Think and Grow Rich (Ch 5)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Aug 21, 2018

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Exercise #11 – Specialized Knowledge


Welcome! Welcome and congratulations for being with us for this episode, this exercise. I believe we’re onto exercise 11 now of the curriculum. And for those of you who are brand new and again, welcome Sherry from Manchester in the UK. What we do is we go over this material for about the first 20 minutes just to review of the chapter, then we opened it up and we have a conversation now. The first 20 minutes is recorded and available on the replay, but the really meat of the matter when we get into an open conversation that has never recorded. So for those of you who are only watching the replay, you’re missing out on the best part. We really encourage you to try to get onto the live broadcast when you can. And that being said, this particular chapters when we really start getting into the concept of the mastermind, the benefit to you of the mastermind, it is chapter five and Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich and you know, the heading is specialized knowledge.

But what we know, what is really talking about is – that is knowledge that comes either from your own personal experience or observation or from that of others, and Napoleon does call it the fourth step towards riches. There are 13 principles that he outlines in the book that we study that meld with the creed in the science of getting rich, and this is the key to what we do, knowing the creative process that we are all spirit. This is the commonality, but being spirit, we are having a physical experience, we have intellect, but we’re trying beings. So because of the fact that we’re having a physical experience, we have the opportunity to manifest, create on the physical plane, right?

Oh wow. So even though we are spiritual manifesting, we actually need material abundance to do, be, and have more to have greater impact. So, we teach others how to think creatively. There’s a thinking stuff, it penetrates, permeates, fills the inner spaces of the universe. It’s quantum foam that we’re able to impress our thoughts upon because we are thinking centers. You see, there’s only one spirit, there’s only one infinite intelligence, there’s only one source of all. Guess what? The all is in all. Whoa. What does that indicate? We are spirit. We are in harmony with this infinite intelligence. So, what we do is; we gained knowledge.

Now, this is the tricky thing about knowledge is that it’s useless unless it’s organized and directed into very specific practical plans of action. You see, we can’t just think our way into being, into abundance, into creation because we are in this physical plane. We actually have to move our feet and the definite and must be abundance. What is abundance? Abundance again, we’re trying, so we have we the gills spiritual abundance being, doing, having, more impact. We’re all one. We are all one – one spirit. So, we get this concept. We get out of the creative or out of the competitive plane. We get into the creative plane, into the creative form of thought and realized there is no limitation to what we can create. But that being said, there’s two kinds of knowledge. There’s general — You can say, hey, you know, you can beat The Big Blue, you know, beat Hoz Watson, jeopardy computer, that’s general knowledge, right? You’re never going to beat a computer in generalized knowledge. Hey, my dad was a college professor. Tell you what, he never amass a great fortune, spoke [inaudible 04:22], spoke five languages. Read seven was an advanced PhD, his greatest disappointment in life was he never won the Nobel Prize for science. Smart Guy never accumulated very much money.

Lot of general knowledge, but what is specialized knowledge? This is critical. This is the kind of knowledge that can be organized and used to the execution of plans to move you down the road to what you want to be doing, have. And there’s so much confusion around this. It’s like we always hear knowledge is power. Knowledge, no, it’s not. What knowledge is – is potential, right. Lack of understanding of this fact has just been confusing to millions of people for a long, long, long time, because; all knowledge is potential power, right? And that is the power to make an impact. Well, what’s an impact? Okay, sure and you look – look get abundance for yourself first. Okay? Get that done, get money done. Get it done.

Then what is money do? Money is like water or electricity. It’s just a source of power, source of flow, right, so with money, when it’s organized into definite plans of actions and directed to a definite end. So get money done first, you know, get educated, certainly. Get into this material, get onto these calls, learn the creative method of thought, and it’s nuanced. Do you think you’ve got a grasp on it and all you’ve really got to do is know that, that there is a – I don’t want to get religious, but there’s a Christ presence, Okay, that in other words, there’s a creative presence in the cosmos, and it’s a force for good, right? And as long as you know that you are in, you’re plugging in, you’re getting educated so that you can learn the creative scientific method of creation of manifestation on the physical plane. That’s how you actually advance yourself spiritually. This isn’t that a conundrum, interesting one. So you’re educated when you know how to get knowledge, and you know how to organize it in the definite plans of action, that’s what education is.

So, what is the purpose of what we do? It is so we can – what’s our mission? Our mission in the wealth creation mastermind is create a team a million strong by January of 2020 for the purpose of leading others because we’ve mastered, we’ve gained the knowledge, we’ve mastered the creative method of thought, we’ve applied it to the creation of abundance in our lives, and then we share it, we pay it forward to others. So, where do people get this knowledge? They get it from us, from others. We’re the others, you know, we are the others. It sounds like a science fiction episode. But with the assistance of the mastermind, what happens is you can command all the specialized knowledge you need to accumulate all the abundance that you desire.

Now, we’re going to talk just a little bit about that. So in order to have a great impact, in order to achieve anything substantial and insignificant, like switching poverty mentality and replacing it with prosperity consciousness, that requires great power. Where does great power come from? It comes from highly organized and intelligently directed, specialized knowledge. That is who we are and that is what we do. We direct specialized knowledge. What is the specialized knowledge that we direct – the creative method of thought? That’s why it is imperative for us to be in this material, to be thinking, contemplating, studying, reading. And yes, we have a curriculum of three books, but what that does is that it’s like a rabbit hole. How far down the rabbit hole you want to go, there’s so much material around the creative method of thought. You get into these books, you want to stay in these books your entire life, but I’ll tell you what, you go deeper and deeper and deeper. So you ask yourself, what’s your plan? You know before you can transmute the desire into its monetary equivalent, it’s going to require specialized knowledge.

So what we do is; we are your bridge to specialized knowledge for the accumulation of spiritual, intellectual, and material abundance. Okay! So, we are the bridge. That’s why you’re here and what you’re getting by being here. What did you have to pay for tonight’s webinar? This material – hey, a lot of us pay a great deal. I did a mentor study program was one of the masters of the creative method of thought. Bob Proctor, you know, paid them $1,500 a month or a year for private mentoring and it’s in essence; it’s this material that we’re studying now, so this is a bargain, but even if you had to pay. And when I paid Bob $1,500 a month, I was getting a bargain, phenomenal bargain because from that, oh my gosh!, you wouldn’t believe the abundance that is float. And that was 22 years ago or 20 years. No, I’m sorry, it was 21 years ago, 1997, that I took that one year mentor study program. So what was a high cost for some is a bargain for others. Now, I noticed that we’ve got Chris Rodgers and Julian Adorney on this call tonight. Both of these individuals are masters of specialized knowledge.

What did we want to do? We wanted to use the broad net of the Internet. How did Sherry Revero from Manchester United Kingdom end up as a member of the wealth creation mastermind? We cast a net on the Internet. Now, I don’t have that skill. Julian is this brilliant master of search engine optimization. This guy knows more, and you could – he’s got a facility for it, not only as he studied that, mastered it, but he’s got a facility, he has a talent for it, and he works with Chris Rogers who has an entire digital marketing agency. Another words, we’ll now, we got specialized knowledge to help take this mastermind concept and cast a broad international nap.

So first of all, we decided — Well, what kind of specialized knowledge do we need? We need the internet; we need masters of SEO, and how has that help us achieve our major purpose of building a team a million strong? How are we going to do it without it? Right, and what’s the purpose it’s needed for to pay forward the creative method of thought. Boy, if you have a website that’s beautifully designed with great content that’s constantly being refreshed and refurbished and additional content added that adds more value to its subscribers. Wow, moves everybody forward. So, where can you find it? You go looking for it. You get specific about what you want then you go. Do you get, I mean, are you blown away by what you found with the wealth creation mastermind? I mean, you are part of something big and you know, when do you stop improving? When do you stop?

Well, here’s a slide that I love. We go to school to learn how to learn, but there’s an acronym “CANI” that stands for “Constant And Never Ending Improvement”, CANI. Alright, and here’s what’s going on. Every successful man and woman and all colleagues, they never stopped acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose. So, we are into the creative method of thought. We want to get better and better and better and better at it, so you want to stay in this material, you want to spread it, you want to pay it forward to others. You want to take it seriously and you want to get in touch with others. And you add value, if you pay for it, you will appreciate it.

So, this is one of the reasons that we really encourage people. Don’t just take advantage of the Monday night call that we record. Take advantage of the Tuesday night call that we don’t record. The only way to get that wisdom is to be on the call live, same time, same link. And what happens, if you find a way, you find a message, you find the plan. Napoleon Hill says you’ve got to have a plan. You got to be clearly thought out. We have the plan. We actually give it to you and there’s a small price to be paid for it, but that’s where you get serious about it. If you’re just on this call, not on the Tuesday. If you’re not engaged in the Tuesday curriculum then you’re not really engaged in the wealth creation mastermind. There is a price for everything, and you know, anything that you acquire for no cost, you have no appreciation for, the higher the cost, the higher the value. And believe me, when I did my mentor study program, I was going to be in that material every month because; I’m paying for it now, you know.

Here’s the funny thing, the books that we were studying, I mean I could go out and buy for $8 for the book itself, book of the month, and I probably could have gotten all the wisdom I needed from that $8 book. But by paying $1,500 a month, man did I take that seriously? I digested that material. I internalized it. Right? So anything acquired without, you know, the more effort you put into something, the harder you work at something, the more you get out of it. The harder you work, the luckier you get. It is true, and if you don’t pay for it, is generally an under or uncompleted, unappreciated. And the funny thing is we all have 24 hours in our day, nobody’s got more than that. I’ve got 36 hours in my day. How about that? No.

So, the only things that ever get done and the things that we prioritize and the higher your ambition, the higher your altitude, you know, and so altitude is determined by attitude. Attitude is determined by ambition, the stronger your ambition in life to do, be, and have more. Don’t settle. If you’re settling, you’re not being doing and having, you’re not living up to your God given gifts. We’re here to be, do and have as much. We are here to be our best personal selves possible. You got to be the best version of you, you can possibly be strive for more. Alright.

So, this is the fact of the matter, the only weakness there’s no remedy for is lack of ambition if you don’t have lack. But here’s the thing I love about each of you, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have great ambition. You want more, and you know, attitude determines altitude, we say it before, you know, is the old glass half empty glass full. We are a group of glass half full thinkers, right? I mean, that is just who we are. Now, who’s interesting in Panama, one of the group, the group was a group of extraordinarily high achiever, internet sellers. And they had a saying, “low achievers, low performers will always be low performers. High performers will always be high performers. Losers never win. Winners never quit”. We rise to high positions or remain at the bottom because of conditions that we control. And if we desire, we have 100% control over them, and that’s the amazing thing. It’s no one stands in anybody’s way. Years associations can be priceless.

Congratulations for being on this Webinar. You’re making great associations. You never know where they’re going to lead you. And you know, both the successes we have and the failures are a result of habit. Capability means imagination. Use your imagination. Bring it to what we do. Make a contribution to the mind of the mastermind. Be Imaginative and it’s the only quality needed to combine and specialized knowledge with ideas in the form of organized plans designed to yield riches and what indeed you will do. And look, the fact of the matter is, the race does not last forever. It’s a sprint and it’s over. I mean, boom starting gun. Man, all of a sudden you run through the tape and it’s like you look back and you go, Whoa, game over, it doesn’t last forever. Take it seriously, run hard now.

And financially getting to chapter six, imagination, it is the workshop of the mind will tell you what vital information, vital chapter. Look, study, contemplate, read this material, talk it over with other mastermind members, right? Read other material, watch other, watch the secret, why you know do all kind of things to feed your mind. Stay in the material, subscribe to the wealth creation mastermind website. Get on the Monday night, the weekly curriculum the financial freedom, and think in a certain way. Act in a certain way. Decide what you want. What’s the highest version of yourself? Imagine it, be very clear about it.

And again, I commend you and I thank you and I appreciate you. I have deep and abiding love for each of you because you are the wealth creation mastermind and together we are changing the world. Congratulations!

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