The Kybalion (Ch 10)


— Jan 22, 2019

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Exercise #31 – Polarity 2.0


Welcome on board, I know there are a number of you who are brand new to the wealth creation mastermind in a way of a little bit of review, we approach this in a number of ways, 1st of all the name of the group: the wealth creation mastermind. We understand that we are trying, being spiritual with intellects living in a physical plane, therefore abundance is created on the on the Mental Plane, intellectual abundance on the physical plane, the concept of attracting abundance, of attracting plenty, of attracting wealth and then of course the spiritual growth, the ever-consistent spiral of growth spiritually. And the way we go about this is we study a very specific curriculum of 3 books.

Book number one is a book called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, book 2 is think and grow by Napoleon Hill and Book 3 is what we’re into right now called the Kybalion and we’re currently into Chapter 10. And we call this approach of studying this curriculum, what we call attraction, attraction marketing, we’ve all heard of the term the law of attraction and the Law of Attraction is indeed a subsidiary law of 7 universal principles that are all laid out and explain quite clearly in depth in the Kybalion. And if we go back to the very beginning of the premise of the wealth creation mastermind is that getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way and you combine that with the credo of Wallace, Wallace in the Science of Getting Rich.

If there’s a thinking stuff from which all things are made in which in its original state permeates, penetrates and that thinking stuff fills the interspaces of the universe. Now, Napoleon Hill’s premise of Think and Grow Rich is that thoughts are things and so, we combine that statement with the concept of the Law of Attraction and we begin to understand that the Law of Attraction works as a result of what we are vibrating, what we’re transmitting mentally and in the Kybalion, the very 1st hermetic principle is the principle of mentalism that were indeed living in a mental universe that responds to our thought, we as creative beings have the capacity.

Now, obviously what we’re thinking matters and that goes directly into this concept of polarity, because in all things– what this 4th great hermetic principle defines is that there are 2 poles of everything, everything that is made, every manifest thing has opposites, 2 sides and poles there pairs an opposite and are divided by many, many, many, many, many, degrees of separation. So, on the one hand you have the absolute positive, on the polar opposite the absolute negative and you can think of the vibrational frequency, the higher the frequency, the more positive on the scale, the lower the frequency the more negative on the scale. And what we do in the mastermind is that we understand that it is the way we think and so our mental state is truly the nexus for what we are attracting into our lives.

And if you think about us as people, what we are vibrating and let’s take this law polarity, this law of duality that everything has poles and that everything has its pairs of opposites like– none like– here’s the interesting thing about polarity, is that in nature, it’s the same in degree, it’s separate. So, you take a look at this image and there’s the angel in the devil, right? But there are degrees of separation, because what is good and what is bad? Well, there’s always something that’s worse and there’s always something that’s better. So, you take a behavioral state and you go to a slightly worse behavioral state and that goes– that approaches towards the negative polarity.

You take a slightly more positive emotional state and that goes towards the positive polarity. So, to begin to think in terms of a scale, of a movement back and forth towards one end or the other. And, what we learn in this particular principle is that spirit and matter are actually true poles of the same thing, spirit being representing the highest rate of vibration. Now, we also learn in the principle of mentalism that we are living in a mental universe that is in essence, a matrix, a construct of the mind of the all infinite intelligence. That infinite intelligence responds to the individualized representation of the all within me the I am.

And then as the collective, there is the we, we are together and the difference between spirit and matter seems to be diametrically opposite. However, again, the law of connectivity, of correspondence as above, so below, which is the 2nd law the 2nd principle, and we understand that all opposites can be reconciled through this concept of polarity and what that means is that– we just talked about the all and that we are the individualized representation and then the we, the many. The all and the many are actually the same. We are all from and of and imbued by the spirit of this all and the difference is merely a degree, a matter of degree of mental manifestation.

Now, why do we dwell on the mental, because all of this concept of transmutation, of attraction, of manifesting, of causing the things that we think about to be created is a mental process. We are able to through the power of our will, which is one of our mental faculties, to polarize our mind towards the direction of what we want to attract, the vibrational frequency that we want to emanate. Now, let’s– before we dive into the mental aspect, let’s use the physical plane as a way of digging in understandings this concept of polarity.

So, if you think of a scale of temperature, on the one hand there’s fire, a very high rate of vibration, very rapid heat generating vibration. On the other very slow molecular movement, very, very, low vibrational state, very cold. So, on the one hand fire, on the other hand ice, but take ice, now, if you raise the temperature 1o you could say you’re warmer. If you take fire and drop the temperature by one degree, you could say it’s colder. So, even though relatively it’s still hot, and hotter than a colder part of the scale from a relative point of view, and this is a key concept, is the concept of relativity. So, polarity and relativity are what we are delving into in this particular lesson.

So, the concept is where does heat begin and cold end, where does cold begin and heat end. It’s a scale, it slides it moves and it’s relative and it’s the same with if we were looking for– you look at this image and you say am I looking up am I looking down, right? Am I on the 1st floor, is at the bottom, well, if I go from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor then I’m higher, but the 2nd floor is lower than the 30th floor. So, the concept– the point of this of this lesson is that there are no absolute standards that everything is relative and that all of the separations, all the way from the very, very, highest vibration, to the lowest vibration are again a matter of degrees.

And this is critically important to our ability to cause the mental state to change. Now, another example, what is North and what is south on the compass? If you go far enough north all of a sudden, you’re going south and if by the same token if you go far enough, east also you will end up west. So, this concept of everything being relative is really vitally important and we’ll tie this in here very, very, quickly. This is an image, in downtown call implore, you get the patrollers tower, if you standing on the plaza and you look up at the patroller’s towers, and it’s like wow! they are going to the moon, but if you stand on the moon and look down and you locate Malaysia, you locate Callan pour and locate the patrollers tower, it could be as tiny as the most infant decimal spec, right?

So, everything is a matter of comparison, of relativity, of degree. Now, why is that important? Let’s talk in terms of wealth or abundance and poverty or lack. Well, all right. Do we, all of us, regardless of whether you’re living in a small apartment or a mansion, do we have hot and cold running water, do we have indoor plumbing, do we have the ability to go to an oven or a refrigerator or a microwave. Do we have the ability to get into an automobile and drive on a highway, you compare that to let’s say Bush people of the pound New Guinea for example in the deep jungle. Now, they may have an abundance of something else, but we have and abundance of comfort and infrastructure, all right. So, what you do, the importance of that is understand that you can create and polarize your mind to a concept of abundance in whatever arena that you are dealing with by utilizing this law of polarity, this concept of relativity and the same thing happens.

Think about the emotional scale of love versus hate, like versus dislike, and there are a great– again, it’s a sliding scale and in the very middle there is just sort of ambivalence but at the polar opposites, there can be intense love or violent hate right, but you move up that scale 1o and let’s listen that you’re over on the scale of the negative polarity, of hate, but then you become less hateful and more loving. All right, so, again, it’s a matter of degree or you’re totally at a place of love and harmony and peace and joy and this absolutely one and then you slide that scale and become less loving. Are you becoming more hateful or are you becoming less loving right, so, it’s a very, very, interesting distinction, but think of the emotional impact of this imag where you look is this fear or is this courage, what is this induced, It’s like oh! is the height or is it the boldness of the exuberance of the of experiencing that.

So, courage, fear, there absolutely 2 sides of the same thing and the point being where you find the one, you can move towards and find the opposite, because it’s just poles of the same thing, this is such a vital concept. Now, a tee distinction, a key element is that things of different classes cannot be trains muted into each other and again that term transmutation, because what we do in the wealth creation master mind is we become masters of mental transmutation. For the purpose of controlling our minds by vibrating what we want, so, that we can intentionally attract and allow ourselves to receive the things that we want and by the same token prevent what we don’t want to attract from being drawn to us.

Class of things we’re dealing with, there is a reverse and an opposite. So, you can think of the concept of a fire, fire, heat cannot become sharp, right, fire cannot become dull, dull cannot become cold, but heat can be transmitted to cold, sharp can be transmitted to dull. So, again, the concept of dealing with the same class of things, so, whatever it is that we want to attract into our lives is a matter of identifying and seeing the polar opposite of that thing in that class, all right and that gives us tremendous power to transmute. So, on this scale and it’s an emotional scale, the emotions are vital, we pay attention to where are we, what is the emotional state. Fear isn’t going to transform to love or courage or hate, but these mental states belong to just an infinite number of degrees and each class has its polar opposite.

And why is this important, because what we attract is again on the basis of what we believe, what our mental state, our vibrational frequency and again, know that all of these states can be changed through this concept and this principle of polarization. But also understand that the majority of people’s mental states is the results of the mental states of others being induced into them, and the fact of the matter is that change is a choice and it is through this power and Napoleon Hill 1st concept, you have to have a burning desire, then you have to have faith, faith and infinite intelligence. You have to an employ autosuggestion to program your subconscious mind and then you have to make a decision and the decision is what pole of vibrational frequency will you allow your mind to resonate on.

And it’s this fact that enables us as we are students of hermetic philosophy, to transmute from one mental state to another, along this line of polarization. So, what we do is we simply go up this scale right, mental changes are brought about their occasioned by a change in polarity, so, if you find yourself at the low end of the scale going woo! this is hard, this is difficult, I’m feeling hopeless, I’m feeling blocked, I’m feeling unsatisfied, recognize that, instantly become aware of that and decide to move up the scale and now notice, just like on this graph, it’s a matter of incremental degrees, right, 1o of separation after the other higher and higher and higher and higher and higher, up the scale.

So, you don’t go from dejection and loss and hopelessness all the way to job in abundance and fulfillment in one leap, you go by be degree and that is how you’re able to use this concept of polarity to move up that scale and change the degree of your vibrational frequency. You choose with the will power, with the concept of will– again, if you take a look at Napoleon Hill’s 7th of his 13 principles. Principle number 7 is decision and this is a decision to be thinking in a state of belief, absolute faith, absolute achievement, absolute positive vibrational frequency and by polarizing your mind to the positive pole, it negates fear and all the other negative emotions there transmuted into– up that scale of courage, of hope, of love, of joy, of abundance and fulfillment and so, this is this is the importance of this great principle, a knowledge of polarity, of this law of polarity.

It enables each of us to better understand ourselves as well as the mental states of others and know that these mental states are all just a matter of incremental degree in becoming a master of controlling, raising and lowering our own personal mental vibrational frequency, Is to achieve a state of mastery and that enables us to have tremendous impact and influence and benefit to others as well as ourselves. So, we are committed to studying this material on a daily and weekly basis, next week we get into the next– the law of rhythm, the 5th great hermetic principle. Chapter 11 rhythm in the Kybalion and by all means continue to dedicate yourself to studying, reading, contemplating, meditating on and applying this material into your life daily.

The reason we repeat our affirmations is to create that belief that I am so happy and grateful, now that I am and raise that vibrational frequency and combine it with belief for what the wealth creation mastermind is a resource that is here for you, this is the curriculum. Now, tomorrow, we are on the Tuesday night broadcast, we talk about acting in a certain way. So, improper ration, decide who do you want to be, what do you want to do, what do you want to have, what’s the legacy and then determine. We’re living on the physical plane, there is a cost associated everything.

What is that cost, what does it take and then what are– what is your process for achieving that and that is– we talk about that process on Tuesday night, this has been Exercise 31, the law of polarity, Chapter 10 in the Kybalion and I want to commend you for being the wealth creation mastermind, because you are going to attract a 1,000,000 members and together we’re going to lead people around the world in the lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity, filled with physical intellectual and spiritual abundance. Congratulations.

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The central theme of The Kybalion revolves around seven Hermetic principles, which are considered the foundational truths governing the universe Overall, The Kybalion serves as a philosophical and spiritual guide for those interested in Hermeticism and esoteric wisdom