Think and Grow Rich (Ch 14)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Oct 30, 2018

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Exercise #20 – The Sixth Sense


Welcome to the exercise #20 for the Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum. For those of you, who are brand new to the mastermind, welcome. And even though we’re coming into the very, very end, the last few chapters of the 2nd book in the curriculum that we study, don’t worry because over a 9 month period, we cycle through all 3 books, all lessons and all exercises. And indeed the truth of the matter—in fact Napoleon Hill stated very clearly in these chapters that it’s a life work to embody, embrace, employ, and master the creative method. So that you can be, do, and have everything that you want.

So although we are in the 14th and 15th chapters in Think and Grow Rich, this is the 6th sense and one of the things that we talk about in this chapter is that it’s the pinnacle of the entire philosophy. What that means is that the philosophy of Think and Grow Rich and indeed the entire New Thought movement is that there is a harmony between infinite and finite intelligence, between localized consciousness and non-localized consciousness and that by utilizing the 13th principle—of all there are 13 principles—you actually need to be able to employ all 12 prior principles, but this term Creative Imagination is really another term that’s used for the 6th sense.

Now if you go back and recall, Principle Number 5 is imagination; and in that chapter, we learned that there are 2 forms of imagination. There is the synthetic imagination. We use that to take all of the information, all the knowledge, and all the wisdom that we’ve accumulated both ourselves and in conjunction with others and we use it to construct plans to come up with ideas. And then there’s something that is outside of that synthetic imagination called creative imagination.

Now this is where the subconscious mind actually comes in harmony with the non-localised intelligence, the infinite intelligence, the one source, the prime cause and receives a source of knowledge that is greater than the individual and this is a truly miraculous almost form of communication because it is where all new thought, new ideas, and new inventions spring to mind. And so this is a vital part of the imagination and it’s voluntary because infinite intelligence communicates with us voluntarily.

Now we can certainly prepare our minds and through mindfulness, meditation, and development of our faculties, we can hone and perfect our ability and open ourselves more completely to this. But the thing that Napoleon Hill makes very clear is that this principle can only be understood and assimilated and applied by first mastering the previous 12 principle.

So that kind of brings to mind what those 12 principles are. The first is desire. Do you know desire is different from wanting something? When you want something—and in fact when you think of the term want, that also implies lack and that’s different from desire.

Think about when you walk into a hotel to get the keys to your room and you hit the bell. You absolutely expect the front desk attendant to come out and for your bags to be taken to your room. You expect to have your room prepared and ready for you. You already booked it. It’s yours. Your desire is simply to move into the possession of that room. Desire is like that.

We decide what it is that we desire in our lives and then we combine that with the second principle which is faith, the belief that we already possess it. It is given before it is asked. This is where faith comes in, the power of belief, knowing that everything is already in our possession. So the full faith and confidence, the belief in yourself, the faith in infinite elegance, the faith in the power of the creative method of thought; and then really we start to understand that by the power of self suggestion and autosuggestion, we can begin to program the subconscious part of our mind that doesn’t come in communication with infinite intelligence.

And so how’s that done? We first decide very clearly what it is that we want our lives in and over and over and over with full faith and belief, absolute knowledge that it’s coming. I’m so happy and grateful now that I am, be, do, have the autosuggestion. Plant that seed into the fertile soil of the subconscious mind over and over and then utilize specialized knowledge. This is again one of the parts of the power, the principle of… What is it? The mastermind is the 9th principle and they’re all interwoven and intertwined and something to be aware of is that no one principle stands on its own. They all work together and they all interrelate.

One of the powerful aspects of the mastermind is you have access to specialized knowledge of people who have done, been, already achieved, and have and are saying simply here benefit from the possession of this specialized knowledge. It is one of the principles, the 4th principle. You have to avail yourself of that. And then there is the power of seeing it in your own mind. What you do is you live it in your mind. You see the life that you desire, that you believe in. Are you are you sailing? Are you boating? Are you climbing? Are you dancing? Are you articulating? Are you teaching? Are you coaching? Are you helping?
What is it that drives you? What is your primary driving purpose? What is the one thing that you desire to achieve, to be, do, and have? See it first, project it from the screen of your imagination, and then act, speak, and think as though you’re already in possession of that. Again this ties back to specialized knowledge, the mastermind organized planning; and if you take a look at a close look at this diagram, this looks like kind of these spheres that are surrounded by these nebulous threads, but upon closer inspection, you’ll actually see it’s an organized plan.

As you know, in the mastermind, our purposes to build a team a million strong. How do we do that? It’s 4 to the 10th power. So if you take a close look at this diagram, our organized plan, each sphere is surrounded by 4 other concentric circles that go out and out and out. 4 becomes 16, 16 becomes 64, 64 becomes 256, 256 becomes 1,024, 1024 becomes 4,096, and the 10th power 1,000,000.

So have an organized plan. See it, believe it, see it in your mind, and then make the decision, push the go button and never vacillate and go back and forth between stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. Keep the button on go. You are in go mode. You have made the decision. A decision is different from a wish, a hope, or a prayer. It is an absolute I am doing this, I am. The power of the I Am is I am, therefore I can, therefore I will; and it is the principle of life.

So, I am, therefore I can, therefore I will. It is the decision to be, do, and have. So make the decision, participate fully, and understand that every seeming roadblock or hurdle is only the opportunity to cause, correct, learn, benefit, grow, move forward, and open wider the possibility. So understand that persistence is required because there’s the Japanese proverb for success: Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. That indeed is what we do. We simply stand back up, we continue, we fall down, we get up, we move forward, we learn from the benefit of the mistakes, the seeming failures, the hurdles, and the opportunities to grow. Never give up. Napoleon Hill said it first: winners never quit and quitters never win.

So understand that this 8th principle is required. And then this power of this 9th principle of surrounding yourself with a group that has a free decided and totally agreed upon purpose, vision, and mission that you are in perfect harmony with and that you resonate with. And understand the power and the principle of the mastermind is one of the 13 principles that you must employ to move forward.

So this whole concept of finding your 4 is part of what we do. It’s part of the responsibility. Remember what we’ve done is we’ve come together with the idea that we’re going to change the world. We are going to replace poverty consciousness with prosperity and abundance mentality. Well, how do we do that? We each take responsibility for finding 4 other like minded people who are in harmony with our objective. They’re already resonating on the same frequency. We’re not trying to convince them. We’re finding them.

So what actions have you taken today to find people who are looking for us? By doing that, you will find them. And then you’ll utilize this powerful fuel of emotion to give yourself energy. And we know that the highest emotional states revolve around love and romance and the idea of being in relationship with someone you care deeply about. That is powerful fuel and if you take that fuel and use it as energy and transmute that and guide it and direct it and focus it into your primary desire, it will be much more powerful.

Now, the 11th principle is—Napoleon Hill says all other 13 principles all support and are there so that you have access to your subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is indeed the part that communicates with infinite intelligence. So for you to activate the 6th Sense, receive impulses from creative imagination, you have to have your local consciousness aligned with non-local. Finite and infinite must be in alignment and that comes through the work that we do on the subconscious mind.

Our brain is the transmitting and receiving station for thought. We have to know. This is the importance of meditation, of contemplation, of study, of being in the material, constantly coming back to it. And even with all of this, the Sixth sense still defies description. It is a mystery. Niels Bohr said about quantum mechanics: “If you’re not shocked by quantum mechanics, you don’t understand it”. And it’s kind of the same thing with the powers of the 6th sense. They are so advanced they seem almost miraculous. So this is the importance of study, of meditation, and of mental development.

However what happens is through the aid of this miraculous power, we’re able to see what’s happening, know what to do, and have certainty on the direction to take in life, to live our purpose, to be, and experience, and live fully. So it truly is the key to opening up the doors to the temple of wisdom. The beautiful thing about all of this is that creation is subject to fixed universal laws. They are unalterable and there is a power a First Cause, an intelligence that permeates every single atom, every quark. The quantum form itself is nothing but an intelligence substance that responds to thought; and the incredible thing is this power that is used by infinite intelligence to convert everything, everywhere, always from energy into manifestation is the exact same power that we have access to; and we have access to that power through the aid of the 6th sense.

So you look at this and you ask yourself, “Is it worth the time, the energy, and the ongoing work?” But when you harness it and you tap into this original source, you can create… You want to own a mansion on Lake Como? What is it you want? You can have it. And so by using the principles of this philosophy, infinite intelligence can actually be induced to aid you in transforming your desires in the material form. There’s also the idea of picking a group of people you respect, believe in, admire, your heroes, and kind of conducting a mastermind session, a nightly roundtable discussion with the idea of transforming yourself into the person of your dreams.

Utilize this auto suggestion. See yourself as the person you want to become. And then actually believe in yourself living that life. Let your imagination take flight. Do it first in your imagination what seems like an impossible dream. Believe and have faith in it. Exercise these. Power yourself with inspiration and stimulate your mind to receive the vibration of thought that a normal state doesn’t get you into. And remember that this doesn’t come overnight. You have to exercise this daily overtime with intention and belief and focus and persistence. Utilize all of them. We start with desire, but we end with wisdom, with knowledge of self, of others, of natural laws, and of happiness.

And this chapter, just by reading it, you find that you’re lifted to a higher level because you’re stimulated. That is splendid because we’re unlocking the doors to the temple of wisdom. And understand that every moment is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. Capitalize on it and be in the material.

Next week, the last chapter in the book, Chapter 15; it’s a self assessment fabulous tool. Be thinking in a certain way. Take this seriously. Daily engage in this miraculous material.

I commend you for being here, but go beyond thinking in a certain way. By thought, we create what we want; by action, we receive it. So be very clear on who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have. Figure out what it’s really actually going to take. What does it take monetarily to live a month of your life, the life of your dreams? Take advantage of what we do. Act, don’t think; think and act. And again, you are the wealth creation mastermind. You are an agent of change for society and for that I’m entirely grateful to you and really thrilled to be in mastermind with you all.

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