The Kybalion (Ch 4)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Dec 4, 2018

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Exercise #25 – The All 2.0


All right! I do want to welcome you on board. This is the formal wealth creation mastermind curriculum call that we do every week; and for those of you that are brand new, I want to frame it just a little bit. First of all, there’s nothing theological about us. We’re wide open, but every once in a while, you get kind of a useful biblical analogy that comes along. And back a 1000 years; well actually 3000 years ago; 1000 years before Christ, King Solomon built the temple of truth and there’s so much mythology around the temple of truth. That’s where the Ark of the Covenant was housed and if you take a look at the construction of this particular building, this temple, a colonnade of pillars; and in front of the colonnade, is a portico. In front of the portico are 2 massive bronze pillars.

One of these pillars is called Jachin and other pillar is called Boaz. The derivation of those words is important because Jachin comes from Jach and Jach is the number one which represents math which represents the law. So one pillar of truth is the pillar of the law, universal law; the other pillar is derived from the word Aoaz, which is the voice which represents the personality which is representative of the individualized will of mankind, humankind.

So the 2 pillars of truth that we in the wealth creation mastermind have got to square are the pillar of the law and so much of what we deal with in The Kybalion, in this book that we’re into now, is about the law, but we cannot ignore our part, will power, the personalization and the individualization. And so this is a very, very, very exciting chapter that we’re getting into. We do go through 3 books. First by Wallace Wattles, there is The Science of Getting Rich and what he postulated there is there is a thinking stuff which penetrates, permeates, and fills the inner spaces of the universe and a thought that is planted into that formless substance—we can actually as thinking beings cause the things that we think about to become manifest, to become created.

So how do we do that? How do we actually think in that certain specific way? This is where book 2, Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich goes through 13 principles and his first statement is thoughts. Thought is a power. Thought is a force. So how do we take that force and mould it in such a way—how do we work with it, how do we channel it in such a way to cause what we want to manifest. So he has got these principles of desire and faith and autosuggestion and specialized knowledge and imagination, organized planning, decision. He has got these 13 principles, persistence, the power of the mastermind; and as you go through these transmutations, subconscious mind, the brain, and the 6th Sense, what you realize is almost all of them are mental faculties.

So what Napoleon Hill does is he says you take these 13 principles and you work with these mental faculties and this is how you unlock the power of thought. Now what we’re doing in this book, The Kybalion, we’re studying the laws, the first pillar, Jachin, the pillar of law, of truth, of absoluteness; because what you find is… Here’s one for you. How did we discover radium? Radium wasn’t looked at and found in a microscope. It was postulated because according to chemical principles, it had to exist. How did we discover the planet Neptune? Because of the movement that astronomers were seeing in their heavenly observations. It is like there’s got to be this big gravitational force whacking everything out.

So it wasn’t discovered by seeing it through the telescope. It was discovered through interpretation of law, same way that gallium was discovered on the periodic table, had to exist. So how do we send men to Mars, men to the moon? It’s these laws, these irrefutable laws. The law works just like mathematics. 2 plus 2 is always going to come up 2. So you’ve got these. And there were into this, the first law is mentalism. Now don’t mistake this as theology. Don’t go down the path of closing your mind because you’ve had inductive thought that’s been implanted into your mind. Open your mind to deductive reasoning.

What this image here represents—lift the river represents your life; lift the boat, the ship represents your being travelling on your personal River of Life; lift that image of the sage with the staff of wisdom represent the sage Hermes Trismegistus who lived back at the time of Abraham 4000 years ago and was known in Egypt as the scribe of the gods or also sometimes called the god Thoth himself; invented chemistry and mathematics and astronomy and all of these 7 hermetic principles are attributed to him. The 1st is mentalism and that is what we’re into today.

So the first hermetic principle is The All and what it says is that underneath, behind, and back of, this universe that we see of time and space and change that we perceive through our senses which by the way are just picking up electromagnetic frequency—that’s all our senses do; we’re just picking up electromagnetic signals. So we’re picking up vibrations with our senses, but behind all of this that we’re picking up with our senses there’s always a substantial reality which is the fundamental truth. And again you go back to that mythology of the temple of truth, the temple of wisdom and you go through these 2 pillars. So the first is we’re studying what these laws are and what the truth is. Well there is a substantial reality.

Now we know that we are living in this vibratory universe where we’re perceiving things with our eyes, our ears, our 5 senses, but we also know that that is insubstantial. Why? Because nothing that we see or hear or observe lasts. It’s all in the change. So what that means is there’s actually something, a very essential elemental truth of realness that must underlie this perceived universe and we know this by our observation and we know scientifically even the earth at one point didn’t exist and we know at some point in time in the future will no longer exist; same of our sun, same of our solar system.

Even on the grandest scale, everything is in constant evolution and we know there are quarks on the subatomic scale that pop into and out of existence faster than we can even perceive them. So what we do know is that everything is in constant change. Nothing is permanent except for that state of change. Now what is change? This is an interesting image. I want to give you a couple of frames of reference here. Now here’s something that blows my mind and that is that everything, whether it is gold or iron, silver or copper, gas or solid, everything at its subatomic level is made of the same substance. It’s just a matter of how many positive to negatively charged particles are rotating around each other. You take away a positive, it becomes a different element; you add a negative and it changes into a different element. You change the vibrational speed of things and that also can change its state, change its elemental nature. But at the subatomic level, everything is the same and we go back all the way to Wallace Wattles’ thinking stuff from which all things are made and it blows my mind.

Look at this image. Now that’s not actually the reality of an atom. If you took and said, “What do those particles represent?” Well imagine a drop of water. Now how big is the electron within that drop of water? Can you imagine a softball? We’ve all held a softball about the size of a grapefruit. So recognize that the grapefruit in reference to the globe of the earth is the same proportion as the electron to the atom. It’s all empty space. Now look at those vibrations of orbits. Now the true size of the orbit is—again if you think of that orbit of the earth, the rotation of the earth around the sun 93,000,000 miles away represents the size of the orbit of those electrons within the atom.

So do you see that what we’re dealing with is really empty space at a high rate of vibration? So it is outward appearance right that we’re are seeing, that we’re sensing, but the manifestation of some underlying power postulates the existence of the substantial reality and this substantial reality is what Napoleon Hill called infinite intelligence. Why did he call it infinite intelligence? Because every single theology, they’ve got a name for it. Christians call it God; Hindus call it something else; Buddhists call it something else; Muslims call it something else, Bahai calls it something else; Jews call it Yahweh. I mean there’re all these different names for what the Hermetic philosophers call The All.

So what we’re addressing today is this concept of The All and the thing that will blow you away is it is unknowable. We have finite intelligence and here we are trying to grasp this concept. So the finite mind is not able to really wrestle that concept to the ground and bring it to bear and any attempts to ascribe personality like jealousy or the need for sacrifice—it doesn’t have. This All is beyond animation of that nature and so we can’t ascribe attributes or properties to it and we almost can’t even try. The thing that the authors of this book do make very clear is that you really cannot think of this as theology or metaphysics because with theology, what we are dealing with is religion and philosophy.

Now religion is just the intuitive understanding that there is a force, an infinite source out there. Call it what you will, but there is something that exists and philosophy is the search for knowledge of things that are knowable. Now theology tries to stand between man and this infinite All and says there’s got to be an intermediary. That’s what theology is and metaphysics is trying to unravel the unknowable; and so this is neither. But The All is unknowable however. It is what goes after “but” and that is that there are certain truths that are definitely connected with the existence that our finite minds can grapple with and use our deductive reasoning capacity to deal with.

The first is that we know that The All must be all that really is. Now this is a key statement: The All must be all that really is. There can be nothing existing outside of The All. Well, what does that mean to us? Think about that. What that means is we must be within, we must be a part of, and we must be connected to this infinite original thinking substance. Now what does that mean to me and my ability to be a co-creator, to manifest what I desire? What stands in my way? So this is where we start to get a concept, “I am indeed the only person, thing, or idea capable of holding me back.” It’s right here, the 5 inches between my ears. Nothing, if I’m connected, if I’m a part of this. What does that mean? What can I tap into? How much of that Infinite Source can I plug into?

So it’s pretty exciting to start grappling with this. Now we go on to say The All must be infinite in time, space, and power. Nothing created it. It can never not be. There can be no place outside of The All. There is nothing to limit, restrict, restrain, confine, disturb or condition it. Whoa! So this is sort of like—I shared a YouTube video the other day and it kind of asked questions. There’s a woman standing in a swimming pool and the question was, “Well, what if you never got into that swimming pool, you’ve always been in that swimming pool? What if you are never ever, ever going to get out of that swimming pool, you’re always going to be in that swimming pool?” Can you fathom that?

The first thing we go is, “Well who built room pool? Where did the water come from? When did I put on a bathing suit? Has my hair been wet forever?” In my case, I don’t have to worry about that. And so it is like this fathomable concept that we’re trying to grapple with and yet that’s what we’re doing here. So you just got to kind of accept that there’re certain things that we’re just not going to unravel and one of them is the fact that this concept of The All has got to be immutable. It can’t be changeable. It can’t be added to or subtracted from. It can’t be increased or diminished or can’t become greater or lesser in any respect; otherwise it wouldn’t be the all. The All is intimate. It has always been. It is absolute in all ways. It’s eternal. It has never not been. It is unchangeable. It has always been the same. It has always been there and anything that is finite, changeable, or fleeting in condition cannot be The All. It can’t be.

So this leads us to the concept of the divine paradox which is one of the future chapters we get into that kind of unravels that concept. But when we take a look at the subatomic level, we realize there is nothing solid or substantial. We used to think it was just energy. Now we’re looking at energy from a quantum physics point of view and realizing it’s not even energy. I mean what’s going on with science today is verifying every bit of this. So is it just energy or force? No. Is it blind, mechanical, and devoid of life and mind? No.

So what is higher than matter or energy? Here we are: we have life, we have mind, we’re thinking about these concepts; so there’s life and mind. So this kind of takes the intuitive jump; The All is Infinite Living Mind and actually it’s a concept called Spirit and that is what we’re dealing with. Just know the universe that we are living in is a mental universe and each of us has our existence. We are held in the mind of this All. What does that mean to us? That is why we are studying these concepts next week, the Mental Universe, chapter 5.

People come in they say, “I want to be able to manifest. I want to cause the things I think about to be created.” Great! You can do it. It is the hardest work you’re ever going to do. It’s the most demanding because it requires creative thought. It requires that you think, study, contemplate, meditate, and come in control of your mental faculties. This is why we train the subconscious mind through the repetition of our affirmations. This is why we put the together to be a reference, a tool. That’s why we publish the weekly newsletter, the videos. That’s why we do the Monday night curriculum and the Tuesday night financial freedom.

So thinking in a certain way is paramount, but again remember the 2nd pillar Boaz. That’s will, the will to act. We must act; we must take action; we have to couple the law with the willpower to act. 2 pillars, right? So this is why the Tuesday night is critical. This is where you’ve got to decide who you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to represent, and what you stand for. And then you say, “What does it really take to live the life that I desire, my dreams?” Put a number on it. Be honest. What does it take to have a month of that? And then understand one of the things we do in the wealth creation mastermind that separates us is we give you a plan of action to execute against that.

This has been exorcize 25, chapter 4. I want to commend you because you all are the wealth creation Mastermind; and together what we’re doing, we’re going to draw together, attract a million people who are all thinking and acting in a certain way and what we’re going to do is we’re going to raise the vibrational rate of the planet and we’re going to just eliminate poverty consciousness and replace it with prosperity mentality. We’re going to cause the things that we think about to be created and we’re going to live lives of physical, intellectual, and spiritual abundance and pay it forward to others everywhere.

I want to commend you and thank you for being with us and being part of this.

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