A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part V—The Principle of Mentalism


— Mar 11, 2019

What is the Principle of Mentalism? How can learning the Principle of Mentalism help you to master The Kybalion and improve your life?

My name is Stephen Rousseau, my friends call me Stever. I am excited to share my thoughts after my initial reading of The Kybalion with the Wealth Creation Mastermind. I was introduced to this writing by the WCM and am grateful I was led to this.

In this series of blog posts, I focus on the seven principals as gleaned from my first read and multiple discussions with the WCM on the Monday Night Curriculum Calls. (Join us!) I share what I’ve discovered on the seven principles by viewing them through the filter of Four Views of I, a book I wrote to present a dynamic introspection of self (as I explained in the first post).

This is the final post in a series of five and it is the Big Kahuna! We saved the best for last and we find out what The ALL is and how everything exists because of The ALL. The Principal of Mentalism is broad and contains everything. The Kybalion uses five chapters to explain it.

With this post, all parts have been posted and can be reached from here:

A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part I (Overview)
A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part II (Principles of Vibration & Rhythm)
A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part III (Principles of Correspondence and Cause & Effect
A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part IV (Principles of Polarity & Gender)
A Steversified View of The Kybalion – Part V (Principle of Mentalism) (This Post)


The Principle of Mentalism (Intention – Spirit) Principle 1

This is the big Kahuna! The Kybalion has 5 chapters dealing with the Principle of Mentalism:

Chapter 3) Mental Transmutation
Chapter 4) The All
Chapter 5) The Mental Universe
Chapter 6) The Divine Paradox
Chapter 7) “The All” in All

In this final post we shift our perception to the final side of the tetrahedron where we find the lone Principle of Mentalism. It’s not as if this principle doesn’t correspond nicely with any of the other principles because it truly fits well with the other six principles. The others all pair up so intuitively for me, leaving this one outstanding on its own. Outstanding indeed! Not a loner by any stretch, it is truly integrated with all the others.

Here’s a quick overview of the 7 Hermetic principles as laid out in The Kybalion:

• Principle of Mentalism (listed first in the book, and given the most pages dedicated to it, for a reason)
• Principle of Correlation
• Principle of Vibration
• Principle of Polarity
• Principle of Rhythm
• Principle of Cause & Effect
• Principle of Gender (masculine vs feminine energy)

Try before you buy!

Before publishing the book Four Views of I – Instinct, Intellect, Intuition, and Intention (available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble), it was summed up in a booklet. If you’d like a glimpse of the book you may download a free PDF of the booklet.


What is the Principle of Mentalism?

Here’s a 1-sentence summary of the Principle of Mentalism:

THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental. (The Kybalion, Chapter 2) )


The Great and Powerful Principle of Mentalism

This Principle of Mentalism is so complex and all encompassing, it was afforded five full chapters in The Kybalion.

• Mental Transmutation
• The All
• The Mental Universe
• The Divine Paradox
• The ALL in All


The First Principle – Mentalism

So, we end up at the number one principle, The Spirit of the seven principles. Mentalism is the number one principle and all others are built on it. The All contains everything, and everybody. It is thought. It is mind. Everything that is. Even time has a beginning. Each and every one of us is a splinter of the One Mind. As such, the ‘material’ universe is not as strictly material as many assume.

Whether you know it or not, we are delegates of the Creator actively creating moment by moment. (If you are not actively changing the universe, you are being passively used to do so.) Choose to be an active participant. Parallel processors are we, specialized and unique to synergistically work together for increase.


Understanding the Principle of Mentalism: in the beginning…

Science tells us the speed limit of our universe is the speed of light. How is it that some believe the speed of light has been demonstratively slowing down? Is light slowing down, or is time speeding up? How would you know which is happening? Nothing physical can travel faster than the speed of light… yet, information can be transferred faster via entanglement. So, with all this talk about the speed of light, we miss the real question. What is the speed of dark?!

Ether and Dark Matter, in my opinion, are one in the same. Scientist in the old days believed there is an invisible substance which everything is built upon. It is also the unseen substance of which all things are made. It is the basis of the One Mind. God. It was already there when God said, “let there be light”. Light was separated from the darkness and declared good.

Science says Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up around 95% of The All. That means that everything we can observe and know about is based on 5% of all there is. I would venture to say there is room for abundance there. Something comes from nothing when God is making it.

Abundantly Clear

Speaking of abundance, I wrote a booklet titled “Abundance or Bust!” of which you may download a free copy.


The essence of the Principle of Mentalism: mental transmutation

Here’s the essence of the Principle of Mentalism: everything that we think of as ‘reality’ was first conceived by a mind.

Ah, here is a special view of life… everything is made up of the same energy, it is simply manifested in different ways. So, no matter what, there is a way to transform that energy into other forms. Transmutation means taking something and turning it into something else. Change is the constant of the universe. Of course, the most coveted energy transformation is to convert lead into gold. The foolish spend their life on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone thinking only of metals and elements. But what people need to realize is that we can transform ideas into reality. An artist does this naturally.

A baker takes flour, eggs, sugar, milk, etc. and transmutes them into a beautiful, delicious cake. A team takes iron ore and other things, adds energy and lots of change, and makes an automobile. The car started out as a vision in the imagination of a person. Others joined the project and synergistically combined their energies, acting ever forward. But, no matter what, mankind can only create with materials already in existence. To create Ex Nihilo (something from nothing) requires The ALL.

The ALL is called God by many. He made The All… everything that was, is and will be. Mental Transmutation happens in the mind. In the same way, you can design a widget in your mind, transfer the design to your computer and print it up on a 3D printer… all quite very cool. The ALL made everything by thought. It all begins in the mind. No matter what is made, it must begin with an idea. Even when light was called forth from dark, it began with a thought. In the beginning was the logos, the word. But even before the word, it was thought in the mind of God.


Energy, Power, and Matter, oh my!

The ALL is potential energy. Power transmutes that Energy into Matter. Here’s how; take nothing, pull something out of it, you get something and negative something. Polarity requires power which flows through Gender.

Then add time so you can keep track of it all, but it collapses. Do it again and again; get it all oscillating so you can multiplex and diversify. This is vibration, and All that is, is. From the lowest to the highest, ever-increasing vibration. Each doubling of the vibration expands and adds to The All exponentially, one octave at a time. It is an ever-expanding scale to ascend. “He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the scepter of Power.”

Get your feet tapping to synchronize The All. The All is rhythm, all polyrhythms. The Beat Goes On… the background radiation is the base, and it’s all about the base… no treble. Synchronicity!

Since everything originated from one thought, they are entangled. Everything is connected so every Cause and Effect happens through Correspondence.


The Principle of Mentalism: it’s all in the mind

Here’s a clue to the Principle of Mentalism. Dr. Chuck Missler wrote about the Universe as a Digital Simulation… a hologram… it is not real. It is all in The Mind of The ALL. This introduces a paradox. The universe is real and it’s not!


The Divine Paradox

Wow… this paradox is a spin-off of The Principle of Polarity. Do you begin to see how these principles are all integrated? It is the opposition of Absolute Reality vs Relative Reality.

“Reality – What a Concept!” – Robin Williams

Because we are living in The Matrix, people think with strong belief they can break the law. The Master knows better.

People who try to break the law find that the law breaks them. The law is unbreakable. Period.

As mentioned in the section on The Principle of Cause and Effect, when you step off a cliff, the law of gravity takes over. If, however, you have a parachute, or hang glider, the law of aerodynamics takes precedent. Then you aren’t breaking the law, you are following a higher law.

What time is it? Adventure Time!


The ALL in the All and vice versa

The ALL is not outside of the Universe, The ALL IS the universe. Many people afraid to use the word God have replaced it with the word Universe. The Kybalion uses the word The ALL because that is all there is. There is nothing outside of The ALL. In fact, the Universe we know is a subset called The All. Here is the real tricky part. Every little bit of The All fully contains The ALL. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! See, capitalizing the whole word ALL differentiates it from the word All. Like the words God and god.

How do you apply the Principle of Mentalism?

Think about it. No, seriously… that’s it! Thought is everything. If you know how something works, and it doesn’t, then you know how to fix it. Understanding how our universe works moves your vibration up an octave. In the new octave, there are different, higher laws you must learn. The Kybalion is your Master Key. Mastery is not possible without it. But having it doesn’t guarantee Mastery.


Action items: Think – Do – Be

Question everything then, think about it. Once you know everything there is to know, question everything again, and think about it. Of course, thought must beget action or learning does not take place. Cycle of increase, spiraling ever up or take no action and cycle down, spiral of decrease. There is no static state, it is all relative. If everything is increasing, and you are not… you are decreasing relative to everything else. To get from thought to being, you must DO!


For making it this far, you are a true seeker and here for a reason. You have attracted this. Did you get through all five parts?

What next?

• Become a member of Wealth Creation Mastermind
• Bring your unique perspective to the group, participate
• Advance humanity by advancing yourself synergistically with us

There is no money required to join and participate in WCM. There is an investment though – time and effort. For me it is a wise investment, I am grateful for WCM. I am grateful for the time you have already given in reading this article on the Principle of Mentalism. I trust there is value here. Please comment below and share your thoughts on what you’ve read today.

This concludes our fourth view of the Seven Principles of The Kybalion. The first view displayed the Vibration and Rhythm of everything. Knowing this underlying Body of everything is one integrated facet supports the Mind of everything through correlation and every Cause and Effect provides another facet of understanding and was our second view. The third view of the Soul of everything as displayed in Polarity and Gender of the universe. These first three views were pairs of principles tightly connected and fully integrated, body, mind, soul. This final post in the series is the powerful single principle representing Spirit of everything. The All, the heart of The All in The ALL.

As a bonus, here’s a model of a tetrahedron shows all 4 views.
Kybalion Four Views Tetrahedron Model Color

You can download, print, and assemble your own here:
Kybalion Four Views Tetrahedron Model Color

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