The Kybalion (Intro & Ch 1)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Nov 13, 2018

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Exercise #22 – Hermetic Philosophy


I do want to welcome you to the Wealth Creation Mastermind. The fact that your first attendance with us is at the beginning of our third book in the curriculum ‘The Kybalion’ is really actually quite revealing and quite telling about you, your ability to attract and use the law of attraction to draw into your lives everything that you want.

When you look at the image on this screen, you see a picture of an individual holding a lamp, lit that individual actually represent the “Persona of Hermes – Trismegistus.” Sometimes say in Greek, a law called “Thoth.” Egyptian and Greek go back and forth between Hermes and Thoth. And let that lamp be the lamp of truth, the lamp of wisdom. Let the river represent your life and let the ship on the water represent your journey through life. And the idea of this material is that it is illuminating your path so that you can navigate more clearly. And I think that this is a very representational image.

Now, for those of you who are just joining us, again, I do want to commend and welcome you into the Wealth Creation Mastermind. What we do together is we study a curriculum of new thought material starting with a Wallace Wattles, “The Science of Getting Rich”. There is the thinking stuff from which all things are made. We’re able to implant our thoughts into this foremost thinking substance and began to cause the things that we think about recreated. We go on to book 2, which is Napoleon Hill’s classic where we study 13 different principles for manifestation. And again, very much in line with new thought of the modernistic theory of the universe where there is an all, being, an intelligence substance which we can come into vibrational attunement with and actually as Wallace Wattles said caused the things that we think about to be created and what Napoleon Hill does is give us very systematic step by step formulas and methods for unlocking that.

This book is really going into the philosophical underpinnings of going into 7 different very powerful and profound universal principles. The law of attraction is the result of the application of these 7 principles that we study in this book. Why do we study this material? so that we can manifest our destiny, so that we can guide our lives and be, doing, and have whatever we choose. And the reference here is to Hermes Trismegistus, you know, this means thrice great. He is attributed as the father of astrology, of chemistry, of mathematics, of all kinds of archaeology that goes back to the very, very beginnings of this form of the race of man. And he’s been called the “Master of Masters,” and indeed there is abundant proved that people from all over the ancient world came to study at his feet.

He has been called the Great Central Sun of occult wisdom. And I know that instantly the word cult, you know, creates a charge because there’s so much confusion around it. Suffice it to say that this particular information that we are now into this third book is it’s been these principles have been guarded and protected and kept secret more closely than any other form of wisdom and ancient knowledge that we’ve come across. But before we go further, let’s dispel the buzz around the word. What does it really mean? Well, it means nothing other than its secret protected, guarded, hidden away. It’s not widely disseminated. And this is why, you know, Chris was making reference to the lips of wisdom and the ears of understanding a little bit earlier and we’ll get more deeply into that, but to get again, frame the author of this material. Hermes. Who is Hermes?

Okay. Well, many of us have heard of the Prophet Abraham. That’s another shortening of that as “A brahm.” A brahm translates into I am. And A brahm, I am. Abraham is also very, very intricately connected with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, right?

He was a prophet of all three of these great world religions and there is a great deal of evidence in Jewish Kabbal that he was indeed instructed, tutored and taught by Hermes, so that frames of now. We know that Abraham lived for almost 200 years in his physical existence. We also have through study learned that Hermes lived for 300 years. So these are, you know, to talk about biblical proportions of lifetimes at certainly what we’re dealing with these giants. And the interesting thing about hermetic philosophy is that when you go back and you look at all of the teachings that are embedded in every different, whether it’s Gnosticism, Valentinianism, whether it is early Christianity, Judaism, any form of religion. What you find is that every single esoteric teaching of every race on the planet has its roots tracing back to Hermes teachings.

Now, what’s interesting for anybody who does study different world religions is that there is unquestionable proof that every one of them, whether it’s Hinduism, Giantism, Buddhism, it does not matter what your ism is, it traces its influence from and back to hermetic teachings. Now, the interesting thing is that this is not a creed, it’s not a religion, it’s not a theology, what it does is provide a master key. Understanding these 7 key core principles of hermetic philosophy, simply provide a key, a master key. And isn’t it interesting that here in the very introduction of the Kybalion, and we’re talking about a master key for those of you that just completed Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill concluded his book by talking about a master key. And here again, we’re presented with the illusion of a master key to unlock the temple of mystery.

And again, the telling thing is through the many portals that exist. In other words, there is no one pathway. It’s all truth. And the guiding thrust of what we are studying is to get to the truth of the working principles that enable us to create, to manifest, to become co-creators and live our fullest, our highest or best versions of ourselves. Now, the thing to look at with this is to understand these teachings as a reconciler. So regardless of what your pathway of knowledge is, regardless of what your theology or philosophy, it is going to be furthered, you’re going to be able to go deeper into your understanding of your pathway through these hermetic axioms. Now, what he did this great teacher was he planted seed truths. He did that instead of establishing a philosophical school, because all philosophical schools come and go and you have these original concepts, these axioms and truths have been kept in tack and they’ve been passed, you know, lip to ear, lip to ear, lip to ear, from master to Hierophant, Hierophant to neophyte, so on and on and on this unbroken chain going back 4,000 years.

And that’s the time of Hermes. That’s the time of Abraham back into, you know, 2000 years, 1800 years before the birth of Christ. So what the Kybalion does is it goes very, very deeply into the principles. Now, what is interesting about this is the only way to be able to apply these principles is by studying them deeply, contemplating them and applying them to your own situation on a daily basis. And that is why the application is left up to each one of us using our own personal mental faculties. Now, this hermetic philosophy that we’re now studying, it’s really interesting again. I saw that, you know, April is here and a few other brand new individuals. And the thing that’s impressive about that is the first per medic axiom that we are exposed to is the concept that the lips of wisdom, information, truth is closed. It’s not accessible to anybody except to those who have the ears of understanding.

In other words, we actually manifest this information in our lives when we are ready to receive it. And so The Kybalion is really simply nothing more than a compilation of basic hermetic doctrines. And this book, The Kybalion is written by three initiatives. Who is that? Well, we can go into that very deeply, but it’s a new thought author who worked with a Hindu mystic and one of his disciples is devoted. There were three individuals, all of them deeply steeped and influenced by these 7 hermetic axioms. Now that term hermetic, when we say it’s hermetically sealed, what does that mean? It just means that it’s an impervious seal. It’s kept secret, it’s kept dry, it’s kept inaccessible. And so the followers of these teachings have always observed the principle of secrecy.

It’s never been broadly disseminated. In fact, you know, you can say, well, Gee, a book like “Think and Grow Rich,” widely publicized, widely disseminated. [Inaudible 13:00] a book like “The Science of Getting Rich” inspired movies like “The Secret,” yet you don’t see that kind of broad appeal to “The Kybalion”, to hermetic philosophy, which is so interesting because this is the philosophy that influenced the new thought movement that influenced Hinduism, that influenced all of the teachings that have come down that it influenced and guided books like “Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich”, movies like “The Secret”.

So here it is, and you know, the core concept that is a truth and a revealing truth is this appeals only to those who are ready to receive it. So, if you’re actually here, you know, that puts you among maybe the top 1 ½ of 1% of seekers on the planet. You are looking for seed truth. You wouldn’t be here if you are not looking for it. So, again, the hermetic axiom where the board follows the footsteps of the master, the ears of those ready for his teachings open wide. And you know, the teachings, they’re not identified with any sect, any religion, with any philosophical statement. What they do is they stand alone. And the reason for this is because all along these practitioners of hermetic doctrine have made the decision not to crystallize it into a creed or religion because you know, you look at the India, tremendous birthplace of great wisdom which was received from studying Hermes doctrine, and yet they coupled it with religion and that has just gone it to dissipate over time.

Now, here’s a key core critical component of this first introduction and that is that this has nothing to do with transforming lead into gold, right, alchemy. What this is? This is the art of mental alchemy of transforming and transmuting one mental vibrational state into another vibrational state. It’s all about the use of the mind and the vibration of thought, and that is what we are into. So this entire concept, this study that we are now into leads to mental mastery of our mental faculties – reason, will, imagination, recall, intuition. These are mental faculties. The ability to receive input from infinite intelligence is a vibrational mental faculty. Napoleon Hill, called the 13th principle was the 6th sense. That is really what we’re talking about. So any allegorical illusion to the philosopher’s stone was really again, just an allegory relating to paramedic philosophy but not on the physical plane but on the mental.

So here’s again why we commend you for being with us. And that is when the people is ready to receive the truth then this little book will come to him or her. Such is the law and that is the truth.

So you know, the hermetic principle of cause and effect, and it’s aspect of the law of attraction. That is what has brought lip to ear together. So that is why you are here. That’s why this book has come to your attention at this time. And we know this to be true. This is all we have now is the eternal moment. What are we going to do with that? Welcome to your future. Look, we take this course of study very seriously. We stay in this material. We go deeper and deeper and deeper in depth. Next week we’re reading chapter 2, the 7 hermetic principles of mentalism and correspondence and vibration and rhythm and polarity and cause and effect and log gender, are the 7 principles we read for next week.

Look, take this absolutely seriously; it will transform your life. Read, study, contemplate, meditate on this every day. Open up that mental faculty. Learn to receive input from infinite intelligence. And the entire site Wealth Creation is there as a resource for each of us. Congratulations for being here. When the weekly newsletter comes out, re-watch the weekly video, reread the core concepts.

Again, congratulations for being on this webcast. Join us tomorrow night for the financial freedom webcasts because you know what we do here, twofold. We think in a certain way, but we also act in a certain way. Monday night is thinking in a certain way. Tuesday night is taking action. So in preparation for that, get very clear, meditate on exactly who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have, what you want to stand for, what things you want to manifest in your life. Determine very clearly. What are the physical plane? What’s that going to take?

And then what are the avenues, what are the vehicles? So, we actually have a plan to execute that will help you manifest on the physical plane. But I do want to thank you and commend you and recognize you for being the Wealth Creation Mastermind, for being in this material, for helping to spread this to others around the world so that we can make a fundamental shift in planetary consciousness. That is what we are all about. That is who the Wealth Creation Mastermind is. I commend you and thank you. And that ends this session!

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