The Kybalion (Ch 3)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Nov 27, 2018

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Exercise #24 – Mental Transmutation 2.0


I want to welcome everybody on board for this exercise, exercise 24 in the Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum. And you know, for those of you who are relatively new, you know this is the third book in the curriculum. And the topic of this particular chapter is “Mental Transmutation.” It’s the heart and soul. It’s the key of all of hermetic philosophy. And indeed, it’s actually the nexus of everything for all three books. And so, I find it interesting that here after 23 previous exercises, this is where we’re actually getting to the most important point of the entire curriculum. And that is this aspect of mental is mentalism, mental transmutation, alright.

So, we are delving into this whole concept of mental transmutation and you know, you’ve got this image of the mind with a question mark in it and the sort of asked the question, what are you doing with your mental faculties? What are we each doing, you know, how much responsibility are we taking for utilizing the mind to its fullest, highest and best.

And a lot of people when they fill out their application to become members of the Wealth Creation Mastermind, they’ll say something to the effect, you know, when we asked the question, why are you a good fit? The response to something I’m ready to become my highest and best, I’m ready to achieve the have more. I’m ready to make a greater impact. And so all of these things the law of life is advancement. The law of life is the law of increase and for us to be true to that law that demands that we are increasing our capacity. And that is a mental art. So this first hermetic axiom of mind may be transmuted from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition, pole to pole, vibration to vibration. Obviously each one of those is one of the hermetic laws. And so, this first law of mentalism is indeed the most important.

Now here’s the thing that is radically exciting about hermetic philosophy, is that these ancient theories go back as we know about 4,000 years to a time that predates Christ by 1800 and 2000 years back to the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. And what is going on today with the advent of quantum mechanics and quantum physics, and the discovery of 8D, the 8-dimensional universe is the fact, the irrefutable fact that these ancient hermitage is actually new and grasped the actual nature of reality 4,000 years ago, and so, all of this happening in science today is actually verifying what there has been heretofore no physical proof for before. And yet with atom smashers and colliders were able to study the nature of the subatomic. And the truth is that these ancients, these philosophers actually possessed a transcendental knowledge and it was yes, of chemistry, of astrology, of but more importantly of psychology and the inner workings of our minds. And so, what we get into, this is a doorway into the absolute most critical way of gaining knowledge.

Now, if you think about in Napoleon Hill’s great classic Think and Grow Rich, he goes through 13 different principles. And if you think back to principle number 4, that is the principle of specialized knowledge, what you’re gaining by studying. And I do mean it’s not reading; it is studying. If you’re like me, you’ll read a sentence and reread it and go back and then reread the previous page, read the next page, go back, read the chapter 2, 3 times, put things together and actually study the material and begin to unravel it because this book, The Kybalion is where we are gaining the specialized knowledge of how the mind and our mental faculties actually work.

Now, this is critically important because the underlying reality, the source code of this matrix, this mental matrix that we are living in is that the universe is indeed mental. Isn’t that a strange statement interesting statement? What is mind? Well mind in this context is comparative to spirit, the vibrational state of pure spirit.

And that’s the wild thing that’s going on with quantum physics today is, you know, we remember string theory was the big rage awhile back and everybody’s trying to come up with this unified field theory, this unified theory of everything between, you know, Einstein postulated was true on the huge scale, right, the gravitational pull of planets in space, time and space and how that works. But what quantum physics does is it studies the minute and those laws of relativity do not apply, right? So, string theory came along and then there’s not particles, it’s actually streams, it’s waves, it’s action of waves and strings. And now that’s being debunked. Why? Why is string theory being debunked is because it hasn’t proven anything, and in physics and math, if you can’t prove it is irrelevant. So what is now being proven?

So this concept of the geometric aspect of the universe, this goes back to, you know what Steve Russo, Stever has written in his book is the absolute smallest particle known that is recognizable is the tetrahedron, right? And that’s what actual geometry of the universe is built on. Now, when you start to grasp that the universe’s mental and you understand that we have the ability to adjust our mental vibrational state to transmute one mental state into another, you begin to realize that you actually are dancing around the ability to control the material conditions of the universe as well as the mental conditions. So, you know, yeah, it’s true that just a teeny, teeny sliver of humanity alive on the planet at any one time reaches or achieves the level of mastery of their mental faculties, right?

And those advanced mental alchemists are able to do things that are almost beyond the realm of understanding. They can actually control, grows your physical conditions. They can literally control elements of nature. I know this to be true. I’ve heard and seen and read of circumstances and you know, there are certainly these masters of Alchemy are not out there postulating and performing and trying to gain publicity. What they’re really doing is they’re working to advance the race.

Now, if you think in terms of what are we doing together in the Wealth Creation Mastermind? Yes, it’s true. We certainly want to be students of this material for our own benefit so that we move our own lives higher and to become the highest and best versions of ourselves to be, do, and have more to advance our own lives. But in truth, we are also of the mind, the mastermind that is more and more and more of this comes together in this spirit of harmony applying this creative method of thought that we are going to have an impact beyond just ourselves, but on the minds of others. And we’re actually, this is a part of what we’re going to be getting into is, you know, being able to work freely. It’s not just the masters, it’s us, the students, the Ad Depths of hermetic thought that are able to work along these mental planes for applying mental transmutation.

Now this works, okay, it does work ultimately in all three planes that the physical, the intellectual and the spiritual, and for the practice of this work that we’re doing together and for the teaching that comes out of The Kybalion, this is work that we’re doing on the mental plane, the intellectual faculties. And the majority of modern practitioners are missing a vital piece. And the benefit to us of studying the Kybalion is we’re getting that master key that’s being provided to us. This is the fundamental knowledge of how hermetic transmutation works.

So, you know whatever mental state we are in, we know that if you look at this image, there’s all these vibrations and it affects the entire earth, and these states are constantly in a state of change, right? And they are being influenced by mind, by the mind of others, the mind of the race as a whole and the mind of powerful individuals. So the more power we gain, the more influence we have. And to become a practitioner of mental science is to know that you actually possess the ability to change your material condition by transmuting your mental condition, so it starts with having.

And here again, we go back to Napoleon Hill first principle, burning desire. Okay. So the Hermes calls it an earnest desire and Napoleon Hill calls it a burning desire. And then the Hermes says is the application of will, willpower. Well, if you take a look at almost any of the principles that Napoleon Hill talks about, they are all influenced by personal will and treatments. These are things like affirmations, right? And so, by learning and applying and becoming a practitioner of mental science, you are actually able to change the condition of not only your life but the life of those around you. So, this is the first and foremost of the 7 hermetic truths, and it does explain the fundamental truth that the all, everything, omniscience, omnipotence, everlasting this, all of it, the all, all knowing, all being is indeed mind, right? We are living, we have our being, we have our existence in the everlasting mind of the all.

So, if we are indeed extensions, individualization, you know, my new sparks of that infinite intelligence. Then by deduction, the underlying reality of the universe is mind, and I have, we have, you have, the ability to change the conditions of that mind, other words of material conditions. So, this is why we get into this and study this. In reality, the basic principle of all hermetic philosophy is the art of mental transmutation. Think about mentalism. Napoleon Hill has 13 principles. What is desire? Mental. What is faith? Mental. What is the use of autosuggestion? Again. What is specialized knowledge? It’s the grasp, the knowledge, the use of the deductive reasoning capacity. What is the imagination? Our ability to see things before they materialize. What is organized planning? The use of the deductive, as well as inductive reasoning capacity. What is decision? The use of the will. What is persistence again? Another mental faculty. What is the mastermind? Hello, you know, right. What is sex transmutation? Transmuting one state willpower to do so. What’s the use of the subconscious mind? Conscious. The subconscious.

Do you see how important this critical statement of mentalism and mental transmutation becomes. It’s the key. It’s the source. It’s the underlying code of everything. And once you get mastery and you don’t have to become an advanced hermit test, you can begin and start to get benefit right now, right where you are. So just remember that under and back of the universe of time, space and change is ever to be found, these substantial realities, the fundamental truth, right? So this is why we are into this material. Now when we say think in a certain way, what’s number one? Its read, study, don’t just pass through at one time, study this material, internalize and memorize it, think about it, and then meditate. If you are not meditating, if you’re not using contemplation, if you’re not getting quiet and developing your mental faculties, you’re shortchanging yourself.

Take advantage of Read the newsletter, watch the replays, participate in the conversation. The conversation afterward is the best part of the call because this is where we share cognitions realizations, how we’re applying this material into our lives and talking about application. This is what we do on Tuesday nights. Monday, we think in a certain way. Tuesday, look, you’ve got to move your feet. You got to take action and you’ve got to become abundant and you’ve got to pay it forward to others. So we lay out a very clear plan of action that’s not a theory that does work, as work, is work for many, many, many, many, many people. So, we decode how to get the job done and pay it forwards others, same time, same link. This has been mental transmutation, chapter 3.

Now, you know, this has been the Thanksgiving week, and what I am most cognizant of where my gratitude is, is for you, is for those of you who have gravitated to being a part of the Wealth Creation Mastermind and raising the resonance, the vibrational frequency of each other and attracting more and more and more to do the same. Congratulations and thank you! You are at the Wealth Creation Mastermind!

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