Think and Grow Rich (Ch 6)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Aug 29, 2018

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Exercise #12 – Imagination


I do want to welcome you and congratulate you for being with us one more time for what is exercise number 12 of the curriculum of wealth creation mastermind. This is the chapter on imagination, what Napoleon Hill calls “The Workshop of the Mind”. And to be clear, one of the things that we do, yes, we absolutely follow and learn the creative method laid out by Wallace Wattles that stipulates that there is indeed thinking stuff from which everything is made in which you know we have the ability because; we are creative thinking centers that we can impress our thoughts upon that, that thinking stuff and by doing things in a very certain specific way, doing an acting, we can cause those things that we think about to manifest, to be created.

Now to be clear, what we are doing in the wealth creation masterminds is we’re doing more than just studying an abstract concept. We’re taking these concepts and applying it specifically to wealth creation with very proscribed vehicles because it’s about more than thinking. It’s about acting. It’s about each and every one of us, the entire wealth creation mastermind to manifest abundance and we are trying, so you have to manifest that physically in the form of, what do we use, what’s our medium of exchange? It’s money. We have to have money and plenty of it. It’s just like power. It’s water, it’s electricity. The more of what we have, the more we can do and the more it enables. The next, we are so living on the physical plane. The next aspect of our being is the intellectual, what’s going on in our mind, both the finite and in connection with the infinite, which is the spiritual element. So we have to have the ability to live fully, physically and intellectually.

So, how do we get mental stimulation? Well, Karen and I just got back from Panama. That was extremely mentally stimulating. We were down in Costa Rica. That was mentally stimulating or going to the Amalfi Coast. Take a great hike. This coming spring and the Amalfi coast, we’ve already got a Baltic cruise plan. You know, we’re looking forward to seeing St Petersburg. So these are intellectually stimulating things. The more love you have in your life because your stress is reduced, the more spiritual evolution you’re going to have. So, understand that what the imagination does is that faculty that it allows you to turn the impulse, the desire of thought and converted into shape and form and develop plans and methods and systems, and to take action that will actually result in the manifestation of the things you want. So, think of the imaginative faculty in your mind as like the spark that bam provides life and power to action.

Now, the question that you’ve got to ask yourself is if you can indeed create anything that you can imagine then how much are we working on our imaginative faculty? Can you see yourself building a team a million strong? 4 who find is 16, who find 4 is 64, who find 4 is 256, who find 4 is a 1024, who find 4 is 4096. You do this 4 to the 10th power. Can you see yourself leading a team a million strong? Alright? And so, just know that our only limitation within reason, you know, we are not infinite. But within reason, the only thing that limits us is the development and use of our imagination.

And here’s the thing about that. We’re preschoolers, I mean when we’re in primary school when it comes to the use of the imagination. We’ve figured it out, okay. We have the mental faculty of imagination. We can see things in our minds, which is the spark, which is the starting place. Desire is just a mental spark, right? And so you take that, you combine that energy that thought impulse with the imaginative, you coupled that imagination with action and what you do is you begin to manifest the things that you’re thinking about now. Understand that we’re far from the apex of the development of this faculty. And so what we’ve got to do, I get up every morning before I want to get up. I mean, as soon as I wake up, I get out of bed, I go sit, I meditate, I visualize, I repeat my affirmation, I work on imagining the team a million strong. I work on imagining the lifestyle, the things that I want to be do and have, the person that I want to be. I see the other people in the team doing, being in manifesting what they want in their life, using that imaginative faculty. Why? It’s a muscle. The more you use and develop any muscle, the more it’s capable of doing and so we’ve just commenced the use of it, so get in there and use it.

Now I understand there’s two forms of imagination, and the first one is the one that we utilize the most and is actually extraordinarily valuable and significant. It’s the synthetic imagination, but it’s where we’re able to take and use this faculty to arrange concepts and plans and put it into new combinations. How did we come up with the wealth creation mastermind going online, attracting people to us, using the virtual business card to create a simple method of duplication. That was all just taking and using and working with things that were already in existence, but putting it together in a unique way.

All we did was we used the synthetic imagination to create the wealth creation mastermind. Now, on top of that, there’s also the creative imagination. This is where inspiration and hunches and insights, and all new inventions basically they almost appear miraculously in our mind. I love this. You know, there’s cartoon image of the cave man inventing the wheel. Where did the wheel come from, right? – Divine inspiration. Hey, what did you hear me talking about Elon Musk and, you know, inventing a roof tile that collects sun. It looks like a roofing shingle, but it actually collect sun and converge it into electricity that can be stored on a panel on the inside of your garage to power your house, power your car, your air conditioner, you know your heating system, all the, you know the appliances that you have gone off in your house. And it looks like where did that thought come from? Divine inspiration – that’s creative imagination.

So you need both forms, synthetic and creative, but the ways stimulate and the way you activate these, especially the creative form is with a powerful emotion and start with that I am so happy and grateful now that I am. Start with a desire, powerful burning desire. Who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to have, and know it, see it, believe it and picture it in your imagination. And what happens is the more you exercise, the more alert this faculty becomes and the more developed it is, the more ideas begin to flow to and through you.

Now a good use of that, we say, alright? Use your creative imagination. Use your imagination to see yourself. Building a team for who becomes 16, will become 64. So, go up that scale. Can you see yourself building a team that’s doing $500,000 in volume every month where you’re being paid about 10% on that? Right now, look at that 4 that becomes 16, become 64,256, 1024, 4096. Well, by the time you’ve done that and it’s all cumulative, everybody doing 100 points, guess what? You’re over $500,000. Can you see yourself finding 4 people? Can you use the synthetic imagination to build a team? Now, one of the things that you’ve got to do is you’ve got to put your imagination to work and you’ve got to have faith. You got to believe in yourself. You’ve got to have faith in incident intelligence, and you’ve got to understand the power of the creative methods thought, right, thought and action, so you begin at once to put your imagination to work at building the plan.

What’s your plan? This is the other thing that we do to WCM. We help you with the plan. On Tuesday nights, we talk about the plan for lifestyle and financial freedom, the vehicles that we use, the steps that you take, the methodology that you employ. So, this is the two part system. Number one, Mondays we learned to think in a certain way. Tuesdays we learned to act in a certain way. You combine thought and action together. Use your imagination to see it, believe it and act on it, and you get the ball rolling. So, the thing that you want to do is, I mean, can you see yourself finding 4 other mastermind partners. And what you want to do is in chapter two of Napoleon Hill’s book on desire, step to desire. What you want to do is you want to follow the six steps for turning a desire and the goal and that is to write out your plan.

Now, here’s the interesting thing about writing out your plan of action. It is the moment, the second that you’ve actually committed that plan, the paper. You’ve actually taken your very first step in a series of steps of actually converting that into concrete form. Writing it down takes it from the ethereal of the mental of the impulse of thought and converge it into the physical world. It’s something that has to be done. If you haven’t done that, you’re missing out. You see, this entire process is more than theory. When Napoleon Hill says, ‘’this is practical. It’s not philosophical’’. What that means is; you have to practice what he says and if we will practice, he divulged his 13 different principals in Think and Grow Rich, and each one is a step. And if you employ each one of these steps, it leads you into being, doing and having what you want in life, but it demands practice.

Now why does this work? It works because they are immutable universal laws that are unchangeable on as above, so below. It works on every level and there are infinite variations from the grossest form of physical matter to the highest form of infinite spiritual intelligence. So, but all of the laws apply on every single layer, a level of vibrational frequency. They are immutable. So the first thing you got to do, that’s why we studied, the Monday night is the curriculum “Science Of Getting Rich,” “Think and Grow Rich”. The Kabalim where we learned the immutable laws really locked them in. We develop a working knowledge, right? So step one; gain knowledge. And then step two; learn how to use them. And the fact that the energy is what is thought, right?

Well, everything that’s ever been created from the smallest core puzzle to the largest circling galaxy all came from the same stuff – The quantum foam, right. Energy – energy on its smallest, most minute level is all the same, but it responds to thought, alright! So, understand that everything is created from this intangible form of energy and that desire is a thought impulse that is projected, right, and that we can not only project that is broadcast to others, but we are also receiving thought impulses ourselves and that thought impulse is actually just a form of energy and by thinking and acting in a very specific certain way, you can actually harness the very same principles, the [inaudible 14:14] laws that have used to create the vast cosmos, the entire universe of perception and beyond, is all the same and thought is the impelling force that begins at all. And so they are there, and the secret is not a secret at all. It is laid out and it’s just a matter of understanding and then using it to create whatever that you wants, and that is virtually unlimited.
So, now here’s something that I strongly suggest that you do is; don’t dream small, dream big. And one of the reasons for that is because you can literally name your award. Now here’s the caveat, and that is that to achieve that reward, it’s going to take constant application. Hardest work any of us do is to harness this monkey mind, direct it, eliminate negative thoughts, don’t think according to appearance, think according to truth and reality, which is abundance is, energy is. We can manifest it however we want, it does take application. First, you must train your mind. And what that requires is constant, unremitting study repetition application is what’s required.

Now, if you’re not willing to do that, then then walk away because it’ll never happen. See, it’s more than a theory. It takes more than reading the book. You have to apply what you’re learning. You have to learn it and then apply these laws, but by doing it then you can create anything. So the starting point of all achievement of all fortunes is as an idea. So, the first thing that we want to do in the wealth creation mastermind is form an idea of finding 4 who find 4 who find 4 who find 4, see it and believe it, right? Believe yourself leading a team, 1 million strong around the world and the lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity that are filled with physical and intellectual and spiritual abundance. See the impact that you are making to convert and change the frequency from poverty to prosperity by changing the way people are thinking and that starts with the – I am. I am doing this. It is I am so happy and grateful. I am taking action today. And you transmute in the cash through the power of definite purpose coupled with definite plans.

Again guys, this is so beautiful about what we’re doing at the WCM. We’re actually providing the plans, not only are we reinforcing each other and how we’re thinking, what we’re reinforcing each other on how we’re acting. And the point is that hard work and honesty aren’t enough. Does it take thought, does it take hard work to focus your mind and to take action? Sure it does. But I’ll tell you what, riches, when they come in huge quantities; they are never the result of hard work alone. They are the result of having a very clear, definite demand for what you want. I’m just absolutely closing your mind to all that can shake your vision, dim your faith, you know, quench your purpose, just eliminate those. Don’t allow them. Don’t have them, just next.

Alright, I see you. You can go now. You’re not needed here, right? But this is not, you know, when wealth comes, it’s not the result of luck or chance. It’s the result of the application of immutable, universal laws. So, what you want to do to begin with a definite purpose. What did we do with wealth creation mastermind? We began with a definite purpose of attracting a team of 1 million strong by utilizing digital marketing, by having people find us, and it’s happening daily now where we’re getting applications coming in. We’re getting them from India, from Pakistan, from the Philippines, from Africa. We’re getting applications from everywhere, including the United States, over the weekend, Miami, New York, and just on and on and on. So, there’s definite of purpose. And once you’ve got that definite of purpose, you will create a team of million strong then that takes on animation, it takes some life and the universe feeds power into your vision and that burning desire is translated into its material equivalent. So apply it and see yourself coupling your thought and action together. Put a timeframe on it.

So, happy and grateful now that I am, by December 30, first of 2018, by June 30th, 20, 19, whatever, put a date and an end point. We are teleological. Don’t let it be a wandering generality and nebulous never right? So, visualize yourself already in possession. It’s like what guns? Well, as did with armor institute, he saw himself in possession of that million dollars, and within less than a week he had the money in his hand. And so see yourself, believe yourself as the person you want to be and understand that there is no limitation, there’s no price on ideas and you know, just believe it. Ideas are intangible forces, they’ve got, you know, they’re more powerful than the brain, that they gave them birth.

And look, the wealth creation mastermind, Chris said, and he said that was my brainchild, but it’s going to live on long beyond where I’m gone because we’re mortal dust to dust. So, you know, you’ve got to ask what, you know, what’s your expiration date? What action are you taking? Are you studying? Next week we’re into chapter seven, organized planning workshop of the mind that was imagination. But first, you know, one of the steps towards riches, look, you got to be studying this material constantly, I mean every single day, you got to be reading and get on the Tuesday night. The side who it is you want to be, what it’s going to take, and employ the vehicles, create multiple streams of passive reproductive residual income.

I do want to commend you and thank you and from the bottom of my heart, acknowledge you for being the wealth creation mastermind because together what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a team that’s 1 million strong by January of 2020 to change the whole mentality of the world into one of prosperity consciousness.

Thank you. Congratulations and bye for now!

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