us, if we are the highest stage of mental human development, we are at that stage, and if we are centers for creative thought and capable of emanating that thought energy, then you have to ask yourself, what is your highest and best, what do you want to be, do and have, what do you believe, what can you conceive of and believe and pursue with passion. There’s nothing, nothing, holding you back except your own belief system. now, all of these 7 hermetic principles, apply, there in full operation on the physical the mental and the spiritual plane, we are Centers of creative thought. So, what this means, this principle of mental substance is the 1st principle of mentalism and every one of us all are held in the mind of an infinite– a matrix of mental energy, of universal mental energy.

And all of these laws correspond on all 3 planes, so as we come into practical application of these 7 laws, these principles, then we can begin to apply them in any way, on any plane of existence. So, take from the mental plane and apply it to the physical plane. We, can literally cause what? we desire to be created, to manifest, so, what we really study is this ability to take the vibrational frequencies that we are capable of coming in alignment with– and learning how to attract into our lives, through this law of vibrational resonance and attraction. What we want and at by the same token, put a shield up and block what we do not want in our lives.

You won’t even recognize, you won’t even see its existence, it just won’t even appear on your plane and then this law of polarity, we can shift back and forth from the positive, the negative. We can cause whatever plane of polarity, whatever poll, we can polarize ourselves in whatever direction that we want to attract the things that we want, depending on the polarity of the thing that we are thinking about. And life is a constant and flow, always in and out, up and down, in and out and yet again through the principle of polarity, we can actually polarize our self so that our swing of the pendulum, ever higher, ever higher. So, we can actually polarise ourself Sartor swing, when you master these laws, your low will be higher than most people’s high.

Okay, because every swing you’re going higher and every low is higher still than the previous. All right, so, we are subject to them but we can use these laws and nothing happens by chance. Everything is caused, everything happens as a result of the gear turning, another gear turning, another gear. A rock falls down a mountain, that’s not an action, something caused that rock, the gravity, the erosion of the soil, wind pushing a tree against the rock and cause and effect. Same as what we manifest in our life, everything happens as a result of a causation.

And then this principle really determines creation, generation and recreate and by understanding– especially the mental aspect of the law of gender, you learn to use the masculine energy of the creative volitional part of your mind, in conjunction with the fertile generative, sub conscious part that comes into communion with infinite intelligence through intuition, for the purpose of getting guidance. So, as above, so below, as below, so above and as we continue to proceed with our consideration of the remaining principles, what’s going to take place is we’re going to see even more clearly, the truth of these– the universal nature of these great principles of correspondence.

Next week is an exciting week of vibration Chapter 9– look, work hard at thinking in a certain way, study this material, utilize the website, watch these the replays of this video, read the chapter over again, contemplate, meditate and put what you’re learning into action. We’re living on the physical plane, we have to be acting in a certain way, look, I’ve heard people say well Money isn’t everything, okay, you’re right, but the truth is, if you’re not a materialist, you’re a nudist. All right, you get the point, money, allows you to buy, do and have an experience. So, live fully and teach others how to live fully and then pay it forward, this has been Chapter 8, planes of correspondence and as always, I want to commend you, thank you and give you my deepest gratitude for you are the wealth creation mastermind, you are the ones that will spread this and cause a ripple of energy and a ripple of understanding to pervade the world and eliminate poverty replaced with abundance. Congratulations and thank you.

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