Think and Grow Rich (Ch 9)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Sep 25, 2018

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Exercise #15 – Persistence


And once again welcome on board to the Wealth Creation Mastermind Curriculum. As Chris was mentioning we are into Chapter Nine of Napoleon Hill great classic: “Think and Grow Rich and Persistence.”

Boy oh boy oh boy is this a critical topic, and I’m so excited to weave in and I’m really looking forward to the conversation afterwards. Oh by the way, for those of you who just get into the newsletter and watch the replay you’re missing probably the best part of the curriculum which is the conversation after the slide presentation because that’s when all of the Wealth Creation Mastermind members get to talk about their cognitions, how they are applying the topic into their life but you know Persistence is one of the 13 principles that Napoleon Hill said, “Boy if you take these 13 Principles starting with Thoughts or Things and then Desire and Faith then Auto Suggestion and then going from Auto Suggestion to Specialized knowledge and Imagination and Organize Planning, Decision and then Persistence.

Followed by the topic on Transmutation, then we go into the Subconscious Mind, the Brain the sixth sense you’ve got these 13 different principles that we study. And by weaving them all together each one, it’s like a stone wall that you lay the foundation which are the thoughts, thoughts of things and then you start laying you know layers of stone and layer after layer what you end up with is this impenetrable fortress of a method for success. Napoleon Hill says that: When you master persistence, what you’re doing is you’re inducing faith.

Now, remember that faith was the third principle all right. And faith is necessary because it gives you belief. And the funny thing about persistence is as Chris Phil Graham was just mentioning, and I’m looking forward to Chris’s contribution afterwards because Chris has been extremely persistent with a very specific methodology and what that is doing is it’s adding that layer of faith and belief and excitement and enthusiasm which in turn affection fires his imagination and you know and it reinforces his decision and unfortunately the majority of people they just, you know they kind of they abandon their primary goal, their chief aim in life, they throw it overboard at the first sign of a hurdle, a misfortune, opposition and the way to get through that, the way to power through that is we’ve got all of these different mental faculties, memory, reason our reasoning capacity.

Imagination is actually a mental faculty, it’s one of the 13 Principles. Imagination is the six of the 13 Principles that we study. But one of the other mental faculties is the use of willpower it’s the, you know we have the when we get into the Cabalion we talk about male versus female as part of the polarity. And in our subconscious mind the male volitional part of the mind is where willpower comes in and unfortunately this is an area that is really underdeveloped and yet like any muscle it can be developed.

And in this particular book each one of us, we can we can hold up a mirror to ourselves and really get a very a very accurate read on how are we progressing on that roadway to success by what are we doing. Because you know if you poll 100 people about you know what is their real desire, their chief driving aim. What is their burning desire to be, do and have? What do they want out of life? 98 are going to go, “Urgh, well you know, I want more security, I want more comfort, you know I want more money.” But they can’t really name it, they can’t really describe it very specifically and for the very few whom can, they really have no real organized plan for the achievement of that.

And so again, the first thing that you’ve got to ask yourself is if someone asked you: Describe to me from memory the 13 principles in think grow rich could you do it? If you’re really studying this material then we know. Again with thoughts and things, it goes on to faith that goes on to urge and desire and to faith and to you know to autosuggestion. We know and we can explain each one of the principles how they relate to the others and by becoming that familiar with this content what happens is we take ownership of it, it becomes second nature and we are able to start developing the habit of applying it.

So, the other test of persistence is almost no one who read – you’re talking about, “Have you ever read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill?” “Oh yes great book.” “Did you take the six steps in Chapter Two, the Chapter on Desire for turning desire into gold and mastered those six steps. And come out with a written plan that you then repeat verbally to yourself morning, noon and night. In other words, have you memorized your affirmation and put it in the play.

And you know the fact of the matter is almost everybody is normal right and what that means is they’re not having success because; failure is far far far more common than success. Why do you think they call it the 1%? Because the 1% – actually did you know that the top 2% control 80% of all of the wealth? And I think it’s the bottom 60% control only 3% of all of the wealth. So, these are really critical principles to master and not only to master but to apply. And understand that lack of persistence – look guys, ladies and gentlemen every one of us suffers from this. And thing about weak desire all right, it’s like – and Napoleon Hill uses the analogy, he says: “If you have weak desire it’s like having a small fire.”

A small fire doesn’t put out very much heat or light and it’s the same thing with desire. If you’ve got a burning desire that’s just powerful and drives you then you’re motivated. So what’s the cure for being weak in persistence or having weak desire? Well it’s by doing what you guys are doing. And I would guess I would just really be almost positive that each and every one of you, the participants on this call, the members of the Wealth Creation Mastermind have already applied all of those six steps. But it’s through this cooperative effort of the Mastermind that you actually develop persistence, so congratulations. And the truth is that, the fortunes that we seek, is like water flowing to the ocean.

You see fortune gravitate to those who prepare our minds, so the first thing is having that idea that what do you want to be, doing and have and then have the burning desire. And then you’ve got to have a very very clear specific well organized plan that obviously is what we talked about on Tuesday nights the plan for financial freedom.
And then strategy is also action alright. Putting it into action, thoughts, thinking in a certain way and that is what truly leads to success. So, you get the results that you want by applying all of these rules together and making them a fixed habit.

And the question that we’ve got to ask ourselves “Am I money conscious or Am I poverty conscious?” And the thing about poverty consciousness is its [inaudible 10:02] it sneaks up on us and bites us without our even realizing it. You see, poverty is attracted to the mind that is favorable to it. Well, what mind is favorable to poverty you ask? Well, unfortunately almost all minds because very few minds out there are consciously prepared developing the habits for attracting prosperity. And the thing that we know by studying this material, these three books: “The Science of Getting Rich” “Think and grow rich” and “The Cabalian”

And we know in The Science of Getting Rich, that there is a thinking stuff and that you learn to think and act in a certain way. Get out of the competitive mindset and the creative mindset. Become an advancing man or woman in the way of increase. Always giving more and use value than you receive. And lift others up, pay it forward. And then we get into these 13 principles and the seven natural laws of the universe in the Cabalian. And you understand that if you want to get what you want first of all you got to understand and then you have to apply all of these universal principles that govern creation.

And here’s something to know is that you can apply this full time, you can apply it part time. But what you can’t do with success is apply it some time. Being sporadic doesn’t work, you see this is where persistence, consistent effort. Again you don’t have to devote all of your time, you don’t have to be full time. You can actually do it in cracks of time but it has to be daily. So, you have to think in a certain way, you have test yourself and learn to think persistently in a way that will allow you to win.

Now, what most of us do is we allow ourselves to be persuaded by appearance instead of by truth, by law and so this poverty conscious it’s going to voluntarily seize any mind that’s not actively engaged with building a prosperity consciousness and the unfortunate thing is that we’re not taught, it’s not, we don’t learn it in school, we don’t learn it from our parents unless you know you’re the son of Napoleon Hill I guess. But this poverty mentality develops unless you consciously build habits that are unfavorable to it.

Well, how do you do that? [Claps] you snap out of your mental inertia, you take a look at your speedometer and you say, “Oh I’m sitting at zero, I am making no headway, I’m making no progress.” So what you do, is you choose – all right even if you move slowly at first, “I’m going to engage in this material, I’m going to learn this material, I’m going to stay in this material, daily I’m going to do something to feed my mind to develop a prosperity mentality.” “I’m going to read something in these books, I’m going to read other books and read other material and I am going read other blogs, I am going to go to Wealth Creation Mastermind, I’m going to read.” How many times have you read each of the blogs on Wealth Creation Mastermind? There’s a plethora of valuable info, there are golden nuggets in the blogs.

And understand that this is this is one of the golden nuggets is that in every failure there’s a seed of an advantage. You know, if you think about the stock market, bam. If you think about 2008, bam the market just sold off and crashed. Well what if you had been one of those people that looked at that and said wow this is a great opportunity and you know you’ve bought in at 6000, 7000 points on the Dow Jones industrial average and now you’re sitting up here at 26,000, 27,000 points and you know that is the polar opposite, you see it’s the seed of an advantage.

So, every time we have a temporary setback, it’s like if for me the easiest thing to talk about is stocks right because to me they’re very visual and they see the charts and when a stock sells off I look at it and you know this is a great buying opportunity and you do the same thing with anything. So if you’re pursuing something and it feels like something’s being taken off the table look at it and see where the seed of the advantage is in this perceived setback or failure and the fact is if you can’t take the temporary setbacks, you’re never going to make it all right.
But on the other hand very funny thing about the way the universe works, if you can take the punishment, the temporary defeat and just muscle through it and don’t quit then what happens is sooner or later you will be bountifully rewarded. And the great news about persistence is it can be cultivated. It’s a state of mind. Persistence is a decision, you decide I’m going to cultivate or I’m going to start, I’m going to move forward and again I’m really looking forward to Chris’s conversation afterwards because what Chris is doing with what he’s going to talk about is he’s training himself to be persistent and developing that definiteness of purpose. And wait until he tells you what his definite purpose is, his desire and that develops self-reliance, it develops confidence.

And Chris has already got a very definite, very specific, very clear plan that he’s executing he’s got extraordinary early accurate knowledge and this is all the benefit of working within the Mastermind structure and this is the benefit. Again, you’ve got to be part of the Mastermind working cooperatively. Exercise your will power, develop the habit and identify your weaknesses. You know that you have failure, do you know exactly what you want to be doing have or do you procrastinate and you put that off? Do you have a real burning desire to go ahead acquire the specialized knowledge that you need? Or are you engaging in indecision and do you have a definite clear plan for the achievement of your major goal?

Maybe the worst thing is self satisfaction. You know its like, “Hey, I’m fine where I am at. I don’t need more money.” Its like, “Well, you are hopeless. If that’s the case if you’ve given up on having being in pain for contributing more to life indifference or the habit of blaming others, and what you’ve got to do is resolve to overcome any of these and take a look, put a magnifying up to it, discover the lies that we’re all telling ourselves and you know if you have a witness of the desire surround yourself. You know if you’re will to quit and defeat overcome that. Lack of organized plans, adopt some great plans.

And don’t neglect to move, take action on your plans and if you’re just wishing instead of willfully acting you’re fooling yourself. The absence of ambition and why there’s just no hope for and if you’re searching for short cuts or you’re afraid of what other people are going to think of you, look as soon as you’ve got an idea bam take action on it because if you don’t breathe life into that plan, into that action, it can withering dying on the vine. Water it, breathed life into it and don’t worry about what others think use your own deep duct of reasoning capacity and don’t let others induce their negative thoughts into your mind.

And realize that riches don’t respond or wishes right? They only respond to very clear definite well defined plans backed by definite desires through constant persistence that is demonstrated through action. And understand guys, only 2% qualify, only 2% have the goals, the plans, take the action for success. 98% of all people you know they fail in this ability to really, clearly, elucidate a plan.

Now, here are the four steps to really guarantee you the success that you want a life. Internalize these:
Number one, A Definite Purpose, know what you want to be, do and have. And fire that up with a burning desire to achieve it. And then have a very clear well developed written out plan of action that you are moving every day towards.

Be mindful that you got to just absolutely close your mind to anyone can shake your purpose, dim your vision, quench your faith, and eliminate negative thinking from eliminators. Bam, close your mind to it and be in a mastermind alliance that’s in perfect harmony find your forward, all right.

And understand guys there are no time outs in life the clock is always ticking, so from next week move on to Chapter Ten, The Power of the Mastermind. Another profound and powerful chapter, be thinking in a certain way. Be reading, be studying be contemplating and meditating on this. Again, go back to Find another blog read it again make sure you’ve read all the blogs there are nuggets there. Make sure you’re subscribed to everything. Be acting in a certain way. Be on the Tuesday night lifestyle and financial freedom call same time same link.

This is the chapter on Persistence which is the 9th Principle of the 13. I really want to commend you, thank you and to express my gratitude to you for being the Wealth Creation Mastermind. Thank you!

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