Think and Grow Rich (Ch 13)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Oct 23, 2018

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Exercise #19 – The Brain


So once again welcome on board to the curriculum called the Wealth Creation Mastermind that we are. We are now into Chapter 13, the brain. I think that the important thing to know about what we’re doing is it’s not about any one chapter; it’s about all 13 of these principles. In fact, in this chapter, Napoleon Hill does point out one point that all 13 principles have to be employed with the power of the brain and programming using the subconscious mind; and we know it starts with desire certainly the premise for this work as well as our first work, The Science of Getting Rich and our third work, the Kybalion which is the premise that there is a mental universe, that thoughts are things, and that there is an intelligent thinking substance.

That premise is what enables everything else to work. Everything flows from that premise. And then with the desire for an idea that you have, then going from the desire on to faith and autosuggestion and specialized knowledge and finally you come to—last week we talked about the subconscious which is the 11th principle. Now, we’re at the 12th principle towards getting rich which is the use of this broadcasting and receiving station that sits in an organ.

Every human brain serves as both a transmitter and a receiver for the vibration of thoughts. Now, why is that a critical thought? Why is it a critical statement? Again, going back to desire and even perceiving desire, thought and even perceiving thought—you develop a state of mind; wealth, prosperity, abundance; these are all states. Love is a state; happiness is a state of mind. So it’s the state of mind that you are in that you are vibrating.

We all hear about this thing called the Law of Attraction. This law works 24/7, 365. It’s always in process and what we’re attracting is what we are vibrating and what we’re resonating. So these thought vibrations that we are transmitting and receiving are vitally important to us and it does start with a vision, a desire and that is what our state becomes. So when you visualize and employ the tools of autosuggestion and stepping up your vibrational frequency with positive emotion, what we’re doing is we’re activating the receiving station, the receiving portion of our brain which is that mental faculty of creative imagination.

Now think of this. The word image, imagination based on—we think in pictures. So you form these thoughts, pictures of the things that you want and it’s okay to have a fanatic mind that is just moving and always constantly seeing different pictures as long as they’re all in harmony with your greater concept of what you want to be, do, and have. So you don’t have to just picture a million dollars on your desk and you’re just focusing on the paper.

Wealth is a state that enables you to be, do, and have; and what we’re doing in the wealth creation mastermind is we’re spreading this meme of abundance, this concept, this mental virus—if you will—that we are truly abundant, we have all we want, and we are activating this. This is what we’re doing and we are constantly vibrating out, broadcasting out, sending out this radio wave; and not only are we broadcasting, but we are constantly receiving.

What are we receiving? We’re always receiving the communication of the subconscious mind of other people. One of the concepts that we’ve got to get a hold of is we are all one. We are all connected on some level. One of the things that we’re doing in the wealth creation mastermind is we’re causing a ripple of abundance to flow out with the intention of affecting the race, humanity.

So we’re always broadcasting and receiving thoughts that are released by the brains of others and if we want to tune this receiving and broadcasting set to as high a function as possible, then what we want to do is we want to get the conscious part of our mind, the thinking volitional part of our mind into a very high state of function. And so we have to stimulate that faculty, the creative imagination with a powerful emotion.

Now, there’s a duality. There are 2 sides to every coin. So just as we have positive emotions, there are negative emotions as well. You get a lot more power to utilise in the positive emotions. So what you do when you become consciously aware that you’re in a negative emotional state of fear, hate, greed, envy, jealousy, and any of the negative emotional state is say, “I see it, I identify it, and I’m going to step that up one level at a time, one frequency at a time”. You’re not going to go from fear to love all in one jump.

So you just step it up one frequency at a time, from fear to hopelessness, from hopelessness to apathy, from apathy to caring, from caring to hope, from hope to engagement, and from engagement to excitement. You just kind of step it up. And so this faculty is the agency of communication between the conscious, reasoning part of your mind and infinite intelligence. That’s why it’s so important because you want to put yourself in a state of receiving input from a perfect source. So this subconscious mind that we studied last session is the sending part. It is the broadcasting part of our radio station and our mind.

So you’ve got the creative imagination which is the receiving set and you’ve got the subconscious which is the broadcasting and it all works on the vibrational frequency of thought that’s powered by strong emotion. So what we all want to learn how to do to take control is how to stimulate the brain, how to step up the power of that broadcasting and receiving station and this is true. Rich Hoban talks about a book that’s about feelings. Feeling is the secret and it’s true. In Ask and it is Given, same thing. You really understand the power of positive fuelling, stepping up the brain with these emotions that increase the vibration of thought.

Now, we’ve talked about principle number 10. Principle Number 10 is sex transmutation. Transmutation is simply changing one element or form or force into another. So if we think about this driving force of love and romance and sexuality, it is responsible for all of procreation for crying out loud. We cannot deny the basic power of that emotional state. So we learn to harness that energy and transmute it, harness it and direct it so that it flows into stimulating our desire for abundance, wealth, prosperity, plenty; for making the positive impact, for raising the vibrational frequency of the planet.

And so know that you’ve got to look forward, be aware of it, harness it, use it, and understand that all of these intangibles that we’re talking can’t be seen or smelled or touched. You can’t touch gravity. You can’t feel it in your arm; it gets pulled down. You can’t really see electricity. You can see the result of electricity; light, computer screens, your heaters and printers and all of the other things that run on electricity. Magnetism—you can take 2 magnets and try to push their similar poles together and they push apart. You can feel it; you can sense it; but you can’t see magnetism.

So all of these powerful profound forces – and that’s just a few of the elemental forces. There’s many more, but thought is an intangible force. You can’t see thought. Now understand that everything proceeds from thought. Thoughts are things. There is a thinking stuff. The universe that we live in is a mental universe that responds to our thoughts. So it’s powerful to get control of your thoughts and know how to really truly take control of the operational ability of your transmitter and receiver.

Now how is that done? That’s done with 3 principles. There’re 3 tools, 3 principles that we can employ. Principle Number one is the subconscious mind. This is our power center. This is where it all emanates. We get control of that subconscious mind by consciously, volitionally choosing the thoughts that we feed into it, the belief, the feeling, and the state that we feed it with. So your ability to reach and influence your subconscious mind is the entire primary goal of all 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich. Think and Grow Rich is not the only book that Napoleon Hill ever wrote. I’m aware of like 8 books that he’s written, probably way more than that; and every single Napoleon Hill book that I’ve ever read is all about getting control of this powerful principle, programming our subconscious mind.

So this is not theoretical. This is vitally important to our ability to employ that attractor; that pulling, drawing, and receiving what we want into our lives. The second principle is that creative imagination. When we look up into the right, what we’re doing is we’re accessing our vision capacity. We’re thinking something into being. We are utilizing a vibrational frequency transmitter and that is again the importance of mastering. And here again, none of this stuff comes over night. It’s all about practice and this is why you’ve got to stick with persistence. You’ve got to do it; you’ve got to stay with it. Number 7, you’ve got to make the decision that you’re going to employ all these tools, that you are going to actually definitely get to the point where you absolutely control what’s going on in your subconscious mind and you are activating your creative imagination by stepping up your vibration of thought, by transmuting powerful positive emotional forces.
So we know that when our brain is—that stepped up vibrational frequency, that what’s going on is we’re really attracting thoughts and ideas not only from the brains of others, but also from infinite intelligence and we’re picking up and acting on ideas that are coming from the subconscious mind of others as well as infinite intelligence. And then of course the third tool or third principle is autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion again is the third principle of these 13 principles and is taking and consciously choosing an idea rapidly and repeatedly over and over with excitement, belief, faith, enthusiasm, with a state of being. Again get that state of being and through repetition, faith, belief, positive emotion; you’re voluntarily planting a thought that you want to transmute, translate into its physical equivalent from your conscious into your subconscious mind. And then that’s translated and transmitted and broadcasted into the mind of infinite intelligence.

You look at this MRI of the brain, Magnetic Resonance Image. Brothers and sisters, just in one part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, you’ve got 10 to 14 billion nerve cells. And you look at this image; you cannot tell me that this extraordinary creation is just to perpetuate our physical functions. No. I mean this is a miraculous thing that we have sitting in our cranium. So thought, this is the most potent energy that there is. So what you do is you take thought and through flowing and guiding it, those thoughts become words and those words are translated into action. Those actions then become our habits that we repeat over and over again. Those habits determine our character and our character determines our destiny.

So we form the habit of reaching out. 4 becomes 16, becomes 64, becomes 256, 1024, and on and on and on and out from there. And it is our way of creating our reality and we have complete control over the thoughts that we choose. We are creating our future. Control your destiny by controlling the nature of your dominating thoughts. Make it a habit to see yourself in possession of the things that you want. Be hypercritical of the people you choose to be in your master mind and understand that were not looking for—this is not a cattle call.

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top. You are among the 1 or 2% of people who truly think and for that, I commend you and I think we’re all aware that we are engaged in the most fascinating game of all and that is the game of life. We are blessed to be here. We’re blessed to be in relationship with each other.

I commend you for making the most of it. Next week, we’re into the Sixth Sense, chapter 14, the 13th step toward riches. We are consciously learning to think in a certain way and tomorrow night, the Tuesday night, what we really do on Tuesday is we’re paying us forward. This is our vehicle for creating and paying forward wealth and abundance. You are the wealth creation mastermind. This has been the chapter on the brain. I want to commend you and thank you and give you my greatest, deepest respect and gratitude.

Thanks. Bye for now.

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