Think and Grow Rich (Ch 11)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Oct 9, 2018

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Exercise #17 – Transmutation


And I do want to welcome you all to this Exercise Number 17 in the Wealth Creation Mastermind curriculum. Look, what we’re doing here as Chris mentioned, right now we’re into or the 10th step, the 10th principle in Think and Grow Rich. There’s 13 principles overall that we study in this book. We study a curriculum of 3 books – this is the second one. And here’s the deal. If you’re brand new, like, you know, Stephanie congratulations, welcome on board. We’ve got new people coming on every week, doesn’t matter where you start because what we do is we weave through this and then we started again, so over a 9-month period of time, you’re going to be exposed to all of the principles, the national working laws of Wealth Creation.

And what we do as a team, as a Masterminders, we support one another. We come together as likeminded people with the intention. We’re building a team of a million strong for the intention of mastering and applying the creative method of thought, so that we can be, doing, and have abundance on the physical, intellectual, and spiritual level. This is chapter 11, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. And the thing that to key in on, in this particular chapter is the word transmute. And so, and I think this image is an awesome image, alright, you got a robo boy and robo girl, but you know kind of picture those two humans because what they are, we all exist in our own field of energy, but we also broadcast or transmit and vibrate this field of energy and we can affect not only ourselves but those around us by what we are vibrating.

And here’s where transmutation comes in. We have think of a thought is energy, right. A thought is a field of force of energy. And you can just by modulating the dial on a radio, same thing with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. We can modulate those thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And that modulation is called transmutation. So that’s the place to begin with this powerful chapter. And remember the transmutation is the art of changing from one element form of energy, thought is energy into another, right.

Now, transmutation contains the secret of getting in touch with. Look, the 13th principle in this material, in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is the 6th sense. What we’re talking about with the 6th sense, and that again is one of the principles is creative imagination, right. Now, the creative ability is where you receive thought impulses directly from infinite intelligence and among the very most powerful of mental stimuli. We’re going to dive into mental stimuli in just a second, is the urge that drives, I mean, take a look at what just transpired in the news over the last few weeks. This raw emotional exposure of energy misapplied, frankly, right?

So, we have to acknowledge powerful force that once we understand guide and direct successfully into a focused channel, can be lead us into higher spheres of thought right now. Understand that transmuting, this essential drive gives you access to that creative imagination. It’s sort of like elevating your mind to a whole new plane where you can see clearly other things and this desire for physical contact. You know, closeness, love, when transmuted into some other form of desire, some other channel of energy and action, it can raise the individual to phenomenal heights of achievement.

Now, creative imagination, this is such a great image because it is purely an imaginative image. This cannot exist anywhere outside of the imagination. It cannot actually exist in 3-dimensional space. Now people attain that status of genius only exclusively by stimulating mind, alright. So what’s required to stimulate mind is to get in touch with mental stimuli, and when you do that, it opens the key to the creative imagination. And the reason that you want to do that is this doorway, this creative imagination, this 6th sense intuition that we possess as one of our mental faculties is actually that doorway that you know, that wormhole into contact with infinite intelligence. So, it’s able to take our finite intelligence and couple it with the infinite intelligence of original source.

Now, remember that the brain is the 12th principle, and in this philosophy, we’re coming to that in another a couple of weeks. And what the brain is is a transmitting and sending unit for vibration energy, alright? And the human brain actually responds to stimulation. So, you got to figure out, okay, what are the mental stimuli? There’s 10 primary mental stimuli. We know that this desire for closeness, for physical expression is powerful, we can’t refute that. And love is now – Emotions are the key, you know, rich shared with us that the name of a book, I think it’s Feeling is the Secret, and that’s one of the books that there’s another – there’s a number of books that really talk about feelings and emotions.

Love is a powerful driving force. Another mental stimuli is this burning desire for achievement, fame, power, you know, financial gain, money, glory. And when we see people who are affected by it. And then of course, man, no one can refute the extraordinary ability of music to be mental stimuli. And many of us use it. And then, of course, there’s this friendship and here they are, and I look at this is my wife and her sister, is their siblings, you know, and my wife has no closer friend on the planet than her sister. So think of if you’ve ever had that just wonderful, beautiful, close, trusting friendship, how it can be a real mental stimuli, you know, it can be another of the same gender or someone of another gender. And then of course, there’s this power of the mastermind that we are all participating in and benefiting from when two or more minds come together in a spirit of perfect harmony for a specific outcome, either temporal or spiritual boy, it has the ability to up regulate the mental stimulation.

Of course, any of us who’ve ever been affected by, you know, shared suffering. It is a bond. There is no question about it, and not the most positive perhaps, but it does also lead to love and compassion and generosity, and so it can indeed be an extraordinary mental stimuli. And then of course there’s the power and we talk about, this is the 3rd principle of the Think and Grow Rich is the principle, the power, the necessity, the requirement to constantly be suggesting the thoughts that you want to go from the conscious volitional choosing part of your mind into that fertile, generative power of the subconscious mind autosuggestion, and then of course you know the one of the most negative, but unquestionably powerful femme, and we look, we all have experienced fear in our lives. We have to see through it. We have to be aware of it.

But understand, boy, boy, boy, can it be a powerful, although negative like this, the use of narcotics, the use of alcohol, no one can refute that great flights of fancy have taken place as the result of narcotic or alcohol stimulation. Now, it’s also acknowledged it can be fairly destructive, but those are the 10. So, when you activate that higher level of thought by plugging into one of those 10 foremost stimuli, brain action goes to, you know, a higher and higher and higher frequency. And again, you’re flying at a higher level seeing more, and it has the effect of kind of lifting you above the horizon. Now, here’s the great thing about all of these mental states that we study in the wealth creation mastermind is they are all volitional. They are all within our purview to control our lives as a matter of exercising our willpower and choosing to train your mind to activate that 6th sense.

Look, most people go through their entire lives and they never do that. They never turned that key to switch on the creative power that 13th principle of the 6th sense, and it does flow. This is where you got to employ, let’s see persistence was what, number 8 in the hierarchy of principles. It takes persistence to drain the mind. You’ve got to start crawling, then walk then run, then fly, and you do it by repetition, repetition, repetition. And that comes from the 7th principle. You’ve got to make the decision, right? So you see now. Yeah, we’re talking about one principle tonight. We’re talking about the 10th principle, but what we’ve all got to understand is they all need to be, there’s a basket, right. We need to carry that basket of all these principles around with us, understand them, be able to juggle with them at all times, being able to converse mentally with them, see them, understand them, right, and work with them on a constant, regular, ongoing basis to train our minds to fly on this higher plane, this creative faculty of the mind, and we can turn it on, we can give it gas, we can give it a flame and fire it. And boy, once you do that, you see things more clearly that you don’t see an informal plane of mental non stimulation.

Now, the point of all of this is that that creative faculty, it becomes more alert, more receptive, just like a muscle that’s being pumped all the time. I just started working with a personal trainer on my NordicTrack, pushing me to a whole new level of physical activity and it’s amazing, right. I got an order to try for years and years and years, but until coupling the Nordic track with a trainer is like, oh my goodness, what a difference, developed that muscle more through more intense use. The Mental Faculty of the creative imagination can be developed and is the more it’s used. So get into that habit but stimulating that 6th sense. And understand that your entire conscience is operating entirely exclusively through the purview of the 6th sense.

Alright, so this is a key element of activating the genius that why is asleep within each of us. And you know, we cannot base all of our thoughts on rational experience and you know, and D Dr as well as the inductive reasoning. But understand that’s faulty. That can be faulty based on our experiences, our interpretations are, you know, our paradigms. And so if you want to go to a higher source, that’s by activating that creative faculty and you get into a more reliable source. So, that’s where this power of stimulating your mind. So, what you need to do you say, okay. So if this desire, this power of this mind energy, is was what it is, mind energy, physical mind energy, the sexual stimuli that is capable of stepping up and the most powerful form of stepping up. Then we go, okay, I’m going to take that power, that force and learn to guide it and transmute it.

And you see the whole key to understanding how to transmute is to pay attention to your emotions, and to guide and really focus them. And we know that the most powerful is when you tap into the power of love, romance, and sexual energy combining, you are amplifying that powerhouse of that cauldron of energy, and you are focusing it and guiding it intentionally into a very clear outcome word. Who Do you want to be? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? Clearly get a hold. So it’s that you’ve got to have the desire, you got to have faith in yourself, you’ve got to have the specialized knowledge, the organized planning, all of it comes in and then you take, you know, this is fuel. What we’re talking about is fuel.

Think about this. What love sex and romance are to the emotions is exactly what nuclear energy is to fire. So, if you want a lot of energy, and you see the fuel that we put into our vehicle is what powers is. If you want to go to the moon, brothers and sisters, you got to have some jet fuel, right. So this is what emotions are. Now, there’s positive and negative emotions, right, and they can be abused or they can be unchanneled, right? And they can get you into trouble. So they must be harnessed, guided, and channeled. But understand that once you do, you got yourself some powerful fuel. So also know that our minds are creatures of habit. How frequently are we training our minds? How much time do you spend in conscious thought about what powers, what emotional powers you’re harnessing and where you’re guiding them, for what purpose, how do we do that?

There is another one of our mental faculty called willpower, which also like a muscle can be guided. Now, here’s the key. Just like you know, here’s a musical composition you have, you know, that standard, right? And on that standard, you have these notes. And as you go up the scale, one note at a time, right, one note at a time, and you can raise that vibrational frequency, you can change your emotional state. Same way on this musical staff, you can change the vibrational frequency of the music, one step at a time, higher and higher. So this is why we practice mindfulness and use the memories of love. Love never dies, it’s because it’s a spiritual force. And that lingers and influences that stimulation. So you use it and there’s always love comes and goes, right?

And there’s always some, you know, one or more and every love affects you in a different way. So you bathe your mind, you take all these love experiences and they’re all beneficial, you know, they leave these imprints and use that, get in touch with that memory, that emotion, turn it on, switch it up, amplify it, and transmute it, and understanding the mental art. Now, I want you to understand clearly that as we get into the volume the 3rd book, this is going to become way more clear to you. Understand that love, power of love is one of life’s greatest experiences, and that the effect of that love endures it last, its fuel, right? And it becomes a spiritual force that drives and guides us and it brings one into communion with infinite intelligence. Guys, we’re all here for a very limited period of time. We are like sand on the beach that’s getting blown away, right, by a powerful wind. In fact, which you’re very intimately familiar with wind on the beach right now as the hurricane bears down on you in Florida. So, that’s a metaphor for our lives.

Next week, we’re going to be into Chapter 12 – The Subconscious Mind, I’ll tell you what that is where it’s at, is using the subconscious mind. It’s the connecting link. So read that for next week. You know, you got to be thinking in a certain way, contemplating, meditating, and journaling, right, saying your affirmations, repeat your affirmations, belief in strength and power. Utilize the resources at If you have not gone in and read all of the blogs on the law of attraction, hey, get in there and do it, right. It’s a benefit to you, it a resource for you. And acting in a certain way, know that you want to be, have a clear picture, decide clearly, what is it you want in your life, what is it going to take. Join us on Tuesday night for the lifestyle and financial freedom where we lay out our plan for financial freedom. This has been Chapter 11, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, transmutation and genders are the two principles really got into.

Guys, I want to commend you. I want to thank you. You are the Wealth Creation Mastermind. Without you, there’s nothing. We’re not making a global impact without you. So, thank you. And that ends another exercise in the wealth creation curriculum. Thank you and bye for now.

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