The Kybalion (Ch 9)


— Jan 15, 2019

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Exercise #30 – Correspondence 2.0


Welcome on board to the curriculum call for the wealth creation master mind, and as you know we are into the 3rd book we’re into Chapter 9 of the Kybalion in the chapter on vibration. And such a profound chapter, because in an essence, the way that we cause all of the things that we think about to be created is by employing this. We know that there’s a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and as we studied last week in the law of correspondence, we know that there is material substance and that’s what this book calls it, and that is a thinking substance, and it’s very to tenuous, it’s the ether a way.

But that ether is a transport vehicle for vibration, for– and when you get right down to it, everything vibrates and that’s the message in this chapter, is that nothing rests. Everything is in constant motion on all levels of being and creation, and that motion is manifest. Now, this image is a big huge giveaway right, I mean we are these centers of creative thought, wow! Man, energy is and thought power, as Napoleon Hill says: thoughts are things. Well, as such, if a thought is indeed a thing and a thing of energy, then it’s emanating and vibrating and how that thought vibrates matters. It matters big time and so this is the profound thing about what we’re into, is that we know that from a vibrational, from a frequency point of view and one end of the spectrum you’ve got the absolute highest form of vibration of all, and that is Spirit.

The all, the mind of this infinite intelligence original source, original substance and that vibrational frequency is so extremely high as to be– to us invisibly unmeasurable. We can’t even realize it right, but at the other opposite polar end, polarity and I think we’re getting into polarity next week. You have the opposite end of the vibrational spectrum, which is the densest form of matter right. So, and then from that densest form of matter, to infinitely high vibrational frequency of the all, you have millions and millions and millions and millions of gradations of vibration.

But here is the secret, they’re all connected, they’re all on the same scale. So, you put that in the back of your mind, now, matter and energy. Well, what is matter? Matter is simply energy at a lower rate of vibration right, and then you start looking at what are the different kinds of energy that there are? Well, they are just simply– it’s just the same thing, this spectrum at different rates of vibration and remember that the universe that we are living in is a mental universe. A mental vibrational energetic frequency that we have our existence within, and remember the law of correspondence as above, so below and here’s– this is the value of studying the 7 principles: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, what we’re into today polarity rhythm cause and effect engender is that they all they all work in harmony they all coalesce and just as above, so below, correspondence.

We understand that you take– think in your mind of atomic structure and then the electrons and protons circling around in the nucleus and no matter how small or on the grand scale– sorry let’s start with the solar system, we’ve got the planets circling the sun, but within the Milky Way, within our galaxy we also have solar systems spiraling throughout, working in a circular motion throughout this galaxy. Galaxies have this dance throughout the cosmos, so, the whole universe from its smallest to its largest is working on the same principles and so it is with all this energy. That’s how we are able to go to the moon, right, that’s how we are able now to go send spacecraft out into the outer reaches of the cosmos, because we understand that everything works by law.

Then you come into the understanding that heat and light, magnetism and electricity are all simply forms of vibratory motion that are connected– and again, that are carried, transmitted, on this ethereal substance, which according to the new thought leadership– new thought mentality that we believe and study, is a thinking substance. And that is what enables us to come in harmony with that thinking stuff through the way we manage our thought process. So, everything, cohesion, molecular attraction, atomic attraction, gravity, these are all principles of attraction by which every single particle or other mass of matter is bound to every other mass.

Now, what are we, are there then masses of particles, so, we as humanity are actually all the same, we are like drops of water and individual drops of water, but we are all water, right, we are all resonating in essence on the same frequency. So, that gives us tremendous cohesive ability, attractive, we call it the Law of Attraction right, well, this is so critically important guys, we are all in harmony, we are all resonating in a very, very, similar modality within this ethereal thinking substance that is vibrating at a very, very, high degree, above our ability, or the ability of our 5 senses to perceive and yet is a substance. So, this substance, it pervades, it permeates, it fills the space of the universe and it serves as a medium of transmission of waves of vibratory Energy.

Well, again, remember what is thought? The power of your thoughts, and in vibration is so interesting because we are able to perceive a very limited spectrum. You take a wheel that begins to spin faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster. First, it disappears, the color blend together and then it starts to emanate as sound, and then at some point in time– of course this is theoretical, it goes to the point where the substance dissolves into its component parts of energy and frequency and then you go to the point of this this vibratory spinning matter to the point where we’re not even able to perceive– what is an X-ray? what is a gamma ray, Right.

And you know that the opposite of the spectrum, you get you can have sounds so low, we can’t even– we can’t perceive them, and you start looking at an understanding D.N.A. and you realize it’s a frequency of communication that tells the cells what to do. So, vibration is a wildly critical part, it’s what enables– this concept of cohesion, it’s what enables us to be, and within that beingness, we have the capacity to modulating our frequency to a certain degree, to attract things into our life. Now, all of this is electricity, magnetism, on the grandest scale this is all just law, right? And so, this law of vibration is important to us, because when any object reaches a certain rate of vibrations, what happens is there’s a molecular disintegration and then everything starts to resolve itself into its basic component, elemental parts.

Well, isn’t that interesting, that in essence, we’re all stardust, we all emanate from the same substance, we are all– we come from and return to that same original substance and all manifestations of thought, emotion, reason, will, desire, every single mental state or condition comes with a vibrational frequency. Now, we have creative capacity and the way we create is 1st through thought, never with action but primarily 1st with thought. And when we imbue our thought into our creation, part of our creative force is involved in that creation, now, we are creations of a greater, universal and infinite creative force. That means that that infinite creative force is imbued and involved with us. Well, if that force is imbued and involved with us, then we can come into harmonious communication.

Now, think about intuition, we talk about in the final chapter in the science of think and grow rich, we talk about the 6th Sense and sure enough it is the next of the final chapter, but it’s the 13th principle of Napoleon Hill’s 13 principles. It’s the 6th sense, what is the 6th sense other than intuition? What is intuition? The ability to come into harmonious communication, received input from that infinite original source of intelligence and what this chapter of vibration tells us is that the 6th Sense, intuition is a frequency of thought that we can learn to modulate. That we can come in intentional harmony with, all right, that gives us the ability to receive input.

So, how do we intentionally change our vibrational frequency? Okay, those of you on my leader’s list, you get a text message from me before these webinars and on today’s I said here’s a little exercise for you. Close your eyes and repeat, I am love, I am Joy, I am abundance. I am Love, I am joy, I am abundance and concentrate on how that makes you feel, why feel, the feeling is coupled with your emotional state, right, and that is your vibrational frequency that you are broadcasting out to the universe. How you feel? So, when you have a feeling of doubt or despair or unhappiness or unfulfillment, then that’s what you’re broadcasting and what you’re broadcasting is what you are attracting, it’s what you’re opened to. Okay, you attract what you resonate.

So, we must come into volitional control of what we are broadcasting and receiving and so, what we do is we say all right, I’ve got to check my instrument panel and I’ve got to take a look at what I’m broadcasting, what frequency I’m sending out. The way we do that, we use our emotional state as our dash board, just like looking at the speedometer on your car dash board, right? Hey! If you want to go 100 miles an hour, you got to be in a very high vibrational state, right? And that’s love and Joe and fulfillment and abundance. The opposite going 0 is despair and hopelessness and hatred and jealousy and it’s just the opposite, right? Of the high vibrational state.

So, check your dashboard and then choose to step up the speed of your vibration, choose a thought, repeat it and precede it with the I am. The most powerful statement, because it’s you that you’re speaking to. And once you get really good at controlling your own vibrational frequency, what you’re doing is you’re inducing that frequency into the minds of others. Look, we’re all being bombarded all the time by thoughts and messages from others’ minds, well, we might as well take control and start bombarding the rest of them out there and with our frequency. Which is why we say in the wealth creation mastermind, we are building a team 1,000,000 strong for the purpose of leading others around the world, inducing others into lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity, filled with physical, intellectual and spiritual abundance, by following and applying this creative method of thought.

Think of the vibrational power of a 1,000,000 of us all resonating on that frequency, what happens is an intentional shift. Not only are we helping and benefiting ourselves, but we’re helping in benefiting the entire race. So, we can reproduce those thoughts, applying these mental principles of vibration to mental phenomena and you can actually polarize your mind to any degree that you wish, thus you again perfect control of your mental state and your mood, you become consciously aware, you become mindful and that’s how it’s done. So, you change your vibration by will, will power is a mental faculty, it’s the choice to be, the choice to change, the choice to choose, the choice to become who and what you desire to be.

Practice it takes as Yoda would say. Yes, indeed, it doesn’t come easy, there’s a price to pay and that price is ever and never-ending vigilance, being mindful of watching our thoughts. So, understanding this principle of vibration truly is the key to unlocking the mystery of transmutation and this whole hermetic art Is not alchemy, but mental transmutation, controlling our thoughts. And this great principle is what underlies the ability to use one law against the other, one principle against the others to change the vibrations of material objects and forms of energy. So, we continue next week with Chapter 10, polarity.

We study this material– we study it so that we can truly think in a certain way and in case you haven’t picked up on it, it does take study, contemplation, meditation and application. And it takes– this is what repeating your daily affirmation is, is application. If you’re not repeating your I AM statement with emotion, you’re not applying what you’re learning right and you have to do that throughout the day. So, what we exist for is a resource, to remind each other, to lift each other up, to move along this spiral path together, because it’s easier– you have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

We’re here to do it with you and that is why we also have you know you’ve got to have a strategy for reaching your goals, but you also have to have a process coupled with the systems. What we talk about on Tuesday night, same time same link, is the process– the processes that we use in the systems that we employ to act in a certain way. Join us this has been Chapter 9 vibration in the Cabal you can and you know that you are the wealth creation mastermind, you are making a huge difference, you are a gift and you have a gift to share with others, thank you, thank you.

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I AM Michael Frederick

I Truly love this material. and talk about a planetary shift in consciousness in this world. By getting this information out form lip to ear lip to ear And those that are open and READY will hear it and will join this shift for making our world a better place to play in , in this I’m certain the ALL IS VERY VERY PLEASED By choosing better-feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see… Read more »


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