The Kybalion (Ch 5)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Dec 11, 2018

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Exercise #25 – Mental Universe 2.0


Here we go. I do want to formally welcome you to the—I think we’re into Exercise 26 now, the 26th lesson in the wealth creation mastermind curriculum and we are right now into the 5th chapter of the 3rd book that we that we study in the curriculum called The Kybalion. A lot of people say, “Well, why 3 books? Why do you go over and over and over? Why do you keep diving in and staying in those same 3 books? Why don’t you get out and learn more?” This chapter is a perfect example.

As you guys were reading through this chapter called The Mental Universe, did you pick up that in this chapter—look there are 7 hermetic principles, universal laws that we cover in the Kybalion. Mentalism actually covers like the first 5 chapters of the book and then each of the other, correspondence and vibration, rhythm, polarity, and vibration, cause and effect, and gender, each have their own single chapter, except the gender has 2 chapters. But how many of you noticed in this chapter, not only are we dealing with the law of mentalism, but we’re also dealing with the law of correspondence which is the 2nd universal principle and we’re also dealing with the 7th universal principle which is gender; and within that combination, what is unlocked, what is given is the key, the secret to unlocking and applying the law of attraction. Did you pick it up?

I’ll be brutally honest with you and tell you that probably the first maybe 10 times that I read this book, I didn’t pick it up. I’m just that dense, okay? But the truth of the matter is what happens as we continue to study this material and combine all of the cognitions from the first book that there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, which permeates, penetrates, and fills the inner space of the universe. This is in correspondence to there is a mental universe. Then we go into book 2, which is Think and Grow Rich and talk about 13 principles. Isn’t it interesting that the 13th principle is the 6th sense, coming into mental, vibrational harmony with infinite intelligence, which we’ll be dwelling in on this chapter?

So they all come together and our understanding of how to become conscious co-creators of our own lives becomes very, very clear. So the message in Chapter 5 is that we’re living in a mental universe and that that entire multi-verse, the 8 dimensional universe that we’re living in, these millions and millions and millions of universes that exist simultaneously and throughout all of time and space, are held in the mind of this infinite mind, this living infinite mind of The All.

Now what is The All? This is like a concept. All right! Here we are, these finite beings, these morals, and—go ahead, get your head wrapped around the infinite. Good luck on that one, Ray. So being very pragmatic, having both inductive and deductive reasoning, we’ve used our deductive reasoning and said, “Well, the best way to explain the all is give it a name, put a label on it.” So we call it spirit. All right! Will you define spirit? One of the extraordinary things that’s going on today in science, with quantum physics is they get down to the smaller. It used to be that we thought, “Oh, the atom is the smallest. Oh, the core puzzle is the smallest”. Then we go inside and we look, “Oh, there’s electrons and neutrons. Hey! Within that, there’s neutrino; within that, there’s quarks; within that, there’s…” We go smaller and smaller and smaller. Is it waves? Is it particles? Are they in existence? Are they not in existence? What is that substance, that matter at that at the heart of energy? Looks like spirit. So it’s pretty extraordinary the times that we’re living in, but the spirit is just a name that we put on this highest conception of infinite living mind so that we can grapple with it with our reasoning capacity; and all it really, really means is the real, the fundamental essence, the building block of the reality that we perceive. So then we get into this question: I see the earth around me, I see my environment, I see the people, and I look up into space and I see this multitude of stars and universes and galaxies; so I perceive there is a universal. What is that? What is this? Because this is my home; I’m living in within a smaller and smaller and smaller segment of that universe which now I understand is actually a multi-verse and not 3 dimensions or 4 dimensions, but now apparently 8. So what is this and how does it exist? What did it spring from and how did it come into being? What gave birth to this? What is the reality? What is the essence of this?

So if it exists at all, then it’s got to have come from this construct that we call The ALL. So that’s the first premise. And then we say, “Well, if it exists, how did it come into being? How was it created?” And so you start going down this rabbit hole of logic and you say, “Well, The All can’t divide, it can’t be subtracted from, can’t be greater or less than; so it didn’t come from the substance of The All. The All couldn’t use material because there’s nothing outside of The All. So where did it come from? Where did it come from?”

And now here’s the first thing that you start realizing about The Kybalion and it gives you all the clues on how to unlock all the questions that we have because again the 2nd hermetic principle is the principle of correspondence as above so below; and this is on all planes of existence, the physical, intellectual, and the spiritual planes and the millions of vibrational frequency separators between them. Now we’re talking about trying to unravel the Law of Attraction and how we can personally draw into our lives. So a major clue is that on our plane of being, this physical plane of existence, how do we create, what’s the first thing that we do? And it’s that old Napoleon Hill concept, “thoughts are things”; and it’s that Wallace Wattles’ saying that by impressing our thoughts upon formless substance, we can cause the things we think about to be created.

Now if you go back and you look at that the 5th principle in the Think and Grow Rich, what is it? It is imagination, the human ability to picture something in our minds, to create it and imagine it. And so what are we doing when we create a universe of characters? What did Tolkien do when he created the Hobbit and Middle-Earth and that entire universe of characters? What did George Lucas do when he created Star Wars, the whole Star Wars epic? They created this universe. These authors, we as humans have the capacity to imagine, to think and create mentally.

So the universe is actually a creation not of a finite mind, but of an Infinite Living Mind; and that’s a hard one to get your head wrapped around again; and this is so critical to our grasp of the Law of Attraction. Now we’re going to bring in the law of gender here in a moment which is a key part of unraveling the secret of the Law of Attraction, but if The All creates mentally and in so doing, it’s not using any outside material, it’s not reproducing itself, yet the spirit of that creator pervades the mental creation.

So what is going on here is the creation of The All is the creation of an Infinite Living Mind and just like we can create a universe through our imagination. The 2 are exactly the same, but they’re separated by an infinite number of degrees; like where does hot and cold begin on the thermometer, where’s sharp and dull? So there’s all these separators and so the separation between the creation of our finite intelligence and the creation of infinite intelligence is a matter of degrees, but—and here’s the critical thing—it works the same way, as above so below.

If that creative capacity exists and the entire universe is a creation of a mental construct, an infinite living intelligence, what does that mean regarding below on this plane our ability to co-create? This is really exciting because all of the teachings, all the hermetic wisdom, the wise and the illumined, throughout history all agree that how creation takes place is mentally and then we can use our own logic function and that capacity to know that all is mind, that the infinite living mind of the all is the womb of all universe. Everything is mental.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty. This is the exciting part of this chapter. I’m thunder struck that it took me so long to have it pop out at me so obviously that the way that we can manifest and operate the law of creation is through conscious control of the workings of the principle of gender. Gender has nothing to do with sex, male/female or man/woman. It has everything to do with creation, co-creation; generation, regeneration. That’s the law of gender.

So here’s the thing to understand about all of these principles that we’re studying. They apply on all planes. So even though the infinite is beyond law, what’s going on is infinite living intelligence is coming onto the plane of the physical and therefore everything on this plane is in correspondence, is working with the laws that apply to the laws of created universe. So this applies on all planes, but when The All manifests on the plane of creation, it acts according to the laws and principles on this lower physical plane. That means if it works for The All, that tells us how to use it. So we’ve got to get into this law of gender. We’ve got to unravel the law of gender and how it works to understand the Law of Attraction, how to consciously bring into our lives what we want.

Now there’re 2 forces, as above so below. Think of your own mind, conscious, volitional; choosing part of the mind, subconscious, creative, birthing element of the mind. Now the masculine element of gender is the impelling force and it inseminates the idea and it stands apart. It has nothing to do with the creative work of the subconscious feminine, fertile, generative, creative element of mind, but the 2 are working together. So this is so critical.

This is such a key information that the way gender works is there’s this fatherhood of God and motherhood of God, the Mother Nature; and we just instinctively have this reverence for the other, for this All, for this infinite living intelligence; and we just automatically, intuitively understand the divine Father, the nature of the universal mother and understand with our reasoning capacity that they’re all one. All of it is tied together. One cannot exist without the other. We cannot create without employing both the volition, the will. The will is the masculine energy of the mind. So choose.

Again we go back and all the clues are given in all these books. We have to use Faith; we have to have belief, we have to have absolute trust that what we desire—principle number 1 desire, number 2 faith, belief—that what we imagine, what we create, and what we use our autosuggestion to take an idea and plant into the subconscious part of the mind, then that subconscious part of the mind starts using organized planning and we make a decision. It starts with a decision. We’re going to make it happen.

So this is the will. That’s the use of the will. That’s the masculine choosing and this is the law of gender that when we combine the masculine and the feminine together in the law of gender what we have done is we have unravelled the generative, creative aspect of mind. We have mastered the law of attraction. So we are actually dwelling—think about the movie, The Matrix. What was The Matrix? It was a construct. It was a computer simulation, but in a sense we are living within a construct and it’s a construct of the infinite mind of The All.

Now what does that mean to us? Here’s where the goose bumps start running up and down your spine; because you realize you are a creation, a mental creation within a mental creation and yet, again, that principle of correspondence says above so below; we have that creative, generative capacity ourselves. So the thing to know is within this mother-father mind, we the mortal children are at home. This is where we belong. We’re on an intimate spiral upwards. We can do no wrong and all we have to do is come into conscious co-creation. This is why study of this material is so definitively important to us.
Next week, we enter into the divine paradox. That’s a fun chapter and here is why, my friends, we think in a certain way. We utilize this curriculum to unravel the mysteries of the Law of Attraction and beyond that, what we’re also doing is we’re repeating our affirmations, our desires, our belief, our faith. We’re programming our subconscious mind; we’re using the will to repeat an affirmation that we believe program the subconscious mind so that that can come in harmony with this infinite intelligence and we can activate our 6th sense to receive intuition and guidance and knowledge and wisdom from this infinite infallible source.

This is why the wealth creation mastermind is a resource. This is why we send out the weekly newsletter, the replays, and the curriculum. We think and act in a certain way. By the way Monday night all about thinking in a certain way, but the fallacy, the reason most people fail at the creative method of thought is they don’t combine it with the creative method of action. And so that’s what Tuesday night is all about.

So by all means, same time, same link, show up and make sure you’re on the Tuesday night financial freedom and lifestyle call and we will combine thought and action together. This has been Exercise Lesson Number 26. As always I want to commend you, thank you, and give you my gratitude and acknowledgement. You are the wealth creation mastermind and together we’re going to lead millions of people around the world into lives of freedom and meaning and prosperity filled with abundance on all planes.

Thank you and God bless you.

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