The 19 Top Network Marketing Skin Care Companies

Network Marketing

— Aug 15, 2019

Skin care and beauty product companies are one of the most popular types of network marketing companies, and for good reason. People shell out a lot of money on beauty products, and they’re something that both men and women buy over and over again. 

But how do you decide if a network marketing skin care company is worth your time and effort? Not every company treats their associates equally, nor is ever product worthy of rave reviews and a hardworking sales team. We will help you understand the direct sales skin care market and then review the top 19 network marketing skin care companies that you might want to consider doing business with. 

This article is the last in our series about network marketing, written to give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision about the network marketing industry. If you read every article in the series, you’ll come away with a solid grasp of the industry and the best network marketing strategies. Here’s a list of all the blogs in succession. 

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Why Are Skin Care Products an Ideal Network Marketing Product?

So, what exactly makes direct sales skin care such a successful niche? It all has to do with our desires and habits as humans. 

When we hear of products that will help to slow aging or improve the appearance or health of our skin, many of us are willing to spend top dollar for these high-quality products. Plus, once we find something that we like, we don’t deviate easily, and we need more on a regular basis. Because skin care products can bring in a lot of money and repeat customers, they’re a natural fit for network marketers. 

Another factor outside of the sales potential is the cost for you to sell the products. With network marketing companies, you will usually need to purchase a certain quantity of product each month. The dollar amount that you must buy to make commissions is referred to as your personal volume (PV). 

So long as you love the products you’re selling, you might be able to cover the PV simply with products that you and your family use. This is great because it removes some of the risk of getting stuck with products that you don’t want or spending money on something you’re not using. And with products typically sold to you at a discount, you might save money even before you sell any product. 

What You Should Know Before Joining a Skin Care Network Marketing Company

Before you jump in and start selling, it’s important to vet different network marketing companies and ensure that you’re joining a good one. First, make sure that there is not a large upfront cost to join. Next, read over blogs online that go over peoples’ first-hand experiences to see what you can expect. 

You also want to read about the compensation plan to ensure that they pay out well. You should be able to find charts that review how much people are making in commissions; try to find one that is paying out good commissions to a large percentage of associates. 

Lastly, learn about the product that you will be selling. It’s best to go with a product that you are passionate about. Maybe it’s a company that sells only vegan products, or one that is free from dangerous synthetic chemicals. 

How Are Network Marketing Companies Different from Any Other Small Business?

Network marketing companies use a distributor network rather than a typical storefront to sell their products. They typically compensate these distributors not only for their own sales, but also for the sales of their downline. That means that if you can build a strong team of distributors who form your downline, you can earn substantially more than you could just by selling product on your own. 

The Top 19 Network Marketing Skin Care and Beauty Companies


Description: Isagenix is a health and wellness company that works to create science-backed products that support healthy living and weight loss. Much of their business comes from before and after pictures posted from their weight loss products, although they offer many other products as well, such as essential oils and skin care products. 

Sales revenue: $890 million (2018)

Industry: Skin care, essential oils, supplements, diet and nutrition products

Founded: 2002

Commission: 30-33% discount on products that you can turn into commission when sold at retail price.

Downline Commission: 10%

Startup Cost: $100 PV (personal volume) monthly to earn compensation


Description: Jeunesse is a company that sells, “revolutionary youth enhancement products.” Their whole line, from skin care to weight loss and antioxidant supplements, is designed to enhance beauty and longevity. Their products are more expensive, which reduces the size of your prospective audience, but also leads to a good commission on sales. 

Sales revenue: $1.46 billion (2018)

Industry: Skincare, dietary supplements

Founded: 2009

Commission: 15% when selling to Jeunesse preferred customers and 40% when selling to anyone else.

Downline Commission: 5-20%

Startup Cost: $0 to earn commissions. 100 PV (personal volume) each month to earn downline commissions. 


Description: LifeWave formulates a variety of patented health and wellness products designed to help you look and feel younger. Their award-winning products tout benefits such as more energy and stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.

Sales revenue: Increasing rapidly from $51 million (2019) to a projected $180 million (2020).

Industry: Supplements, wellness products, skin care

Founded: 1998 

Commission: 16-28% retail commission 

Downline Commission: 20-25%

Startup Cost: 55 PV/month (about $120/month, depending on what products you buy) to earn

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Description: Avon is the most well-known social selling beauty company in North America. They sell a variety of cosmetic, skincare, personal care, and fragrance products. It’s also one of the oldest social selling companies with over 130 years in business. 

Sales revenue: $5.57 billion (2018)

Industry: Cosmetics, skin care, jewelry, fashion, home

Founded: 1886

Commission: 20-50% based on how much you sell and the types of products you sell.

Downline Commission: Up to 13%

Startup Cost: $30


Description: Arbonne started off as a skin care product line committed to only using botanically-based ingredients. Now they have expanded to provide body care, cosmetics, and nutrition products, all made with pure, botanical ingredients. They are committed to “combining the best of nature with leading science,” and they have been doing so for over 35 years.  

Sales revenue: $544 million (2018)

Industry: Skincare, cosmetics, supplements, nutrition

Founded: 1975

Commission: 15-35%

Downline Commission: 8%

Startup Cost: $79 Arbonne Consultant Starter Kit + $30/year renewal fee to remain an active consultant

Mary Kay

Description: Mary Kay is one of the most well-known names for beauty. Their mission is, “enriching the lives of women and their families around the world.” They are proud to be a woman-owned business that empowers women through business opportunities. When it comes to products, they care about the quality and safety of what they sell. 

Sales revenue: $3.0 billion (2018)

Industry: Cosmetics, skin care, and other beauty products

Founded: 1963

Commission: Up to 50%

Downline Commission: 4-13%

Startup Cost: $100 for initial starter kit, $225 PV every three months

Rodan + Fields

Description: Rodan and Fields is a network marketing company that formulates skincare products based off of clinical study results. It was founded by two dermatologists, Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan. They’re most well-known for creating the acne-busting skincare product Proactiv.

Sales revenue: $1.5 billion (2018)

Industry: Skin care

Founded: 2002

Commission: 20-33% based on who you sell to.

Downline Commission: 2.5-10%

Startup Cost: $45 initially with $100 PV (personal volume) per month to qualify for downline commissions. 

Jordan Essentials

Description: Jordan Essential’s motto is, “healthy skin, healthy life.” They offer bath and body products free from many of the harmful synthetic chemicals found in personal care products today. Their natural ingredients are designed to support health and wellbeing. 

Sales revenue: $12 million (2017)

Industry: Skin care, essential oils

Founded: 2000

Commission: 25-35%

Downline Commission: 3-12%

Startup Cost: $99 starter kit + $9.95/month for a website after 3 months free (website is optional but recommended)


Description: Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics and personal care items company located in 60 countries, however, they do not recruit distributors in the U.S. If you want to succeed with Oriflame, you will have better luck if you’re located in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America. Their beauty products are natural and vegan. 

Sales revenue: $1.45 billion (2018)

Industry: Skin care, cosmetics, wellness, fragrance, accessories

Founded: 1967

Commission: 20-30% retail commission 

Downline Commission: 5-9%

Startup Cost: None


Description: USANA is about “high quality, science-backed nutrition and skin care.” It was founded by the award-winning microbiologist Dr. Myron Wentz. Their products are designed to promote longevity and health.  

Sales revenue: $1.19 billion (2018)

Industry: Supplements, skin care, food and energy products

Founded: 1992

Commission: 10% suggested product markup/commission

Downline Commission: 25% from your lowest-performing leg/team

Startup Cost: $100 PV (personal volume) per month plus $100 personal sales value per 4-week period. 


Description: Amway, short for “American Way,” is a company founded 60 years ago that produces high-quality health and beauty products. Their distributors are located in over 100 countries and territories.

Sales revenue: $8.8 billion (2018)

Industry: Nutrition, cosmetics, skin care

Founded: 1959

Commission + Downline Commissions: Amway uses a complicated formula to determine what total percentage commission you make, and it can vary from 3-25% 

Startup Cost: $62 registration fee + $83.99 optional Product Starter Kit + 100 PV per month + $100 or less annual registration fee

Forever Living

Description: Forever Living is a company that believes in the health-promoting properties that come from bee products and aloe vera. They are committed to providing quality drinks, nutritional products, and personal care products. 

Sales revenue: $2.5 billion (2018)

Industry: Skin care, nutrition, and other personal care and wellness products

Founded: 1978

Commission: Up to 43%

Downline Commission: 2-13%

Startup Cost: Product pack for $87.92+ and $140 PV monthly

Nu Skin

Description: Nu Skin is a company that sells skin care and wellness products. Many of their patents are for reducing the effects of aging on skin. Their focus is on creating products that are backed by science. 

Sales revenue: $2.68 billion (2018)

Industry: Skincare, essential oils, weight management supplements

Founded: 1984

Commission: Up to 30% retail commission

Downline Commission: 5%

Startup Cost: 100 PV per month. 5 retail sales per month to earn commissions. 


Description: Founded in 2011, Nerium specializes in anti-aging products and wellness products. Customers tend to be satisfied with the high quality of Nerium products, although their skin care is on the higher end of cost.  

Sales revenue: $515.8 million (2015)

Industry: Skin care, supplements

Founded: 2011

Commission: 10-25%

Downline Commission: 10%

Startup Cost: $49.95 and up for a starter pack


Description: Younique is a skincare and cosmetics company that focuses on creating scientifically-backed products. They use social media to sell products, which is unique amongst network marketing companies. This includes things like their Younique Virtual Parties. 

Sales revenue: $400 million (2018)

Industry: Cosmetics, skin care

Founded: 2012

Commission: 20-30%

Downline Commission: 3-6%

Startup Cost: $125 every 3 months, $250 every 3 months to qualify for downline commissions.

Seacret Direct

Description: Seacret Direct carries luxurious skin care and spa products using salt, water, and mud sourced from the Dead Sea. They use these natural beauty promoters in combination with clinical research and advanced technologies to produce unique, but costly, Dead Sea beauty products. 

Sales revenue: $211.5 million (2018)

Industry: Cosmetics, spa products, skin care

Founded: 2005

Commission: 30-60%

Downline Commission: 10-15%

Startup Cost: $49 registration fee + $49 annual fee + $50 for product kit upgrade

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Description: Beautycounter produces skin care and cosmetic products with the mission, “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” They believe that “beauty should be good for you,” and they are working to formulate safe, quality products and spread the word through education.

Sales revenue: $350 million estimated annual revenue 

Industry: Skin care, cosmetics

Founded: 2013

Commission: 25% retail commission + 5%, 7%, or 10% personal sales bonus

Downline Commission: 4-9%

Startup Cost: $98 Starter Kit


Description: DoTERRA is one of the most well-known essential oil brands. They have created a good reputation amongst consumers with their mission of, “sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.” 

Sales revenue: $1.7 billion (2018)

Industry: Essential oils and related wellness products

Founded: 2008

Commission: 25%

Downline Commission: 2-7%

Startup Cost: None to earn commissions. $100 PV (personal volume) per month to earn downline commissions.


Description: L’Bri offers reasonably priced beauty products with high-quality, natural ingredients, such as aloe vera. They believe in helping both their customers and their associates live healthy, happy lives. 

Sales revenue: $16 million (2017)

Industry: Hair care, skin care, cosmetics

Founded: 1998

Commission: 20-45% retail commissions

Downline Commission: 3-5%

Startup Cost: $135 skin care showcase package or $350 full showcase package + $200 PV monthly


Description: Herbalife is a nutrition company with distributors in over 90 countries. Their mission is, “to change people’s lives with great nutrition products & programs.” Their products are geared to combat problems associated with aging, obesity, and poor nutrition while promoting entrepreneurship in people of all ages. 

Sales revenue: $4.89 billion (2018)

Industry: Supplements, weight management products, fitness products, and other nutrition products.

Founded: 1980

Commission: You get a 25-50% discount on products, however some distributors offer a discount off the retail price, so you may decide to do so as well. If you do, it will reduce your commissions to less than 25-50%.

Downline Commission: Up to 5%

Startup Cost: $59 initially with $2,500/month to earn downline commissions

Should I Join a Network Marketing Company?

If you’re interested in building a primary or supplemental income and you have a passion for skincare, then you have a strong chance of succeeding with any of the 19 skincare network marketing companies described above.

One other factor, though, is the team that you join. There’s an old African proverb: “To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together.” If you want to go far, it helps to have a team of partners and mentors to support you.

By joining the Wealth Creation Mastermind, you will automatically be enrolled in a nine month network marketing success course with weekly installments. I’ll work with you as your personal mentor, and I’ll show you how I used network marketing to go from being $250k in debt to being part of the top ½ of 1%. You’ll also be surrounded by partners who are dedicated to mastering this material and building the life of their dreams.

The program is designed to give you the mental as well as the business tools to build a successful and growing marketing team in the highly competitive network marketing skincare business. 

But I won’t lie—while our program is powerful, network marketing is still hard work. We can give you industry-leading support but we can’t do the work for you, and you’ll still need to hustle to succeed. But there’s no ceiling. If you could put in 1.5x as much work as most people are willing to, and get 10x the results, would you do it?

If so, we highly recommend you fill out the form to Join the Mastermind. Onward.

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