Think and Grow Rich (Ch 12)

Wealth Creation Mastermind — Oct 16, 2018

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Exercise #18 – Subconscious Mind


I do want to welcome all of you. It’s really fabulous to see everybody. As Chris was mentioning a few minutes ago that what Napoleon is talking about here with this particular chapter, the Subconscious Mind, is really a state. It’s more than an idea or a thought. It’s actually a state of mind or a state of being. For those of you that are brand new, welcome on board. Great to see you. You’re welcome to the master mind.

What we do is we study a very fixed curriculum of material—3 books; one by Wallace D. Wattles called The Science of Getting Rich. The second is the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The third book is called The Kybalion actually written by AD consent under the nom de plume of the Three Initiates. The concept of what we’re doing is mastering something called the creative method of thought as well as the creative method of action.

What we do is we start with book one and in book one, we learn that there is actually this thinking stuff where we can impress our thoughts upon what Wallace Wattles calls a thinking substance from which all things are made. The modern quantum physicist would call that quantum form where you have these quantum packets of energy that are in a constant state of flux. We can impress thoughts in such a way upon this quantum flux to influence our reality to cause the things that we think about to be created. From the very beginning, we start to access and gain a state of consciousness, a state of mind.

In this book, you see here it says, The Eleventh Step toward Riches. There are 13 principles in this book that Napoleon Hill goes over. It starts with the concept that thoughts are things and then it goes—that’s the basic premise, again going back to Wallace Wattles there’s a thinking stuff. So we have thoughts and actually everything starts as a thought; and then you you’ve got to have the desire; and then you have to have faith and belief in yourself as well as in infinite intelligence, as well as in your plan. Then you’ve got to employ a principle called autosuggestion. Autosuggestion and the subconscious mind work hand in glove because what you’re doing with auto suggestion is planting an idea seed of thought into that fertile sub conscious.

In the third book, the Kybalion, you learn about male and female polarity and the conscious and subconscious mind. And then we go from autosuggestion to specialized knowledge because you’ve got to have a very fixed plan. And then we go into great detail on Tuesday nights on what our actual plan is. And so we draw upon the specialized knowledge of a number of the founders of the wealth creation mastermind to rely on that specialized knowledge. The imagination is sort of like the projector of taking an idea and projecting it into being and we rely and draw upon the faculty of imagination.

There is a number of mental faculties’ imagination being one of the most critical; and then from imagination which is the 5th principle we go into organized planning, again coupling thought and action. You can’t think a gold bar into existence. You may be the most advanced guru on the face of the planet, but I haven’t seen anybody do that yet. You actually have to couple thought and action by thought. We create what we want by action. We allow the channel to be open to receive it and that’s where organized planning comes in.

Obviously the importance of the decision—without a decision; you are, I am, this is, it is, it is manifest, I believe it, yes; it’s a decision. It’s not a hopeful wish or a prayer; it’s a decision which is the 7th principle. And then you go into the 8th which is persistence. It is like a weight loss or getting into shape. You can’t do it sometime. It is a practice, a must be; and what you’re going to find is controlling the subconscious is a result of controlling the conscious mind. You can’t control the subconscious 100%, but you’ve got to be persistent with it. And then the power of the mastermind—we draw and rely upon each other; transmutation.

Now we enter into the subconscious mind. We have 2 more principles. Here’s the deal with the subconscious mind: it’s constantly ticking. You cannot turn it off. You can’t control it 100%, but this image should give you a clue. The way the subconscious mind works, it’s stimulated by the predominant desire. What is desire? That’s a state. That’s an emotion. That’s of an emotional state of being. You look at this picture—you guys know I love to sail. So to me, I look at this picture and, “Oh God, I love that. It feels so good.” It’s a state.

So this is what you’ve got to do with what you want. You got to get yourself into that mental state and the way this thing, the subconscious works is—truly, it’s like you got a radio telescope straight into the mind of infinite intelligence. So you want to beam a thought from your mind, the finite mind of man into infinite intelligence. How do you do that? You got to possess the secret and that is that all of these mental impulses that we have in the conscious mind are then translated; like a radio telescope translates into radio frequency and then beams it out or picks it up or receives it, it’s the same thing. That’s the subconscious mind, that mysterious force and what we can do is we can choose volitionally to plant a thought, an idea, a feeling, and a state; and we do that through the repetition self talk, self being.

Have a vision board, have a journal, repeat your affirmation, do it with emotion, mix it with changing your physiology; and the sub conscious mind is going to be voluntarily—you can actually choose to direct it, but it doesn’t happen without developing the habit. It takes time; it takes persistence; and it takes patience. If you say, “I want that Aston Martin Vantage, I will have it” and you look into your garage the next morning and the Aston Martin is not there, you don’t give up hope. It’s a state and here’s the thing: you don’t know what the germination period is of an idea. You know what the gestation period is for a baby or an elephant or a tomato plant, but what you don’t know as the gestation period for an idea.

So stay with it and understand that your mind is just like a program, a computer that can be programmed. But here’s the thing that you’ve got to know and this is vital for you to take seriously because the subconscious minds is always going. It’s always going. It’s never ever idle and if you do not consciously choose to plant positive emotional states into that fertile developmental area of your mind, what happens is the negatives don’t need any encouragement. They’re just like weeds; they’re going to grow all on their own.

So if you fail to plant the ideas, the feelings, or the state that you desire; I am abundant, I am joy, I am wealth, I feel so good—you consciously choose those and if you neglect to do that, then—it’s like a do it yourself program, do it or don’t. There’s a battle going on, a tug of war and this is why you’ve got to choose. This is why you’ve got to take control. This is why you’ve got to make a decision. And then you got to exercise Principle Number 8, you’ve got to be persistent. You are tugging that rope all the time. You’ve got to take seriously.

Do not allow a state to possess your mind. This is where you’re getting bombarded and not just by TV, the Internet, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, I mean everywhere, other people’s subconscious thoughts. Hey, we are all induced by the thoughts of our mom, our dad, our brother, our sister, or our loved ones. There’s a saying in the Catholic Church. The priests will tell you this: if I got another 6 years old, I’ll have them by it for life. Why is that? Because they’re inducing our little minds with programming. So you’ve got to be deductive and when you do achieve control of what is in the conscious thinking, choosing, volitional part of the male polarity of the conscious mind, then you’ve got control to the doors to enter the temple of wisdom, your subconscious mind.

You want to control that key that unlocks that door; and the way you do that is by actively choosing. It is like controlling the lightning storm. It is like trying to control the hurricane. Here’s the thing: it can be done. It does take practice called out of decision, persistence, and dedication. These are all principles that we study in this material and you’re going to get to the point where you have undisputed control over the thought that enters into your subconscious mind.

Now where do thoughts come from? Where does the impulse of thoughts comes from? It comes from the state of being. This is a desire. So first, you decide your primary driving purpose and desire. What do you want to be, do, and have in your life? And once you have made that decision, then you enter into a state, then you form an idea, and then plans come to you. Nothing has ever conceived without first becoming a thought. This is where that vital—what is the 5th principle? Imagination.

Use your imagination. What we’re doing—and Chris talked about it. We’re building a team, 1 million strong, to lead others into lives of freedom and meeting and prosperity all around the world. How do we do that? You see this? Take a look. It’s actually at its heart. There are 4 concentric circles. You find 4; it’s 16. You find 4; it’s 64. You find 4; it’s 256. You find 4; it’s 1024. This is the imaginative faculty. And then that 256 becomes 1024 and 1024 becomes 4096 and on and on and on all the way out to the 10th level which is—the 4th of the 10th power is a million. See it in your imagination.

So you create it in your mind first. Can you first imagine it? And then can you believe it? Because belief is actually part of the second principle which is faith. You’ve got to have belief in yourself; you’ve got to have faith in infinite intelligence; and then you have to understand the power of the creative method of thought and you’ve got to believe in all of those. That’s a triumvirate; infinite intelligence, yourself, and belief in your plan.

So you see it in your mind and you have complete faith that you can turn it into reality. If you’ve got a niggling inkling of doubt in your mind, you have nullified the entire receiving process. This is why control is so vitally important. You’ve got to do that. This is how it works. You take positive emotions and you make them work for you because the subconscious mind does not understand words. It understands the feelings, the 7 powerful positive emotions of desire, faith, love, sex—we know it’s a driving force—and then show up, send a message to your face; you’re enthusiastic, romance, and hope. You’ve got to have hope. Without hope, all is lost.

Now, the flipside of that is that there are also negative emotions. So you’ve got to choose to inject the positives. Understand that your brain, your conscious and subconscious mind, your psyche is programmable. Choose what you’re going to program your mind with and you’ve got to program it with emotions. I’m going to take this opportunity. This is a great book by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It’s called Ask and it’s given. It’s learning to manifest your desires. I recommend everybody read Chapter 22. In that, it really goes through the emotional scale and how it works. But just know that you’ve got it. When you get these negative emotions, what you’ve got to do is just turn them off. You’ve got to recognise them. You’ve got to say, “I see it; I understand it’s there; I release you and I’m switching to the positive.”

A positive and a negative emotional state cannot occupy your mind at the same time. One of the others got to dominate; and the way the Law of Attraction works is you receive what you vibrate, what you emanate, what you are, and your state. That’s your vibrational state of being and your mind is filled with your mental state. So if you’re vibrating fear and doubt, you’re never going to attract prosperity and abundance because that subconscious mind sends another beam of energy into the infinite intelligence and what you receive back is what you are transmitting. So vibrate on a state of being and belief and love and hope.

Everybody wishes for riches. Who doesn’t? It is the most common thing in the world. But the reason we study this is we’re among the few who know that a definite plan and a burning desire are the only dependable ways for accumulating wealth. Don’t waste your days, take it seriously, be productive, and be in the material. What we want you to do is stay in the material every single day.

Next up next week is the brain, the transmitting and sending unit. By all means, take Control. Think in a certain way all the time. Do your affirmation, do your reading, do your studying, do your contemplation, talk to your other mastermind members, be in this state, develop it, cultivate it, and weed your garden. Really take your affirmations very seriously.

Go to the wealth creation mastermind website, there’s great blogs there, there’s great video content there, and there’s great core content there. Take advantage of it, share it, and then by all means—it’s not just a matter of thinking in a certain way—decide who you want to be, what you want to have, what you want to do in your life, the kind of impact you want to make, and then determine what it is going to take. We live on the physical plane boys and girls; it’s going to take money. What’s it going to take? Then decide the different multiple streams of income. This is where we get really all over the plane for financial freedom.

I’ve been a top performing portfolio manager, I’ve been a CEO of a public company, and I’ve been in this industry for 21 years. I have never ever found a better way to leverage. Take advantage of lever and exponential growth and compounding, then our method for creating financial freedom.

I really want to commend you. I want to commend you, I want to thank you, and I want to just absolutely express my deepest gratitude to you for being the wealth creation mastermind. Congratulations!

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