The Kybalion (Ch 2)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Nov 20, 2018

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Exercise #23 – Seven Hermetic Principles 2.0


Welcome to the Exercise 23 for the Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum. You know, what we’re doing, and April, I want to welcome you. I know you’re a relatively new with us. And Susan, you’re joining us, I believe for the first time. Welcome. And you know, what we do as Chris mentioned, we do work through a curriculum.

The thing that is in common with all of the books that we study as they come out of the new thought movement, but they’re all actually based on this hermetic philosophy, new thought itself. The central tenet of new thought is that we’re living in a monastic universe. That means that there’s the belief that comprehension of an intelligent original source, an infinite intelligence that we as finite intelligence can come into harmony with vibrational frequency and utilizing other faculties of our mind can get guidance from that infinite intelligence.

And in so doing by thinking and acting in a certain way, begin to cause the things that we think about to be created. And we are now into the third book which is the Kybalion, and this is written by a William Walker Atkinson under the pseudonym of the three initiatives because he did indeed work with two others Hindu mystic, and one of his devotees who were all very deeply steeped in hermetic philosophy had been students of it are indeed adept. And so today, we’re delving into the 7 universal core truths that all hermetic philosophy is based on. And as we talked about last week, hermetic philosophy has influenced every single major world religion. It goes back over 4,000 years. It’s really root wisdom, seed truths. And we’ll be talking about these 7 seed truths. The first and the foundational philosophy is mentalism followed by correspondence and vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.

So, these are the 7 individual principles laws that apply to all created things. Now, this first one is the one that once we grasped this, we’ve got a hold of something fundamentally powerful that is almost incomprehensible. But once you got ahold of this, you know, right at the very outset, it gives a definition of what mentalism is and the part of this that is almost impossible to get our heads wrapped around is the statement that the all, which is the original source from which everything that we are able to perceive with our intellect, with our mind, with our intuitive faculties, with instruments of perception, everything, the all is mind, and indeed this is universe that we see, feel, and how our life within is actually a mental construct. And you know, the thing that’s so fascinating as people like Steve or who get into quantum physics and understanding it start to see is that yes, indeed the, you know, the quantum mechanics as really verified that there is indeed a quantum foam that goes respond only to thought.

And that the best definition of that subatomic wave-like, particle-like, energy like stuff is that it is actually pure spirit. And that is unknowable, undefinable, and it’s universal. And this concept that we’re dealing with, this universal living mind is what makes everything that we study in the Wealth Creation Mastermind apropos that there is indeed as well as Wallace Wattles states a thinking stuff from which all things are made and this stuff does indeed permeate, penetrate and fill the inner spaces of the universe, and that we as finite individualized individual aided elements of the all can indeed come in harmony and by causing our thoughts to vibrate at a certain frequency and coming in harmony with that infinite source can actually begin to cause the things that we think about to be created. Napoleon Hill says “thoughts are things and that everything begins as a thought, and before anything can come into material manifestation, we must first think it.”

So, the power of getting an understanding of this principle of mentalism is profoundly important to us. And then to take the next step and understand that every one of these 7 core truths are the laws that govern all created things. We are created things, alright. And so, as created things, we must live our lives in accordance with these principles, and by mastering these principles can indeed write our own story. And you know, it goes beyond just as Steve spoken real value of the Wealth Creation Masterminds, the objective of having, getting to 1 million members thinking and acting in a certain way so that we can cause a fundamental shift. We know that the power of a mastermind is the more who joined it, the more the power of the resonating frequency that we have. And as we come together and study and apply these principles in our own lives, we know that we will be able to shift planetary consciousness to one of abundance and plenty and truth.

And so, energy, power matter, everything that we see, perceive, touch, can, you know, perceive mentally, intellectually anyway is all subordinate to this mastery of the mental process of thinking in a certain way. And indeed, all of hermetic philosophy is indeed about transmutation of mental vibration from one state to another, alright, and getting, becoming mindful, becoming aware, and knowing that the second principle is where we are able to decipher the higher planes by understanding the lower plane. So if we can take and really truly see and grasp how all of the laws apply here on the physical plane by the use of our intellect, alright, which is another plane, then we can actually perceive what is taking place on the highest plane of pure spirit, right? Because; we are indeed, we are spiritual beings, but we’re gifted with intellect and mental faculties like reason, will, recall, imagination, intuition. And by utilizing those mental faculties can actually indeed learn to come in harmony with spirit, which is the source of all things.

So, this concept of as above so below, and again, applies to all of these three planes. So the gift that we have is because of our ability to perceive both with our minds and with our senses, we are able to unravel the mysteries of creation. And that is the gift that we have by embracing learning and constantly working day after day, after day, moment after moment in our lives and seeing it through this lens of these 7 principles. Now this concept is that everything is in motion, constant motion, nothing rests, everything moves, and so that means everything is in a constant state of change of development and there is a law of life that we all are subject to which is an upward spiral, back to spirit, and so constant movement, constant movement.

Now, what we can do by knowing and understanding and applying the 7 principles is we can volitionally use our thoughts to change our vibrational state and by changing our vibrational state, we have a greater and greater and greater impact on not only what we’re attracting, what we’re receiving, but also by how we’re affecting the race, our fellow humans. We are all one. We are all vibrating. We are all from the same source. We’re part of the same pond, right?

Think of yourself as water, right, if you are a drop of water, you’re individual, but once that drop of water reaches the pond, reaches the river, reaches the ocean, all of a sudden, even though there’s the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and the Ionian Sea, it’s all one big body of water, right? And it’s all the same and we are all the same. So, learning to control your vibration allows you to move to higher and higher and higher planes. Now, whoever really truly understands and is able to master this principle, you know, Hermes says that you’ve grasped the sector of power. Now, we know that power is required to achieve anything, to have an effect on your own life, the lives of others, to have a beneficial impact. And so, this is indeed required to have that kind of influence, which is something that everybody who wants to contribute.

Look, we’re either advancing or declining, alright, and we might as well choose to consciously advance. Advance ourselves, advanced those around us. And all of these vibrational states are subject to the application of willpower. And how do we change our emotional state? How do we change our vibrational frequency? How do we do that is by being mindful. Now, this is why it’s important to be in the material to be constantly mindful, to meditate, to contemplate, to read the study, to apply because you know, these principles all dance together, so the principle of vibration interaction with this law of polarity. And you look at this and you say, well, you know, this chart represents every philosophical, theological principle basic, you know, the major theological principles known to humanity. And yet the originating source is all the same. Understand that there’s a principle of polarity, a duality. Everything has poles. Everything has pairs of opposites. Nothing is ever undifferentiated. In other words, everything is the same. It’s only different by degrees. So, think of hot and cold. That’s just temperature.

And you know, on the one hand you have cold on the other, you have fire, but you know, they melt when they come together, where does heat began and cold end. Where is that they all blend together. And if you get this, you know, look, the idea of looking at a thermometer with the measurement of degrees is a great way to sort of understand this concept of polarity because everything is connected, degree by degree by degree and there are infinite millions of degrees. And it’s the same with this next principle of rhythm, right? This constant movement, everything’s flowing in and out, back and forth, up and down, right? So, you know, you think of that pendulum swinging back and forth, back and forth. But the interesting thing about these laws is knowing how to work with these principles enables us to begin to neutralize the negative swing.

So, if you think about the swing of the pendulum to the right, it’s the equivalent of the swing to the left. And so, let’s put it in terms of we’re talking wealth creation. So, if the swing of the pendulum to the left is let’s say this represents poverty and the swing to the right represents abundance then what we can do by applying these laws. We can polarize our mind rhythmically to the vibrational state that we want to experience. Now let’s say that underneath us that has swung back to poverty, but we maintain a mental vibrational state of abundance, and that is indeed then what we attract from a universal source. So, being able to apply these laws, working with them together enables us to dictate our outcome.

Now, this is a fundamental truth. There are no accidents. Everything is the result of causation. Everything is the result of a cause. Every single effect, regardless of what it is, has come into our lives for a reason, as the result of certain triggering causes, alright. Now understand again, that the power of our mental process, especially as we come together and mastermind and all think of abundance and wealth and creation, the creative method of thought, lifting everybody up, the more of a causation that creates. And so, this is a truth on every plane of existence that nothing just simply, merely poof materializes and happens with no causation. Everything happens according to law.

And so, the more that we come in contacting reality with that, the more we are able to then become the movers on this chess board is a checkerboard of life rather than being a pawn, moved around by the thoughts, the feelings and emotions of others, of those around us. And as we get into this next log, gender, masculine and feminine polarity of our mental process, we realized that we can be influenced or we can influence.

And so, the first thing that we want to influence is our own thought process. Gender manifests on all planes, especially the mental. And you know masculine entities have the feminine principle. Feminine forms have the masculine principle. We all have this, but all of this gender, this law of gender, it is direct generation regeneration and creation, vitally important to understand and master the law of gender. Look, here’s the power of hermetic philosophic thought is that mind may be transmuted from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition, pole to pole vibration to vibration, this is the true hermetic art. It is transmutation, Okay. Mental transmutation, nothing stands still, everything moves. We are born, we grow, we die. Very instant something reaches his height, it begins to decline. This is the law of rhythm, it’s in constant operation. Seize the moment, move forward. Be In this material.

Next week we’re into Chapter 3, Mental Transmutation. This is key core fundamental. We will spend a number of weeks on mentalism to really grasp the importance of this principle. You have to be thinking in a certain way to move your life in the direction you want it to go in. This is why it’s important to be in the material. Use it to affirm what you want in your life, meditate, contemplate, affirm your life. Utilize the Wealth Creation Mastermind website. I commend you for being with us tonight. Tomorrow night is about acting in a certain way. We have to think and act in a certain way, we have to combine both. Join us same frequency, same link tomorrow.

This has been Chapter 2, The 7 Hermetic Principles, and this is the best part of the call coming up when we get to have an open conversation and by sharing your cognitions, how this material is affecting your life, how you’re applying it, that enables other mastermind members to gain cognitions, to move forward sequentially. We all learn and grow from each other. This is the week of gratitude, and I am deeply and eternally grateful to each of you for the vibrational frequency that you are emanating so that we may attract a million members around the planet to cause a fundamental shift from poverty to prosperity. Thank you for being the Wealth Creation Mastermind!

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