Think and Grow Rich (Ch 10)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Oct 2, 2018

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Exercise #16 – The Mastermind Principle


And once again, I welcome you to the Curriculum Call as Chris was mentioning, make a commitment to a 9-month program because once you have been through the full curriculum, every week we study a different chapter in one of the three books: Think and Grow Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the Kybalion. And you will never want to stop studying and applying this material because; you’ll realize it’s your absolute key for causing the things that you think about to be created is mastering and then manifesting the creative method of thought. And we are into chapter 10, which is The Power of the Mastermind. Napoleon Hill calls this the 9th. There are 13 different principles that starts the overall arching concept, is that thoughts are things that we can think in a creative method and begin to cause the things that we think about to be created.

And then we have, we coupled that with desire and faith. And then we begin to employ the concept of autosuggestion to program the subconscious mind, and we employ specialized knowledge. For example, some of you, I think Carlos, you found us online and I believe, maybe I’m not correct on that, but I know a number of members have found us online that is through the specialized knowledge of search engine optimization, then we combine that with an organized plan. And this again is where we coupled the specialized knowledge of people like Chris and myself who have created affiliate marketing empires and created a regular stream of reproductive residual income called mailbox money. And it starts really with a decision, you know, you have to at some point decide, yes, I’m going to engage in this material and stay involved in it until I master it. And that does take the 8th principle, which is persistence staying with it. And it’s like losing weight. You can’t do it sometime, right. You have to engage some degree in thinking in a certain way every day. And that’s where we come to this, the power of the mastermind.

You know one of the things that Napoleon Hill says is that power is essential for success in the accumulation of money, of abundance, of converting the thought into its tangible equivalent. And all the best plans in the world are completely inert and useless. They hold no value without sufficient power to employ them and translate them into action. So, let’s talk about power. What is power? Well, power defined by Napoleon Hill – I love this weight lifters – is actually organized and intelligently directed knowledge, and that knowledge is then organized effort which is sufficient to enable you to transmute your desire, your chief aim in life into its physical monetary equivalent. And it is that organized effort that is produced through the coordination of two or more people.

And again, I want to commend Chris Pilgrim. He saw this right away and it was the two of us. We introduced it to Chris Rodgers. He sought and engaged. came along, Bob came along, more and more and more and more and more people. And as time goes by, what we’re doing is we’re taking this power of organized knowledge, and we’re converting it into organized definite plans of action, and then we’re taking an understanding where knowledge comes from, right. So, if knowledge or power is organized knowledge, what are the sources of knowledge? Right? Well, there are three, and the first and this is the most powerful and profound is infinite intelligence. And there is, we already studied, I think it was the the 5th principle, which is imagination.

And there’s two kinds of imagination. There’s the synthetic imagination and the creative imagination. The creative imagination, Stever talks in his book about intuition, and intuition is a mental faculty. And that is one of the things that enables us to come in touch with what is actually the 13th principle in the Science of Think and Grow Rich, which is the 6th sense. This is what enables us to get input directly from infinite intelligence.

The other source, second source is simply accumulated experience and boy, boy, boy, are we living in a ripe age for accessing the accumulated experience of anybody in any way that you can possibly think of with a simple internet search, a Google search, and all of that information is classified, organized and readily available. Source three is new information that is the result of experiment and research, and there are scientists and researchers and business people. They’re constantly engaged in the development of new facts, and all of that is classified, quantified and published, and there again available to all of us through this digital age that we’re living with.

And again, I acknowledge our partners, Julian Adorney, Chris Rogers, who are the digital marketing gurus making all of this possible. And then this knowledge that can be obtained from any of those four going sources, it has to be converted into power. Right? So the first way of doing that is organizing it into definite plans.

Now, I want to encourage everybody, obviously stay in this 9-month program on the Monday night curriculum call, but take a look at the plans of action that the Wealth Creation Mastermind has put together to employ to actual create the physical cash flow, the monthly reproductive residual income that is done on Tuesday nights. Do not miss the Tuesday nights, same link, same time, tune in, master, just like you’re mastering the creative method of thought, master, understanding the creative plans for action, right? Because it’s that those comprehensive plans that we are actually doing something, we do include a large number of people, so we have to induce people to join us by paying benefit forward to them by adding more value. That is what we do together as a Wealth Creation Mastermind. That is why I commend you. You are using your creative process as you master this material to pay it forward, to give increase to others, to be of service to others, to indeed lift up all of humanity to make an impact, make a contribution.

And Napoleon Hill says that you must be in a mastermind. Power can only be gained through the mastermind coordination of knowledge and effort in the spirit of harmony, perfect harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a very specific purpose. And we’ll talk about what we’re doing, but notice this image of yourself with the influencing and inducing for mastermind participants to embrace this wisdom and this knowledge and act upon it. No individual can have great power which we know is organized effort without a mastermind. So, when you act on definite plans with persistence…

Again, persistence being the 8th principle in Think and Grow Rich and you use, and here’s an absolutely critical component of this principle is used intelligence and discrimination in the selection of your mastermind group. You are part of a mastermind, but you are also building your mastermind of 4. Our intention is to build a team a million strong of people thinking in the creative method, so that we can eliminate poverty, transform it into prosperity, and do it with the creative method of thought by being engaged in this material over the 9-month curriculum and paying it forward 4 become 16, becomes 64, 256. On the 10th level, the 10th power, we have a million people. And the objective is to really make an impact and by being very selective with your 4 mastermind partners, your work is half done. It is reached before you even recognize that’s how critical the compiler of your mastermind have for 4 people is.

So, you know the curious thing about all of this wisdom is you have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone. You must make the personal decision. Again, the 7th principle in this philosophy, the decision that you are going to be a part of and create and pay forward to 4 others, the mastermind concept, the creative method of thought. And again, what is a mastermind? When two or more so when you attract one other, you have launched your mastermind, and by being on this call, you’re participating and plugged in already to the power. And when that happens, a 3rd invisible force and intangible forces created the mastermind and it’s hard to conceive of it. This is one of the things that I love about Stever’s book, he’s literally taking a concept of time and space and presenting it in a physical tetrahedron.

And the concept here is that there are two primary characteristics benefits to you of participation. One is the obvious economic benefit of having other people in coordinated effort with alignment with you, but the other is even more substantial and that is the psychic benefit because if you think about the human mind, it is actually a spiritual component of energy. And what we are doing is we are forming, we have formed this wealth creation mastermind for the express purpose, building a team, 1 million strong to lead others to mastery of the creative method of thought, for the purpose of being, doing and having more physical, prosperity, intellectual, abundance, and spiritual wealth, so that we can absolutely become co-creators by mastering this method. And that is what this wealth creation mastermind is all about, is following, embracing, and mastering the creative method of thought.

And the benefit of coupling our minds is that, okay, we know that we’ve got to accumulate great power and it can only be accumulated with this principal. Think of your mind as a power cell, a battery, and imagine have a flashlight as you plugged 3, 4, 5 batteries into this flashlight. What happens? The beam, the power of the light becomes brighter and brighter and penetrates more and more into the darkness. And that is exactly what is happening with the human brain. As we combine into this power of the mastermind, coming together with a group of minds coordinated in a spirit of perfect harmony, and that provides everyone more energy right? Now, the beautiful thing is that increased energy that’s generated is available to everybody and you think about the diversity of brainpower that this reference, this group represents, but you can literally accomplish anything you can conceive of because when we formed this mastermind, something miraculous happens and that is that we become touched by infinite intelligence.

We have access to this unlimited infinite source of all things, this quantum foam from which all things are spring from is an intelligent divine source and it is an infinite storehouse of infinite energy. Now, this formula substances, inexhaustible is always available to everyone who knows how to access it and the way you access it is thinking and acting in a certain way, but it’s abundant and unlimited and the possibilities of what can be created from this formula’s infinite foremost stuff is just unstoppable. So, this is why makeup commitment to stay with this curriculum read the material daily, think about it, meditate deeply upon it, take the action of being engaged with this material, with this curriculum, and with the Tuesday night action plan. So, develop the habit. And this is what it is. It is a habit of studying and applying the information in the trilogy of books and use all of the resources.

I’ll tell you, money is shy and elusive. You know poverty does not take anything to cultivate. It pops up like a weed in your mind. It’s going to pollute your garden unless you cultivate and call abundance to you. And you see the thing about money is that it comes to those who know how to courted, how to call it, and you do that with the same way that you court a mate and that’s with love and that is with attention and that is with positive emotion of hope and belief and excitement and the thrill of attraction, alright? This is the law of attraction. What you are thinking about with hope and belief and love and excitement is what you’re manifesting right now. You know this is double-edged sword. So you have to apply this concept with a plan of action.

And there again, so we have on Tuesday night, you mix that belief, that power of the mastermind with a plan, and you combine that with desire and persistence and action and you are swept on. Look, there is a river. There’s a great force like a river that flows through the universe. It’s a quantum force that is everywhere at all times and what you do is you take the power of positive emotions and you get swept up in that current by the same token. Understand that this river moves in two different directions simultaneously, one flowing up towards abundance, the other flowing down to poverty and lack. So understand that, this constant flow is available everywhere at all times to everybody, and it is the positive emotions of thought that form the side of the stream that carries you to fortune as opposed to the negative emotions that carry you down to lack and poverty. Control what you think, stay engaged in the power of the mastermind and understand everyone, sooner or later, we knock on death’s door. We are here for a very short period of time, a dash right stever. That’s what it is.

And so, understand that what you do, the actions that you take matter, what you think, what you study is vital. Next week, we’re into the Mystery of Sex Transmutation. Transmutation is a powerful concept that has been in archaic thought and transcends dental thought since the beginning of time. Transmutation is a vital topic to comprehend. That’s the 10th step towards riches and it has actually chapter number 11 in Think and Grow Rich. Thinking in a certain way is vital. We’ll have a new blog out, Julian, I’ll be sending it over to you tomorrow for your editing and your magic and your wisdom, and then you’ll have availability of that on the website. Read the blogs, revisit everything on the website. Take advantage of the resources by all means, act in a certain way. Decide very clearly. What is your highest and best version of yourself? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? Determine what it’s going to take tuning on Tuesday night, same link so that you can take advantage of what we’re doing.

I do really commend you. I have deep gratitude and love for each of you for participation, for being drawn to this material, for the commitment to change the world together. Thank you everybody. Bye for now.

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